Ever Been in a Fistfight or Other Physical Altercation with Another Man in Adulthood?

I have been in a number of fistfights, etc. with men, but you don’t need to know the details. Once I got beaten so badly I had to go to the hospital. I’ve been hit and beaten with objects all the way up to baseball bats.

If a guy hits me, he’s doomed because I will hit him back as hard as I can right away, and then a fight’s on. It goes on until it ends, usually quickly. Once I grabbed a guy and threw him down on a table, and the table broke into 100 pieces. He totally deserved it too because he came up to me at a party, insulted me to my face and started pouring his beer down the front of my shirt. I immediately punched him full force in the face, and the fight was on.

Even though I destroyed their table, the people who owned the table didn’t even care. They didn’t care that the table got destroyed because I kicked that guy’s ass, and everyone really hated him to the ultimate. For everyone at that party, that guy was on their list of Most Hated Persons on Earth so they felt that what I did was like a pubic service in some sense.

Anyway, I hate fistfights and avoid them at all costs because I perfectly well how strong and dangerous men are. Men are completely nuts and very powerful, and they can either beat the living shit out of you or even kill you just like that, in a heartbeat. I know that very well, and I am basically afraid of other men, so I try to completely kiss their asses when I am around them so they won’t try to hit me or kill me.

Now if you try to kill me, that’s another matter. If you try to kill me, I will try to kill you. It’s real simple. That’s already happened at least once.

As I noted, almost all of the time, I won’t hit someone until they get really physically aggressive with me first.

Only one time did I hit a guy who didn’t attack me. Two other guys and I had been sitting around drinking beers one evening, and I think we killed a case. Anyway, they started insulting me in these low level ways, laughing at me, making fun of me, etc. about halfway through the evening. I put up with it for some reason, but when they left, I grabbed one of the guys who had insulted me for a couple of hours, took a beer, threw it in his face and then punched him hard right in the face, both of which he deserved. Then I threw him out the door. So it’s only that once.

I don’t feel bad about any of these incidents. They all got what they deserved and then some. I sleep very well at night.

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  1. With a bunch of black guys while holidaying in the Netherlands.

    It wasn’t so much that they had accosted this young white woman, cornered her at the entrance to a store and tried to lie their way into having their way with her, it was the awful comment they made to me after, which I didn’t tolerate. She was OK, she went away. But I couldn’t let the comment stand.

    I expressed my distaste, then was attacked.

  2. That’s why I find the whole idea of superheroes so risible. Except in the most ritualized, stylized context, a fistfight between adult men is almost always the worst possible resolution of any situation. If you must be in one, the best thing you can do is make it end as soon as possible by almost any means necessary. It is not a game or a joke, as seems to be assumed by people who’ve never been in one.

    1. A fistfight between two men is pretty much of a nightmare. It’s not really fun at all. If they are grown, strong, built-up men, it’s even worse. Women say they are terrified of us because of how strong we are. We can pretty much just kill them or come pretty close anytime we want to.

      I just assume that all grown men are completely dangerous, at least in potential, and the last thing I want to do is piss them off.

      I’ve been in a number of fistfights in adulthood with men. None of them were fun. They were all sort of nightmarish. Every single time, I got injured. If I get into another one, I am going to get injured again. It seems like even if you win, you get injured. I do not know how to end the fight immediately without getting hurt. I wonder if it’s possible.

  3. I got in serious fight with two other 19 year olds when I was in high school. Physically that’s pretty much an adult.

    One was a medium sized lean type. The other was about six feet tall and athletic.

    Unlike most serious fights this one lasted More than a minute.

    They started off just trying to punch my head and KO me I guess but I managed to keep head moving enough they only got a few glancing blows.

    Then they tried to restrain by grabbing my arms but as a three hundred pound teen who could squat 350 pounds I tore away from their grip easily.

    I had hit both of them at least one in the chest and Arms trying to deflect the blows and get them to back off but they were determined and I started to get more panicked as they managed to punch me in the ribs, stomach and arms. I had avoided kicking at this point because frankly I was worried I’d either end up in Juvie or jail since my kicks could easily blow through cinder blocks at eye level back then and I had never used my kicks on anyone before for that reason.

    However it just got be too much after a while and I kicked the big one in the shoulder. He went backwards to the ground griping his shoulder. I turned to the other one and after he landed a blow on my chest I kicked him sideways across his femur. He didn’t keep fighting and walked to curb to watch, but the big actually came back at me and hit me in the back of the head. I grabbed him by his biceps and walked him back backwards to the side of the road and he still tried get my face.

    I snapped and kicked in the stomach. He went over like a sack of potatoes, and didn’t get back up.

    After that I walked away fully expecting the cops to show up but I guess they never did.

  4. It’s actually kind of strange how strong men, or least reasonably fit normal sized men actually are.

    We all hear how strong animals are but anyone whose with a large fit guy could tell that a man isn’t any less frightening than being attacked by medium sized predator like wolf or coyote.

    In fact, compared to most animals, humans are fairly powerful and dangerous for our size.

    Cougars that can take down a five point buck or even an elk usually have enough trouble with a decent sized man that they often just give up after a few minutes of wrestling.

    Animals like wolves, coyotes, Cougars, large pythons, and even medium sized bears have been killed or badly wounded in fights with unarmed men with surprising regularity.

    My third grade teacher even even recounted that when he was a ranger yellow stone a decent sized grizzly bear got knocked out cold by a guy when it stuck it’s head in a car while he was still driving it. He was at optimum distance and angle so he wound up good and slugged it right between the eyes. It fell back out the car on the road like it was dead. It didn’t get back up for like 9 minutes either.

    Women who think men are holding back their fist because they think he’s worried by her physical threats are incredibly stupid.

  5. I saw plenty of ‘action’ in my early-to-late 20’s and somehow managed to not end up with any convictions nor on the losing end of lawsuits that would have landed me into indentured servitude or bankruptcy. I was a hothead with martial arts training and was constantly exposed (nightlife) to condescending and aggressive (and often privileged) assholes who were used to getting their way with people when they picked fights. There was a certain satisfaction in putting such people in their place but I knew if I kept it up I’d eventually be convicted or successfully sued. Some people really do deserve to have their arses beat.

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