Take to the Skies Tonight!

Sky Pilot by the Animals! One of the greatest bands of all time. Eric Burdon!

Angie Cohen just posted a list of Christian songs that you can listen to if you wish. But this was always one of my favorites. The video is about the Vietnam War, but I always thought this was a song about Christianity. Anyone know? Is it about Christianity or Nam?

If it’s a Christian song, it is one of the greatest Christian songs I have ever heard.

The prose that follows the video is my attempt at literary writing, in case you were wondering. This is what I call Flash Fiction. I write some flash fiction things now and again.

You’re welcome.

Sad Song

The rocket, if it was a rocket at all, raced across the sky towards the dawning hours away. The roar split the clouds. We thought the sky would fall down. In its wake, it’s only the two of us, you and me, shuddering in the screeching silence, and you know the the whole damn world can go right to Hell. When it all comes crashing down, we will still be standing here, you and me, shivering amidst the ruins.

How high can we fly?

Sky pilot!

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