Hillary Sucks Part 1,495


Hillary has been attacking Sanders on the grounds that he is a “socialist.” And just recently she attacked him by connecting him with the “evil” Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Good God. Is Hillary really a Democrat? She sounds like a Republican. Switch parties already, Hillary!

Hillary is so awful.

On the other hand, Bernie is leading Hitlery in New Hampshire and Iowa. So the way to beat Bernie’s lead is…to attack him from the Right? I always knewK Killary was foolish, but apparently she’s also stupid. What’s the point of attacking Sanders as a Leftist when Sanders is leading her? What’s the strategy?

I do have my worries about Sanders, mostly that he is unelectable. And of course I would vote for Hitlery myself over a Republican because stupid beats evil any day.

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4 thoughts on “Hillary Sucks Part 1,495”

  1. At this point I’m a yellow dog Democrat (I’d vote for a yellow dog if it was a Democrat) for the presidency and senate, because I’m a single issue voter and that issue is the Supreme Court more specifically overturning Citizens United.

    1. I am pretty much the same way. It’s hilarious how these Lefties come to my site and scream at me calling me a far rightwinger because I always vote Democrat unless I know the Dem is going to win and I am mad at them for being too rightwing, in which case I vote far left. I never vote Republican ever for any reason and wouldn’t even if you paid me.

  2. It’s hilarious how these Lefties come to my site and scream at me calling me a far rightwinger

    LOL, The problem most of the lefties and right wingers don’t even know what Left and Right is. They just randomly follow the media. Lefties through this depraved media, Hard right wing nuts through despicable websites like Stormfront, VNN. Most of them clearly don’t have the grasp of it. I agree so-called wannabe lefties are the worst of lot. They don’t even use their brains for unraveling simple logic. They are completely brainwashed tools.

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