Was Chavez Poisoned by the US?


Bernie Sanders revealed his phony populism by shamelessly bashing the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez – murdered by Obama, either poisoned or infected with incurable cancer causing substances.

Four surgeries in 18 months couldn’t save him. At the time, then acting (now current) President Nicholas Maduro said he “was poisoned by dark forces in order to hit at the Venezuelan people and Latin America.”

Bottom line is they never proved it. It’s just an unproven theory. It is rather interesting that several of the New Left Latin American leaders all came down with cancer around the same time, but that in and of itself doesn’t prove anything. Plus there’s no good, hard evidence that you can give someone cancer via poisoning or infection. Perhaps you can, but it’s not proven yet.

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0 thoughts on “Was Chavez Poisoned by the US?”

    1. I know you can cause kidney, liver, and heart failure, but cancer, not so much.

      Besides, if we were gonna kill it, why not BEFORE it stole a lot of American Corporation properties, rather than AFTER?

      Or if you wanna go for a humanitarian angle, BEFORE it ran out of other peoples’ property to giveaway, thus creating riotous tantrums among the spoiled recipient of…well, spoils? And raising Venezuela’s murder rate to EIGHT TIMES THAT OF MEXICO!

    2. Cancer comes from your own body’s cells. If you injected someone with a cancer cell from someone else’s body, their immune system with destroy it. Cancer is when your own cells start mutating and growing out of control. So there’s no such thing as injecting someone with live cancer cells and them contracting cancer. It doesn’t work like HIV. Now maybe there is some chemical out there that will 100% certainly cause cell mutations and cancer if ingested. And sure I guess a conspiracy buff could always theorize that someone found a way to give him that. But if we had that, why wouldn’t we have just done the same with Saddam Hussein, Khadafi, or Putin or any number of enemies we have around the world?

  1. I think your timeline is confused, it would’ve been George W. Bush who had had Chavez whacked, if that’s what happened. I was very suspicious the second I heard Chavez was ill. It was not long after his Sulfur Speech at the UN, regarding W and the Iraq war.

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