I’m a Misanthrope

You should have figured that out by now.

Indeed I do hate all of humanity, but it’s for the reasons you might think. I hate people because they’re stupid, dumbass, brain-dead, boneheaded fucktards. That’s what it is all about. Nothing more, nothing less. I don’t think they’re bad or evil or anything like that, thought their idiocy sometimes makes them appear that way.

This has nothing to do with IQ. This is all about what I see as practical wisdom. Most humans just ain’t got it. The problem is most believe everything society tells them they have to believe. In order to be “normal” or a “normalfag” as the incel community puts it, there’s a long list of concepts about life and reality that you must incorporate. The problem is that probably half of them are out and out wrong. So probably 50% of the crap that’s needed to function socially is out and out pitiful lies. You either swallow the lies and function or reject them and you’re outside of society.

People simply are not wise at all.

I think part of the problem is humans are mentally handicapped. I can almost literally read your mind. That’s why I don’t get a whole lot of stuff wrong about people. I figure them out before I even talk to them if I’m around them long enough. I meet people and get a “reading” on them and figure out everything is really need to know about them via the usual nonverbal stuff. My skills as far as that goes are probably 100X better than your average person. I do not think most people can do this at all.

You either swallow all the BS and become one more fucktard, or you’re outside of society. But really outside of society is where you want to be.

So anyway, that’s the lowdown. I’m not really homicidal, except in fantasy. I don’t feel bad because I figure people deserve my homicidal fantasies. If you are starting to get worried, relax. I’ve been feeling this way since high school.

Anyway, I don’t believe in killing people just because you don’t like them, and even though people are so fucktarded that they are nearly useless, that’s not a capital offense. I’m not a Nazi. I don’t believe in euthanizing the mentally handicapped.

So anyway, other than the usual like police and army, what are job options for someone like me? Monastery? Night watchman?

I don’t feel good about this condition at all. In fact, I hate it. So every day I go out into the world determined to find some evidence against my misanthropy, and at the end of every day, I return disappointed. I’ve been getting worse for a long time now, and right now I am in a holding action and just playing defense.

Anyway, other than grabbing a rifle and climbing a tower, what are my options? Forget police and fire. Monastery?

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10 thoughts on “I’m a Misanthrope”

  1. Go live with Tibetan monks or something. Or at least get into some practical meditations (I’d start with Sam Harris). People can’t help but be who they are. and I’m sure you know this. We are all the sum of countless variables over which we have 0 control. There’s no point in wasting energy and mental health in aggravating over people’s actions.

  2. This is often the curse for many a smart person, I know how you feel. For me to be truly happy and functional in this society I would have to either win a huge lottery so I could really do what the fuck I want, or have half of my brain removed. It’s important to have kindred spirits in your life, without them I would truly go nuts.

  3. I’m pretty much with Guy from Montreal.

    I was thinking today about misantrophic blogs. They exist, but they are unstable because the bloggers have a tendency to either go crazy and start posting crazy stuff, or to burn out. Tex Arcane has been mentioned on this site, and his “The Vault” blog is one of the better ones, and it falls squarely in the crazy category.

    The most consistently misantrophic blog I know of is Dave Cohen’s “Decline of the Empire”, though if you go there be warned that he and his sock puppets often make personal attacks on his commentators.

    1. They exist, but they are unstable because the bloggers have a tendency to either go crazy and start posting crazy stuff, or to burn out. Tex Arcane has been mentioned on this site, and his “The Vault” blog is one of the better ones, and it falls squarely in the crazy category.

      Yeah I do not want to post crazy shit. Acting crazy is stupid, and people act stupid enough as it is. No need to make a bad thing worse. Also one of the reasons the world blows is because there are way too many crazy people in it. Why join the party?

      Anyway, just because people suck because they’re morons, why then should I act crazy? What for? People are morons who suck, therefore I should act insane. That makes no sense, sorry. I want to act as sane as possible.

      The most consistently misantrophic blog I know of is Dave Cohen’s “Decline of the Empire”, though if you go there be warned that he and his sock puppets often make personal attacks on his commentators.

      That’s terrible. One of the reasons people suck is AFAICT they are not even particularly friendly. They’re sort of dicks, actually. Why? I haven’t the faintest idea why people come off this way to me. I have been trying to figure it out for years and I never get anywhere at all. I am completely mystified.

      I don’t like being a dick. There’s way too many dicks as it is. Why add one more to the mix? Also, just because people are morons who aren’t even very friendly, why should I act mean to them? Forget it. Acting mean is part of the problem. Way too many people act that way. Even if someone is an idiot or not particularly friendly, I try to be as nice to them as possible because being mean is immoral. If people are not nice to me, I act nice back at them. Anyway, just because people are idiots who aren’t particularly friendly, why should I hate them or even be mean to them? I doubt if it’s personal. Return hate with love, that’s what I believe.

      I pretty much hate humanity in general, but whenever I deal with one individual, I feel 100% friendly and that’s the way I try to act. I get outside of the misanthropic mindset and tell myself that this person is the most wonderful person on Earth. But even that doesn’t work very well.

      If people are actively cold and shitty to me (this happens quite a bit after they get to know me a bit, especially by say coffeeshop servers), I often punish them by acting shitty or icy back at them or refusing to give them a tip. Sometimes I get so mad at them I turn my back at them while I am dealing with them. For instance, lets say I go to buy a cup of coffee, the server is an icy bitch. I have no idea why – I have probably been trying to figure that out for months to years. Well sometime I get so pissed that I turn my back to them the whole time at the counter. Sometimes I even give them the money with my back still turned. Or I simply look away from. I might give them the money and be looking off at a 45 degree angle while I am doing, basically refusing to look at them at all. That never makes them act better. In fact, it makes them even worse, but I don’t care.

  4. My problem with humanity, is related to the idiocy, though I don’t mind harmless idiots. I’ve been around mentally ill and mentally handicapped people and all I can say I really feel, is a bit bored. I’d prefer them over a sleazy, lying, greedy real estate agent.

    IQ isn’t the issue. The issue is human beings who KNOW better, but choose not too.

    The world could be a pretty great place, if human beings could just let go of pettyness, false beliefs and the seven deadly sins, and just be, well, conscientious and put a working civilisation which benefits us all before their petty greed, vanity and pride. Sometimes it isn’t what people do that I dislike about them, its their TOLERANCE for bad behaiviour and their willingness to be the bully’s toady, to make excuses for deliberate criminal and destructive behaviour.

    We live in a world where the seven deadly sins are a ‘demand’, and there is money to be made feeding that demand. Want to grow wealthy by screwing someone else out of the chance of affording their own home? The system will accommodate you! Want to become uber-rich by blocking progress, monopolising things and positioning yourself so you can skim off other peoples work? The system will accommodate you! Hey, are you a plutocrat gaming the system, committing fraud? We’ll forgive you!

    But one must remind themselves. The SJW’s are people who also feel that other human beings are dumb, and the world would be a great place if they could just dump their transphobia, cis-sexism, racism and so forth.

    I may be a misanthrope, but I reserve my ire for the vexatious, the corrupt, the greedy and the petty.

    1. I always thought the SJWs got off on control. Scratch the surface and there’s a totalitarian under the Savior mask kind of thing?

      They don’t want people to just behave better, there’s ALWAYS a demand for Government interference, more laws, more bureaus to FORCE people to behave the way these people want. OR WORSE, change existing laws to advantage enemy groups — who are Victims after all — and disadvantage ourselves.

      Take Robert’s article on France and Germany making paternity tests illegal to “combat sexism”!

      Also, remember, ALL SEVEN of the Deadly Sins are a demand!

      Avarice? So we can afford all the others.

      Lust? Our female role models are whores, from the outright Kardashians to Miley Cyrus and Nikki Minaj. Nearly naked or naked-but-camera-can’t-see-it women are used to sell EVERYTHING from beers to burgers!

      Gluttony? See the above beer and burger commercials, or look up Wendy’s Baconator–FULL POUND OF BACON! (And its imitators under other brands.) Bacon’s an amazing flavor, yes, but there’s a reason our ancestors partook only sparingly. This links back to Avarice, as there is a HUGE diet industry to charge you to make you thin again.
      I repeat: Pay someone else to FORCE Temperance on you! OR try any of these magic pills, potions, poultices or fancy electro-gadgets…
      The only one that WORKED was Phen-Fen, but THAT only worked by turbocharging your body WAY past its Safety Limits, so you would die from THAT instead!

      Wrath? This one’s gotten really twisted in the modern world. You’re no longer allowed to fight or even say mean things about your enemies, because everyone’s a Victim. BUT!
      Everyone’s a Victim, so sue anyone who offends you, or make up some ridiculous charge about your enemy and see how far it goes.
      Look at the Duke Lacrosse “scandal”. A whore accusing Men of rape, and the State Attorney stacking the deck against the accused. They were acquitted, but she still managed to ruin their lives!

      If you’re a woman, you get diplomatic immunity, you can hit them, but normal social propriety will make them not hit back. I think Robert did an article or two about that?

      If you’re a minority, the media will pretend you were completely justified in any violence you commit — because you’re a Victim — so go for it!
      Africa, Haiti, and slums of Civilized World countries, are therefore hotbeds of Wrath, even when cities don’t burn down from the scum getting organized.

      Sloth? We live in a world of conveniences, so it’s hard to tell when it goes from techno-convenience to just plain LAZY! There are Bacon Racks for people who can’t be bothered to wrap or “sop” their own bacon correctly, then there’s stairs for dogs who are too lazy to jump on the furniture themselves (Wait, aren’t we supposed to STOP them from doing that?) and then there’s the Egg Cracker! If you’re too stupid to crack your own eggs, maybe that’s Darwin’s way of cutting cholesterol out of your diet?
      Sloth could also be construed to include acedia, or apathy. How much evil has happened because good people failed to stop it? (If not actively encouraged it through aforementioned laws or changes in laws?)

      Envy? Again, we live in a world of lawsuits and laws passed to redistribute. If you’re not explicitly mad at someone, but they have something and you don’t, if you can get enough people to whine with you, the Government will take it from them and give it to you.
      Also, Third Worlders will fuck up their countries, then invade the Civilized World, fuck up an area there, then spread to an uncorrupted area, even without hosing “fairness” laws forcing people to let in the bad elements!

      Dante defined this as “a desire to deprive other men of theirs”. In Dante’s Purgatory, the punishment for the envious is to have their eyes sewn shut with wire because they have gained sinful pleasure from seeing others brought low. Aquinas described envy as “sorrow for another’s good”.
      Both of these sound accurate to me, what about you?

      Pride? In the modern world, you’re encouraged to have pride for just EXISTING, then EXTRA pride if you are a member of some protected Victim group, from queers to terrorists to pederasts!
      UNLESS, of course, you’re white, Christian, straight, or male — or worse, some combination of these — you must feel shame and guilt so the other can feel Pride. AND not incidentally, extort some political concessions from you, with the promise of absolution. Every bite is the last bite — until the next one.
      (Kinda the definition of extortion, isn’t it?)

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