Ann Coulter Blasted As an Antisemite for Telling the Truth about Jews

True hardcore antisemites definitely exist, that’s for sure. But Ann Coulter is not one of them. She is the opposite, a Judeophile. But even Judeophiles are often exasperated by the way Jews endlessly and hyperaggressively push the envelope.

The latest fake outrage concerns one of the biggest Judeophiles on Earth, Ann Coulter. But according to the Jews, even their best friends are secret haters. I guess everybody hates the Jews then! Fine! Now that we all agree, can we stop talking about it?

Coulter simply remarked in exasperation that Republican candidates seem to spend more time talking about what Israel wants and not what America wants. Well, of course this is exactly what all of the Republican candidates do. America doesn’t even matter anymore to most politicians. They care everything about Israel and nothing about America. Everything for Israel, nothing for America. That’s US politics in a nutshell. They would gladly sell the nation down the tubes forever just to sate their lust for the Jewish state.

Why the entire political spectrum kisses Israeli ass is a difficult question to answer, although there are many theories. One reason perhaps is the nuclear missile the Jews launch at you if you stop kissing their butt.

“Ann Coulter made appalling, anti-Jewish remarks which evoked the classic, anti-Semitic trope about Jewish manipulation of America for the purpose of supporting Israel at America’s expense,” said the ‘self-denying’ Klein.

The problem is that this classic anti-Semitic trope is “classic,” meaning it’s been around forever, exactly because it’s true! This exactly what Jews do everywhere they go. They try to get ahold of the levers of power for the nation in order to promote the tribe or at least avoid harm to it. And in the US, of course American Jews manipulate the political process to support Israel at America’s expense! That’s as obvious as the nose on my face.

If that’s anti-Semitism, then apparently the truth is anti-Semitic. I guess the only way not to be an anti-Semite is to lie. If the truth is anti-Semitic, then I am a proud anti-Semite.

And you should be true. We should all support the truth. If believing in the truth makes us “racist,” we should welcome the charge with open arms.

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5 thoughts on “Ann Coulter Blasted As an Antisemite for Telling the Truth about Jews”

  1. Dear Robert

    I think that within Jewish communities outside of Israel there is a loudmouthed minority and a silent majority. It is the irritating loudmouths that determine the image of Jews, but we should bear in mind that they are not necessarily representative of Jewry in general.

    Take for instance Paul Krugman, a self-defined Jew. I read his blog, and I know that he hardly ever talks about Israel. The last time that he wrote about Israel was in a posting about inflation He used Israel as an example of a country that reduced high inflation rapidly without undergoing high unemployment. By no means can Paul Krugman be called a loudmouthed Jew who gets on Gentile nerves. There are many more like Paul Krugman.

    Regards. James

    1. Krugman’s a Keynesian fool but there are numerous other examples of good, rational people within the larger whole. Nothing is ever so cut-and-dry. So yeh, agreed.

  2. I agree that commentators such as Robert should get into the habit of substituting “Likud” or “Jewish billionaires” for “Jews” in these comments. I just looked up the Wikipedia article on “Jews” (that is the title of the article) and it gives a worldwide Jewish population of 14 million, which is consistent from what I’ve seen elsewhere. Not all these people have much control over what Republican presidential candidates say on TV. Most aren’t even Republicans! Nor can the current Israeli government claim to “represent” all Jews, in the same way the 13 Apostles represent all Mormons, quite a few Jews, even in Israel, are non-Zionist or anti-Zionist.

    Anyway, what is happening with the Republican candidates is that after a court ruling that essentially allowed one billionaire to fund an entire presidential campaign, a few Likud connected Jewish billionaires, apparently they are all Israeli citizens, have been funding most of the presidential campaigns in the US! There are lots of things that are not clear about this. Why don’t other competing billionaires get in on the act? What doesn’t anyone call the Likud sponsored candidates on this during the debates? Even Trump doesn’t. There is something going on here that we don’t know about.

    There have been other situations where elites in colonies basically take over the politics of the supposedly in-control mother country (Algeria/ France; South Africa-Rhodesia/ UK also Ireland/ UK) but this is more extrem.

  3. To Rob:

    The problem is that this classic anti-Semitic trope is “classic,” meaning it’s been around forever, exactly because it’s true!

    I think the US was somewhat ambivalent about Israel until 1967, their main weapons suppliers were Britain and France until the six day war. Look at the level of US aid to Israel and how much it jumped in the 70s (especially after the Yom Kippur war..)

    Also note the US sided with Egyptians in 1956 against Britain, France, and Israel over the Suez crisis.

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