Capitalism 101: Want a Loan? No Problem!

Loans are very easy to obtain in a free market system. The relationship between the lender and the borrower is a contract entered into voluntarily by two equals. LOL yeah right.
Loans are very easy to obtain in a free market system. The relationship between the lender and the borrower is a contract entered into voluntarily by two equals. LOL yeah right. Can you believe capitalists actually believe that crap?

Great system.

But really, have you seen the laws on usury in your state? I mean what laws? Payday loans anyone? Seen all those payday loan stores popping up everywhere? Isn’t capitalism grand? You would not believe the perfectly legal rates those scumbags are allowed to charge.

Many major religions forbade usury for a damn good reason. They weren’t just a bunch of uptight primitives. They had a good handle on universal moral philosophy.

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15 thoughts on “Capitalism 101: Want a Loan? No Problem!”

  1. When you look at some of the things for which economically sound loans are used, it’s easy to see why lending at interest should be discouraged. For example, house flipping over the past twenty years has been a large part of why rents and real estate are so inflated.

    Payday loans: My mother-in-law got one for three hundred. It cost her a hundred-fifty every four weeks for the next six months. Finally one of her sons lent (read “gave”) her four hundred to pay it off. Loan sharks and car dealers love to see people like her coming.

  2. Some might want to bash the Jews on this. However, loans are a business, like everything else. If I don’t trust someone, then I’m not going to give him a loan. It may seem unfair to the borrower, but yourself in my shoes.

    Also, so called “usary” rates are simply the justified amount that a loan company should give given the circumstances. If they charged less, they’d run into the risk of getting cheated. Because all in all, loans, health insurance etc. are all businesses, and they operate on trust. Obviously, a business is going to trust someone like Donald Trump more than someone with a low credit score.

    Finally, If don’t like usury, the best advice is to avoid loan companies. However, a counter-argument might say that these companies victimize poor people by showing them tempting ads.

    So should religion and the government eliminate these loan companies to “protect” the consumer, or is that saying the consumers aren’t mature adults?

    1. it’s kind of like the thing I argued with Sam over. Should society eliminate “Jewish temptation” to protect the people from vicimization? I said no, considering people were mature adults. Jews, assuming they’re the ones behind it as WNs claim, have the right to promote usury, porn, whatever they want under the sun. Nobody is forcing anyone to buy anything.

      1. Hitler’s idea was, “Well, if we just eliminate the Jews, then society will be a paradise. Everything will get better. Morality, the economy etc.. will vastly improve.”

      2. How about food, shelter, clothing and transportation? We’re not forced to buy these? How about water, heating, a/c, etc. We can do w/out these?

        What kind of capitalist glue are you sniffing? And I thought all J’s were smart…

        And BTW- porn IS a necessity! (/:=)) Seig Heil!

        1. It’s not just Jews, you kikie little bitch.

          Who ever said I was a WN?

          Go back to Misrahell, and take your hasbara crap w/ you.

    2. There should be limit on what can be charged. Allowing pay day loan companies to have a vig that would make a mobster blush is too far. something like $20 per $100 borrowed to paid back withen a few months seems reasonable.
      I’m reminded of during the start of the CHENEY-bush administration when the bankruptcy laws were re-written to make it harder to declare.
      The credit card companies were squawking about people declaring bankruptcy and not paying off their credit card bills.
      Fine people should pay their debts and not use bankruptcy as a way for them to avoid living within their means. Don’t credit card companies also have some responsibility to not give every crack head with a part time job a $10,000 credit limit?
      The problem with the current capitalist system is that the economic royalists have set it up so that risk is one way street for the masses that never passes by their house.

  3. “it’s kind of like the thing I argued with Sam over”
    Hey what happened to that Guy?? Has he gone to his den aka VNN forums, Incogmans to sieg heil with his comrades.

  4. The main vicitms of shady loan companies are poor people. Obviously, the poor can’t get loans at legit banks, so they go to pawn shops or use thier car title. The real problem here isn’t the loan companies, which are forced to give loans at crazy rates (seeing as that’s the only ones they can give poor people without (the loaner) getting fucked in the deal), but with poverty itself. The poor shouldn’t be so poor and without credit, that a real bank cannot loan to them.

    1. They’re without credit because they fucked a lot of previous people over who were stupid enough to loan to them!
      You’re right, people like that shouldn’t exist, but there’s no Spell or computer-chip that could force people not to welsh on loans. AND if there was a chip advanced enough to do that, wouldn’t it be actually simpler in VLSI terms, to change their habits to not spend beyond their means in the first place?

  5. A little mathematics will show that usury is not sustainable, never mind how many good reasons of cheerleaders.

    If someone is going to charge interest and earn monies base on monies, mathematically, all wealth will eventually be concentrated at a few men, and finally one man, if time is long enough.

    Usury is simply mathematically unsustainable and all major religion advocate debt forgiveness. God has a foresight long before the advent of mathematics. God urge debt forgiveness not just to bail out poor, but for the sake of rich.

    God knows that the debt simply cannot be repaid.

    Today most people of the world are prudent against getting into debt. That is very bad for parasitic bankers and elites. So clever plans are devise that no one can escape paying interest.

    First, land price, tuition and healthcare are manipulated up to the roof.

    More sinisterly, elites who control the government made the government borrow on behalf of her citizen. Then interest are paid out by the government and funded through taxes from the subjects.

    But this scheme is unsustainable. Sooner or later, the interest rate will exceed the revenue. The resources for social service will be redirected into the paying interest.

    Somehow debt must be forgiven but the white man elites are so foolish that it probably wont happen until they are shown the guillotine.

  6. I have read, and perhaps heard, the argument that interest on lending is necessary to create the new money needed to buy the stuff that increased productivity makes. A citizen’s dividend would be more straight forward. I suspect it would also alleviate the boom-bust cycle.

  7. The power of money should be shared equally by all free people in a democracy. There is simply no reason why anyone should be denied capital or credit by banks when banks create it from book-keeping entry.

    1. There’s a very good reason: When certain entities routinely “forget” to pay back, or do so out of malice aforethought.
      If you habitually welsh on debts, who would loan to you except someone as dishonest as yourself?

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