Ever Hit a Woman?

Note: The use of the word “bitch” has come under criticism. I do not like to use the word bitch to describe women in general. That is so misogynistic. What would you think of a woman who called all men “bastards” or “scumbags?” Well then we shouldn’t call all women bitches as a lot of these redpillers, MRA’s and PUA’s are doing. You’d call her a man-hater, and you wouldn’t like her one bit, would you? If we don’t like man-hating bitches then we shouldn’t act like misogynistic assholes. Right? We should not support that level of misogyny. It’s just wrong.

The women in the posts below are called bitches because they assaulted me physically. And I didn’t do a whole lot to provoke them other than maybe call names, and I only called names because they wouldn’t quit bitching me out. So they initiated physical violence against me every time.They were never fighting back against an abusive man, because I am not a domestic abuser. Yeah I’ll hit you. If you hit me first! Other than that, forget it.

Any woman initiates physical violence against me is a bitch, period. She’s a bitch at the time she did that. Now is she a bitch period? Well I don’t know. That depends. To be most fair, I would say she’s a bitch at the very time she hits you, but she’s not necessarily a bitch the rest of the time as long as she’s not hitting you.

But are women who assault men non-defensively bitches? At the time of the assault, yes they are.

There may be some exceptions. If you have pushed her past her limits on purpose, she might have an argument for assaulting you. And in the cases of longterm physical abuse in which the women killed their assaulters, I supported the women because that’s pretty much hitting back, and I always support hitting people back.

There, now I hope that is cleared up now.

I’ve hit some women, and they all richly deserved it, but every single time they either hit me, slapped me, spit in my face, or threw water at me at a dinner table. All of the women who hit me or threw water at me got punched immediately, and they all deserved it. If you throw water in my face, I will knock you across the room. Most of them didn’t get hurt when I hit them though. I am not sure why that is. There’s a possibility that I am such a damn pussy that my full-force punches don’t even hurt. Actually I have been told this a number of times.

One bitch hit me in an airport waiting room, and I didn’t even hit her back. I forget the details, but we were moving quickly around the waiting room, and she was swinging at me and kicking at me the whole time. Most people were shocked, but this old Black guy started tittering and laughing, and I thought that was cool of him to find humor in this situation because it was so actually pretty damn funny.

Finally I got sick and tired of being chased around the waiting room by the bitch, so I just BOOM I punched the bitch in the face as hard as I could, mostly just to stop her attacks. She got a bloody lip which she deserved, and it was a big huge scene. She kept trying to call the police to have me arrested on the feminists’ lunatic domestic violence laws (See why I hate feminists now?), but other people calmed her down. The one who threw water in my face and got pounded tried to call the police too, but others stopped her.

Once a bitch tried to hit me and spit in my face many times over a short period one night. I blocked most of the punches and most of the spit, but I did smack her good and hard in the shoulder when it first started, and once when I was blocking his spitting, I accidentally smacked her the bitch around the eye. She threatened to call the cops and have me arrested for the shoulder punch and the spit blocked eye shot, but she didn’t follow through.

Over the years, I have had bitches hit or try to hit me, spit in my face, kick me, or throw water in my face maybe 400 times. I only hit back 8 times.I hit back 8 times, and refused to hit back and just blocked hits 392 times. So I  blocked their attacks 98

So as you can see, I am not really a violent person at all. Even when attacked, I almost always block the attack and don’t fight back.

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4 thoughts on “Ever Hit a Woman?”

  1. I’ve been pushed to edge but luckily have never struck a woman. However, I have been punched or struck several times by women.. invariably the incidents were triggered by alcohol. The last time I was hit by a woman she had told me only 1 hour prior that she loved me (I think she was on her 4th bottle of soju when she announced her love and by her 7th she decided it was time to hit me..). In another incident I was returning from a wedding with a girlfriend, she had knocked back plenty of alcohol at the wedding and decided to pick up more booze when I stopped for gas. (If I had know what she was doing I would have stopped her….she had co-mingled the beer in a bag with snacks for the road). 5 miles from the gas station she decided that it was good time to pull out a beer.. quite illegal since we were in a moving vehicle (open container laws..). She insisted it was “Okay” (my car and I’m driving.. of course it’s okay.. she wouldn’t get in trouble..). After arguing back and forth for a few minutes I took the beer from her hand and threw it out the window. She proceeded to punch me as hard as she could in the temple, I saw the swing at the last moment so I dodged the blow a little although she still connected. Luckily I was able to pull over and got her to calm down…. 30 minutes later.

    1. The first bitch, how hard did she hit you? Did it hurt? I have had bitches hit me a few times. All of the incidents above involved bitches hitting me with fists and also kicking me or kicking at me a lot. But they all got hit.

      The second bitch, she hit you in the temple? WTF. No bitch has ever done that to me. Any bitch does that to me is going to get knocked across the room. Why didn’t you hit the bitch back.

      Why didn’t you hit these bitches?

      1. To Rob:

        Why didn’t you hit these bitches?
        1) Upbringing – I was repeatedly told to never hit a woman.
        2) I’m generally slow to anger with women and was able to stop both of them after the first blow, yeah I was hurt but not badly. Drunks, much more so with women, tend to be poor fighters and generally don’t land heavy blows.
        3) I’m pretty large, over 6 feet tall and 200 lbs and was markedly larger than both women. Consider the reaction of police if I gave one of the women a shiner or broke a bone and the “victim” decided to present a false story.

        The second bitch, she hit you in the temple?
        Yeah, that was potently pretty serious as I was driving on a two lane highway with no guardrail and the occasional oncoming car. if I hadn’t seen the punch coming out of the corner of my eye and moved my head in reaction (sustaining more of a glancing blow) she could possibly have knocked me out with serious consequences. I tolerated her behavior for too long – LM was a sweet woman when she wasn’t drinking (and quite good looking..) but an absolute hell beast when drunk. Soon after this incident I laid down the law: alcohol or me. She was sober for 5 months but alcohol won and that was it for us. In 2000, at the age of 38, she died in a car accident caused by her drunkenness.

        The first bitch, how hard did she hit you?
        She struck me in the cheek with me with a Gucci clutch that contained a cell phone (mid – 2000s pre smart phone era so relatively small..)

        Did it hurt?
        Yeah it did but not terribly so.. I remember my face was smarting but I don’t remember being bruised. My quasi girlfriend was Korean (not American) and we were at a Korean owned Karaoke bar, as it stood the owners of the bar were on my side because of her behavior but that could have quickly flipped if I had started knocking her around. As I remember that was our last date. I am no longer tolerant of people with drug or alcohol problems, especially if they get violent.

  2. I spanked my first wife, not for fun. I didn’t do it again since it didn’t improve her behavior.

    Years later, she told me she wanted to hit me. I told her, “Go ahead.”. She punched me in the cheekbone. She complained that her wrist felt broken.

    As a teenager I sometimes hit my mother in the arm to get her to quit hitting me. It worked.

    I think the meme “You should never hit a girl” does a lot of harm when coupled with the girl praise they get in public school. Boys learn awareness when they get hit by other boys. Girls don’t get hit, so they don’t learn, hence go through life largely oblivious.

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