Democrats Voted to Wipe Out Food Stamps?


With our attention now on the 2016 elections, Democrats have confirmed their priorities by virtually ending food stamps to the elderly poor and the disabled.

The latest atrocity from the Dempublican Wing of the Democratic Party. Long ago, I figured that almost no reactionary proposal was too low for the DNC Wing of the party, but this has to be a new low. Why do they even call themselves Democrats? Why don’t they all just switch parties if this is how they feel?

On the other hand, this is the first I have heard of this outrage. Can someone clue me in on this?

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0 thoughts on “Democrats Voted to Wipe Out Food Stamps?”

    1. I am not sure if that information is 100% correct, note from Motehr Jones:

      The cuts to the food stamp program come from closing a loophole that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agreed needed to be addressed. A household’s level of monthly food stamps benefits is determined by how much disposable income a family has after rent, utilities, and other expenses are deducted. Some states allow beneficiaries to deduct a standard utility charge from their income if they qualify for a federal heating aid program called the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, even if they only receive a few dollars per year in heating aid. The arrangement results in about 850,000 households getting a utility deduction that is much larger than their actual utility bill. Because the deduction makes these families’ disposable income appear to be lower than it actually is, they get more food stamp money each month. The farm bill that passed the House on Wednesday saves $9 billion by closing that loophole.

      I suspect it’s part of large give and take of wrangling a bill through congress. Granted support for the very poor in the US can be pretty dismal.

  1. I wonder what ep-gah thanks about this post. He thinks people who are weak, sick or just pain suck 😆 deserve to die slowly of stravation.

  2. The American political parties are organizations for getting people elected
    to office. They have no meaningful ideology. They invent “platforms” to draw in people to vote for their candidates. In effect they are coalitions of groups their presence and apparent monopoly prevent from jelling into parties.

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