Everyone Can Spare a Little Time

Jason Y writes:

Isn’t if funny that people with such a short life span, still had time to hate Jews and Gypsies.

Oh Jason! Please!

No matter how busy anyone is, there’s always time to hate Gypsies! No one, I mean no one, is too busy to hate Gypsies!

Dude, let me tell you something. No matter how busy, happy, preoccupied, or lost in fun I am, I always set aside at least a few minutes of every day to hate Gypsies.

I mean come on. It’s the least you can do, man.

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0 thoughts on “Everyone Can Spare a Little Time”

  1. Here’s one for the “Twilight Zone”, if white nationalists had actually used social darwinism on peasants of the middle ages, they (white nationalists) wouldn’t exist. 😆 Thier great (a thousand times over) grandparents would have been killed.

  2. A short little “middle ages” life of hate. Well, whatever floats people’s boat. Some people enjoy hate. What a jolly way to spend your 20 year life span.

  3. Here’s a thought to chew on. A lot of people like political INcorrectness except when it’s directed against them. Case in point, this philosophy forum where they were saying they didn’t like PC, but also said they didn’t like high school (cause of caste system, bullying etc..). But isn’t politcal INcorrectness, the reason high school is repulsive to those people. ??? hmmm 😆

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