All of America Is Supporting Al Qaeda in Syria

Let’s start with the Jew York Times.


They’ve been supporting Syrian Al Qaeda from Day One. And why wouldn’t the dual loyalists who run the Times do just that?

The Jews* are supporting Syrian Al Qaeda.

The entire US mass media is supporting Syrian Al Qaeda.

The Republican Party is very strongly supporting Syrian Al Qaeda.

The Democratic Party is also supporting Syrian Al Qaeda, perhaps not as strongly as the Republicans, but still very much so.

The CIA is supporting Syrian Al Qaeda. 90% of the money and weapons that the CIA gives to the “Syrian rebels” ends up with Syrian Al Qaeda or groups who fight under their command.

The Pentagon is apparently supporting Syrian Al Qaeda.

It looks like all of American society is supporting Al Qaeda in Syria, right? Are the American people really ok with this? Are they really down with this?

Israel is supporting Syrian Al Qaeda.

US allies Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and UAE are all supporting Syrian Al Qaeda to the hilt with massive infusions of weapons and cash.

In case you were wondering, US support for Syrian Al Qaeda is a longstanding neocon project.

The neocons have recently become ascendant and have now taken over the Obama Administration where they were sidelined previously.

The entire Republican Party has always been Neocon Central, and most of the US media appears to be run by the neocons.

There are strong neocon factions in the Pentagon but whether they control the Pentagon right now is uncertain, as there are also anti-neocon groups there.

The US SOCOM or Special Operations Command, to their eternal credit, has taken a pretty strong anti-neocon line lately. That is because SOCOM is mostly about fighting Al Qaeda and related groups, and the neocons partner with Al Qaeda more than they fight them. In fact, at the moment some Al Qaeda factions could almost be said to be in part neocon projects themselves.

SOCOM is probably the only entity in the entire US state that is taking a strong uncompromising anti-Al Qaeda and anti-ISIS line. That is more pitiful than anything else.

The CIA has been taken over by neocons lately, but there are definitely some anti-neocon factions in the Agency, though they appear to be a minority.

The neocons are the enemies of the America, and to a large degree, the neocons are the enemies of the world.

*”The Jews” means Israel. To me, the US Jews are synonymous with Israel. Israel? US Jews? Same thing. Someone show me how these are different entities. To the extent that they support Israel, the US Jews are Israel. When the US Jews stop their sleazy, fanatical support for Israel, I will quit marrying the two.

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0 thoughts on “All of America Is Supporting Al Qaeda in Syria”

    1. Nah I am not Jewish. I used to sort of wish I was Jewish, but the more Jews I meet, the less I want to be a Jew. Their Gentile-hatred and Christian-hatred really sucks and so does their hyperethnocentrism. Plus it seems like a pretty amoral religion.

      1. I agree; I also find them to be impudent, obnoxious, and annoying. They are usually pretty megalomaniac. I used to be a Jewish apologist and defend them against WN’s and their ilk, but as time progressed a lot of things they say about Jews are a lot of the times true. I’m obviously not as extremely anti-Jewish as most WN’s or Neo-Nazi’s (cause I’m not either) but I’m still not generally fond of Jews.

        1. I agree; I also find them to be impudent, obnoxious, and annoying. They are usually pretty megalomaniac.

          That is exactly the way I find them. I don’t hate them at all like anti-Semites do, but I just find them tiresome, annoying and in general, they just give me a headache, and I find myself wishing they would just go away. They way they live seems like such a silly way to live your life. I don’t understand the appeal of being so fanatically tribalistic. It seems almost creepy to me. I sure wouldn’t want to live my life that way. I have to deal with enough fanatics as it is.

  1. Dear Robert

    What motivates neocons? They don’t seem to have a coherent ideology. The essence of neoconservatism seems to be hawkishness in foreign affairs. Of course, neocons aren’t hawkish toward all foreigners. We could summarize the neocon position as follows:

    1 – The biggest problem in the world are some foreign countries in the grip of an evil regime.
    2 – There is an urgent need to deal with these problem countries, and the US and its auxiliaries are the ones called upon to do it.

    When you hear neocons talk about Iran, for instance, you would think that Iran is an existential threat to all of mankind and that regime change in Iran is an imperative necessity. It really boggles my mind.

    Regards. James

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