Down with Bernie Sanders


Sanders calls Hugo Chavez a “dead Communist dictator.” That might shock you, but it shouldn’t. As great as Bernie is on US domestic policy, he is horrific on foreign policy, as are all US politicians. Suffice to say that Bernie gives full throated supported to US imperialism. That’s all you need to know. I looked at his despicable record on foreign policy. Just awful.

Of course, Hitlery Clinton is probably even worse. Sanders was responding to one of Killary’s emails to supporters linking Sanders with Chavez as if that is a terrible thing! Hilliary is just the worst. She is typical of what passes for a “liberal Democrat” these days, and is one of the main reasons I say liberal Democrats suck. Liberal Democrats are just awful. They’re barely even better than Republicans.

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0 thoughts on “Down with Bernie Sanders”

  1. I’ve seen the argument made that Lyndon Johnson essentially made a deal with the Deep State that he would let them have their war in Vietnam if he could get the Great Society.

    That might be Sanders’ thinking, but I suspect that kind of bargain is not on offer anymore.

  2. When Trump started running, I thought of a Trump/Sanders ticket. Neither are much like the party whose nomination they seek.

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