Jews, SJW’s, Left Pushing for Hate Speech Laws in the US

You might be aware that some rather nasty hate speech laws are in effect in much of the West. We have been spared for now at least due to the Bill of Rights, but that doesn’t mean there are not groups working feverishly to put laws in place to put people like me in jail for writing the stuff I do.

You know the Jews and the SJW’s are dying to put those laws in here in the US. If you want to get mad at Jews over something, get mad at them over these hate speech laws. They were the ones who put them in all over the West, including in Canada, and they are making a huge push now to put them in here in the US, but it’s going to be very hard to do with the First Amendment.

The SJW’s and the Cultural Left of course want these hate speech laws too. Apparently homosexuals have 3,000 sex partners while catching and spreading every disease known to mankind, transsexuals chopping their dicks off, torture sex, piss drinking, public gay sex, turning restrooms and rest stops into gay orgy parks, ad nauseum is all a-ok with these folks while at the same time they are in league with the feminists who are apparently trying to make heterosexuality illegal.

I guess if you’re gay, lez or tranny you can fuck anyone or anything you want and the SJW’s will just cheer you on; it’s that heterosexual sex that really pisses them off. Oh yeah and cissexuals. They hate us too, scum that we are. Die Cis Scum and all that.

SJW’s and the Cultural Left are very dangerous people, and they would love to join up with the Jews to make homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, antisemitic, bla bla speech illegal, while of course making sure it’s ok to hate White people, cissexuals, heteronormativity, and men. Misogyny will become illegal while misandry will rocket to the skies. You won’t be able to say racist things about Blacks or Mexicans, but if you want to hate Whites, by all means, make yourself at home and spout away.

The Jews don’t give a damn about any of the Cultural Left crap although most Jews are Cultural Left and SJW types. They just want to drag them along for the ride so they can make antisemitism illegal and put Ann Coulter in jail for her tweets.

The Jews have been pushing the envelope here in the US like they always do for a very long time, and as you can see with Coulter, people are starting to finally say they have had enough. This is pretty much what happens anywhere and anytime you get lots of Jews in a country. Expect to see more people making comments along the lines of Coulter’s tweets. As the “antisemitic” discourse (as long as it’s along the lines of what Coulter said, that type of talk is long overdue) picks up, expect the Jews to double down on the hate speech crusade.

Life is always interesting, and the near future looks to maybe be a bit of a bumpy ride, but if you like amusement park rides, it might be fun to observe from a distance anyway.

Here’s hoping we all stay alive, housed, fed and solvent.

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22 thoughts on “Jews, SJW’s, Left Pushing for Hate Speech Laws in the US”

  1. Free speech clause is often misused to open the floodgates for the mentally depraved, clinically insane, nazis to throw their excrement. Jews and Negroes are the main target . I dont see anything wrong in measures to curb the free speech as they are grossly misused. Perhaps white nationalists would feel otherwise, who knows???

    1. Actually, I see a number of attacks on everything good by other sorts of degenerates for every one done by nazis. Without free speech we wouldn’t be able to judge and combat evil nearly as well. Why, we’d end up like Iraq, where they still haven’t rebuilt the damage done by the Mongols.

      1. It’s because the American war machine fucked over the middle east. It all started during the gulf war and really got bad during 9/11. Ten years later the same people that were getting droned and carpet bombs are leaving their country (which is in ruins) and trying to go to Europe.

        Europe is suffering because of America’s mistakes. Although Britain is a little different since they were always supporting America during it’s endeavors in the middle east non stop. They’re like cheerleaders really.

        1. But we were trying to fix those countries, and what did Europe do to help?
          Besides, the European countries could — if they weren’t hamstrung by a bizarre sense of “guilt” over being imperialists and trying to fix the savages themselves eras earlier — just say NO, and have them invade their fellow terrorists’ countries, right?

  2. Actually, I see a number of attacks on everything good by other sorts of degenerates for every one done by nazis. Without free speech we wouldn’t be able to judge and combat evil nearly as well. Why, we’d end up like Iraq, where they still haven’t rebuilt the damage done by the Mongols.

  3. Due to the integrated society, you have to have them to an extent. If everybody just “said what was on their mind”, then there would be all out war (especially on multi-cultural campuses, integrated schools).

    Well, people aren’t going to be bold knowing that, even without hate speech laws, the victim might kick your ass, Nonetheless, unless there is some kind of “indocrinated tolerance” you can be sure the hate will increase, even if you think the victim will beat you up.

    People want to feel that society “approves” of hate speech. If they thought it did, then it would increase exponentially. Now, due to mass propoganda, it’s toned down quite a bit. Not cause of the common sense noton, you call a strong black person the n word, he will beat you up or kill you, but because people are actually becoming tolerant.

    So is being tolerant a good thing? Should it be forced by mass propoganda or something brought about thru free choice (Many chrisitan churches have always promoted anti-racism (but not gay tolerance), way before it became sanctioned by society).

    1. Note that in non-PC socities, where there is no anti-racist indoctrination, the simple threat that your victim might beat you up, doesn’t deter hate crimes. Also, if your weak, well obviously, your going to get even MORE hate speech, knowing people think you can’t do anything about it.

      1. The reason that the threat of violence (from the victim alone) doesn’t deter most hate speech, is because often the hate is done by a group, or it’s done behind your back. For instance, people might whisper “motherfucker” 😆 behind someone’s back or something, then they drift into the crowd etc.. Also, certain people think they are “untouchable” (well that’s another reason for hate speech laws), so they bully at will, constantly, never stop etc..

        So the motivation for hate speech laws, though people don’t like them,is because some people won’t stop bullying until either you or the law stops them. They just won’t. It’s kind of like how some tyrant won’t stop attacking other nations and terrorizing his own people, until someone bombs the shit out of him.

        1. Nope once when law takes its course of action over these degenerates. most of them would escape like a fart in the wind. Their valor is best observed only in internet mobs. Deep down they are utter guttersnipes, Most of them are unsocial, lone, rejected, dejected, sniveling cowards who couldn’t draw flies to shit.

    2. Well, people aren’t going to be bold knowing that, even without hate speech laws, the victim might kick your ass, Nonetheless, unless there is some kind of “indocrinated tolerance” you can be sure the hate will increase, even if you think the victim will beat you up.

      I seemed to contradict myself there. What I meant was without hate speech laws a lot of hate speech will be prevented due to fear of the victim. But still a lot of it would go on, as the hate is often done by a group, or behind someone’s back. The hate-talkers don’t even care to insult the black quarterback. 😆

      Generally, people doing hate speech are cowards. 99 percent of the time that is the case.

      1. You’re right, its nothing but extended form of ragging, wherein a person tries to prove his superiority over the person he deems inferior. Mostly you dont see random people going overboard all over by themself. Its only when a group of similar minded individuals congregate their tone of speech becomes highly annoying and they start expelling their hate excrement. Thats what many forums and websites are cashing in on. Deep down, all those degenerate keyboard warriors who randomly throw hate around are intrinsically cowards. They often like to hunt in packs.

    3. It’s hard to know where to draw the line between legit criticism and hate speech. i think hate speech is often “rubbing it in”, “putting salt on a wound”. For instance, if some black quarterback was bad, then I’d have to say he’s bad. However, calling him a lazy “n word” would be where it would be evil.

  4. It’s interesting to note that hate can be “government promoted” as much as tolerance. For instance, China, South Korea, and North Korea, actively “promote” hatred of Japan, Hitler and many modern day Islamic nations “promote” hatred of Jews. India “promotes” hatred of Pakistan, and visa versa.

    So the “free speech” fans want to say government should be neutral, and people should say how they feel. However, The government is never neutral, the press is never neutral. They promote what they want, and most of the people buy into the propoganda.

  5. I am thinking if USA, France, and UK was captured by Jews while Germany was somehow being hijack. In a smaller extend, all white man land are captured, including Russia.

    Many thinks that cannot be explain are clear if we think in the line that Jews controlled white man land. For example, no one like migration, but migrants keep coming.

    If Europe is being flood by a lot of Islamo, and there are politically-correct-anti-truth law, then Jews are going to get cover. When white man deal with Islamo, they are going to forget about what Jews have done.

  6. That’s the explicit problem: We can’t observe from a distance!
    We defend our cultures/countries so vehemently because it’s the only one we have!

    What puzzles me, though, is why the avatars of failed cultures will invade a country under guise of “refuge”, then turn around and try to destroy what made that country not only different or great, but actually capable of providing for the ingrate invaders!

    If you burn your own house down and you’re a “guest” in someone else’s, don’t bitch about them, the way they run their house. If your lips aren’t fastened to your host’s ass, keep them fastened to each other, AKA SHUT UP!

    Don’t burn down your new host’s house, else you’ll BOTH be homeless, n’est-ce pas?

  7. At least in the case of blacks, and to some degree Latinos, hate speech directed at blacks and lations is actively discouraged mainly cause it threatens the corrections industry. If people got mad enough at these non-white groups, they might advocate a real solution to crime.

    As we saw back in the days of antebellum slavery, the planters actively promoted a type of strange civil rights or racial harmony. They did this mainly cause they didn’t want thier source of income deported to Africa. Of course, not only did slavery benefit planters, but also the whole southern economy. Also, promoting harmony made slavery seem less “devil-ish” and more like something kind hearted Christians could support.

    1. I think Jews may be one key player in hate speech legislation, but other large things are at play. Mainly it’s a money issue, especially in regards to the corrections industry. the status-quo benefits the corrections industry, not a major harsh “Chinese style” move against crime.

    2. Perhaps the “powers at be” won’t promote hate speech against gays and other misfits, cause they know they’d have to also permit it against blacks and latinos. In other words, they’re can’t be any exceptions. A status-quo of all around “harmony” benefits certain groups economically However, harmony is a good thing, but sometimes it’s done from a selfish motive.

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