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  1. Where was White Croatia?
    Roughly Czechia, Slovakia, Ruthenia and the mountainous parts of Southern Poland.

    Who were the White Croats?
    A Slavic tribe said to be ancestral to the Ruthenians and some of the Polish tribes.

    When did the White Croats live in White Croatia?
    They are mentioned in various sources from the sixth to the tenth centuries.

    In a major migration, the White Croats moved from where to where and when did this happen?
    In the seventh century they started moving from the Carpathians to Illyricum, now called Dalmatia. It’s doubtful if they all went. It seems one of the Roman emperors invited them there to defend and work the land.

      1. Having read Dvornik years ago I was vaguely aware that there had been a White Croatia in and about the Tatras and Carpathians. I had to look up the times, but found that by starting with a Wikipedia article. The handle I use here should show you my motivation.

        If Slavic history interests you, look up “A History of the Slavs in European Civilization” by Francis Dvornik. I may not have the title exactly right, but close. Dvornik was a priest so most of the information is about groups after they were converted. His book is the best single source I’ve found.

        In general, Slavic history is hard to find in the U.S. Even with the Internet, there isn’t much in English.

        Some bits:
        Belisaurius, Eastern Roman general of the sixth century, was a Slav.
        “Slava” means “glory”.
        “Slovo” means “word”.
        “Niemtsy” are Germans, meaning “dumb, speechless”

        1. We don’t really know who were Croats back then (were there a tribe or another king of group, e.g. military) but we know that they appear at many places. Very little is known.

          slava is of course glory, slovo is word, but what most people don’t understand is that in Slavic around 600-800 AD there wasn’t phoneme /o/, just /a/ (later turned into /o/) and /*ā/. So the words were really:

          *slava = “word, letter”, maybe “speech”
          *slāvā = “glory”

          Interesting, isn’t it?

  2. I’d never even heard of White Croatia but looking at the Wikipedia page on the subject I came across the following.
    “The Hervarar saga ok Heiðreks as translated by Christopher Tolkien (Oxford University, Trinity College) is another source which correlates to and supports the “Harvaða” mountains as being the Carpathian mountains.”
    Yes, that is the son of J.R.R. who translated the epic poem of the White Croatians.

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