Asian Woman Ratings Chart

All right all you rice kings out there with yellow fever, this is the chart you have all been waiting for. It rates 7 different types of Asian cuties on a variety of important factors such as attractiveness, horniness, sweetness, sex skills, cleanliness, etc. Japanese, Chinese, Pinays, Khmers, Indonesians, Thais and Vietnamese woman all rated. Make sure to keep this chart handy so you can pick the Asian cutie who’s best for you.

Chart rating Asian cuties on various factors. Handy for rice kings everywhere.
Chart rating Asian cuties on various factors. Handy for rice kings everywhere.
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0 thoughts on “Asian Woman Ratings Chart”

  1. This is not a well constructed chart at all. A bar chart would work better. Another way to do it would be to put the women on the left, the categories on the top, and then the ratings for the women in rows just showing the numbers without getting fancy as to the graphics. A line chart doesn’t work.

    And what is “skills”, “money”, and “posing” supposed to mean?

    What are “Pinay” and “Indo” anyway and why are they easy? Is “easy” just a measure of being poor and desparate?

    1. “Easy” has to be a measure of desperation. It goes in exact reverse order of most conservative to least conservative country.

  2. Jesus…way to stereotype. Who created this chart anyway? Roosh and his supporters. What was their survey sample? Go-go girls, online dating sites, random figments of imagination.

    1. Robert, you should write your own version of Roosh’s totem pole in regards to women. I agree with his ranking of women but I think he is insane for ranking East Asian men below Africans. He ranks Southeast Asian men above Northeast Asian which I don’t get either. Chinese are the elite of Southeast Asia.

      “Northern European women (+1 movement)
      European women (-1)
      Western women (no change)
      Latina women (+1)
      Middle Eastern women (-1)
      Southeast Asian women (+2)
      Asian women (+3)
      Arab women (-2)
      Indian women (no change)
      African women (-3)”

      “European men with darker, sultry features from countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal, and France
      Northern European men with light features from countries like Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, and Norway
      Western men with medium features from countries like England, United States, Australia, Canada, and Ireland
      Middle Eastern men with darker but slightly rougher features from countries like Turkey, Greece, Morocco, Iran, and Algeria
      Latino men from countries like Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and ones in Central America
      Arab men from countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan
      African men
      Southeast Asian men from countries like Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia
      Indian men
      Asian men from countries like Korea, China, Taiwan”

    1. Yeap that’s true white women,black women and latinas have bigger breast and big asses .But then again different men have different taste and also beauty seems to be subjective

        1. Beauty is usually subjective, in the eye of the beholder, unless it’s a burn victim etc.. It would have to be an extreme deformity and probably on their face. Anyhow, a lot of people especially sodiers in Iraq, got this stuff fighting for our country, so you have to factor that in before picking on people.

        2. There are men who prefer females with dicks. There’s a genre of porn in Japan called futanari which is about feminine females with dicks engaging in sexual intercourse. Most futanari porn content contains one, some or all of the following things: female with a dick fucking male; female with a dick getting fucked by a male; female with a dick fucking another female with a dick; females with dicks raping male; males raping a female with a dick; etc.

          People must be into shock. The same reason people tune into gore movies. However, wouldn’t liking dicks, be a sign of developing bi-sexuality? 😆 They must like them, or why do they find futurani appealing?

  3. I hate to think I find anything ugly, Seeing anyone as ugly, in relation to deformity, poses ethical and philosophical delimmas. It’s just cruel and isn’t nice. Obviously I can’t find a brunt face as attractive, but I can like the person on the inside, or maybe the rest of her body.

    1. Note, ugly in relation to something without deformity is stupid. I can’t say Africans are ugly in comparison to Asians, or Europeans, etc.. It’s incredibly subjective. Nor can I say chubby girls are necessarily worse than thin girls.

  4. What does Jason Y hope to achieve/gain by ‘white knighting’ for the lot of females? Does Jason Y want some kind of validation from a female(s)?

    Well, I’d like some sexual attention, as do most normal males. However, most of all, I don’t enjoy bashing women or anyone else, cause it isn’t nice.

    MRAs wonder why women don’t like them. Isn’t it obvious? MRAs are uptight, self-absorbed, humorless, nerds without any empathy for anything.

    1. What is gained by being a jerk toward women, treating them like a dog (usually worse)? No more than what is gained by torturing a cat.

      Now don’t get me wrong, a lot of snooty, hateful bitches exist at my college, but an equal amount of guys are the same way. Why should all women pay for some bad apples?

      1. All men instinctively know that females are overly sensitive and emotional like children.

        Saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and stating repulsion due to deformity is distrubing, isn’t catering to over-sensitive women, even if it’s proven women are over-sensitive. It’s just the way I feel.

  5. All men instinctively know that females are overly sensitive and emotional like children.

    Some of them are like that, even at the college level, but usually they outgrow it after college. Often it’s at it’s worst during the middle school years. Girls at that age love to bully other girls,or pick on nerdy guys.

    I doubt if the college professors, nurses, chemical engineers etc.. that are women are childish. They’re very smart, usually smarter than a lot of men.

    1. Generally childish people make things horrible for anyone, whether it’s immature schoolgirls, or low IQ blacks etc.. in prison etc.. Immaturity means they haven’t developed a lot of empathy, so they like to pick and bully people. It’s a lot of fun for them, and they can’t see the victim as anything more than some doll for them to rip and apart, and amuse them.

      1. Imagine a world full of drunk or high people, then you’d see what I mean (by childish, low IQ, or immature people). A world where a lot of disrespect and mockery exists at the expense of decent people.

  6. Wussy behavior isn’t limited to girls. Two teenage boys in my family started pulling that stuff when they were at my mom’s house, making fun of people, whining and being all wussy. What was the justification? Because they were bored. 😆 They’re bored. Hmmm.

    They even pulled a stunt like that when they were on a beach vacation (Those things are a big deal as the beach is 8 hours a way.) They even pissed on my brother’s car. 😆 among other things, like being really bitchy, wussy at restaurants and other public places. Justification? They didn’t want to be there. They were forced to go.

    1. I think the biggest culprit for the girls BE-AST mentioned, and those two teenage boys I mentioned is money. They’re spoiled usually. You can make some generaized claim all women are snooty bitches etc.. Only the spoiled ones are. Plenty of females are reasonably good, go to school, are nice to people etc. cause they wern’t spoied.

      1. Sorry meant to say (typo):

        You cannot make some generaized claim all women are snooty bitches etc.. Only the spoiled ones are. Plenty of females are reasonably good, go to school, are nice to people etc. cause they wern’t spoied.

  7. I can vouch for pinays being easy. I’d be considered a lower beta in America, and even I managed to same-day-lay a cute fob a few years ago. Got her back to my place after 5 minutes of chit-chat. Rubbed her vag through her yoga pants, which then came sliding right off. Fucked her raw (stupid, I know). Literally no resistance. Hah.

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