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  1. Twice. Once in 97, the other in ’00. Both times with prescription medication that could not be overdosed on, as it turned out. I’m grateful for my ignorance, but that doesn’t mean that life is ever easy, because it’s usually damn hard to me. Why do you ask, Roberto?

    1. The problem with killing myself is I just like myself too much to probably ever do it. It’s other humans I don’t think too much of. The problem is them, not me. That’s how I see it. If that makes me an asshole, fine.

    1. The 90’s Zine “Answer Me!” did an issue with 100 suicides that was pretty good. It had some famous suicides and some lesser known but really gruesome suicides.

  2. Beast there are two rules for comedy and only two rules.
    Rule number one, there are no sacred cows.
    Rule number two, don’t make fun of John Lennon.

    1. Many comedians have lost their corporate spokes person gigs for all kinds of jokes. Name one that is banned from doing stand up because a joke.

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