Eric Margolis on Russia and Syria


Fantastic radio show, unfortunately from a Libertarian-aligned station, Scott Horton, but oh well, beggars can’t be choosers.

So I will just ignore this guy’s retarded Libertarianism and focus on the positive.

Margolis says many an interesting thing in this broadcast. I can vouch for most of it except:

Israeli support for ISIS: unverified.

Qatari support for ISIS: unverified.

Saudi support for ISIS: formerly true, at the moment uncertain.

NATO instigators that exploded the early Syrian protests, probably with sniper rifles: unverified, but I’ve heard the rumors.

US, French and UK special forces on the ground in Syria carrying out attacks on Assad’s army: unverified, but shocking if true.

All the rest is pretty much straight up true. Why is Russia enemy #1? They would not roll over and obey the US. Instead they declared their independence from America. So Russia’s got to be taken out for that uppity behavior.

Why are we so nuts about getting rid of Assad?

Because from the US’ POV,  the whole anti-Assad, Syrian Civil War project is about taking out Iran. Get rid of Syria and screw Iran by getting rid of one of her main allies.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, and Jordan apparently all want to either sock a blow to Iran or just take out Assad because he’s Shia.

Turkey probably wants him out because he’s Shia; I am not sure if they care about Iran.

France and the UK are probably on the blow to Iran side.

Israel surely wants to take out one of its worst enemies and also smash Iran by taking out Syria. Keep in mind that the Axis of Resistance is: Hezbollah, Lebanon, Syria, the Palestinians and Iran. All of the rest of the Arabs surrendered to Israel a long time ago. Since 9-11, Israel’s been whispering in our Presidents’ ears, telling us to take out their enemies. And so we have, in Iraq and Libya and now working on Syria.

The lunatic multinational invasion of Yemen is all about crush Iran. Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sudan and Egypt are all in on the smash Iran Yemeni project.

Anyway if you want to figure out what’s going on in the world, this great interview is a good place to start.

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0 thoughts on “Eric Margolis on Russia and Syria”

  1. I can’t stand libertarian economics either, but on many issues, they are the only ones who will speak the truth anymore. Stefan Molyneux for example. I find his views on economics and the welfare state abhorrent, but he definitely can back his assertions up on a variety of issues, something I don’t see at all in the SJW community or the left in general (is there even a difference anymore?). While I deplore the tendency of red pillers to go full reactionary on everything, I begin to understand.

  2. I certainly don’t get the west’s obsession with Iran. Iran is one of the best Muslim countries around. Its not that they’re gonna blow up countries anytime. They had one of the best cultures known to mankind. Also, Its one of the most tolerant and hospitable Muslim regime out there, an information that i gathered from visitors down there. There are several other dangerous countries that are like a ticking time bomb. I’m pretty glad Ru-skies realized the truth long back

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