Proposal for a Supportable Feminism and MRA

I think we should support any non-misandric feminism. That is, any feminism that is just about obtaining rights for women and not about hating men or persecuting men should be supported. And I am sure that there are females out there who feel this way. The much-discussed Liberal Feminism is along these lines, but I do not like the conservative to Libertarian overtones of Liberal Feminism.

I think we should support any non-misogynistic MRA movement. Of course the existing MRA’s are for the most part wildly misogynistic, but I do not see why it has to be that way. An MRA movement should be about obtaining rights for men, not hating women. Anyway, it is the feminists who are persecuting us, not women in general.

Remember there are two kinds of women:

Gender feminists

Real women

We have nothing whatsoever against Liberal Feminists and real women. It’s the gender feminists that we have a beef with, which honestly is most of them. All major feminist organizations are Gender Feminist-based and most prominent feminists are Gender Feminists.

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16 thoughts on “Proposal for a Supportable Feminism and MRA”

  1. MRAs are total psychos. They make Hannibal Lecture (on Silence of the Lambs) look like Mr. Rogers. 😆 They write long paragraphs, borderlining on a novel, to explain their morbid hate of women However, they just don’t get it. Women don’t like self absorbed hateful creeps. Is it any wonder they were rejected? Not only are they rejected, but probably women are worried about being turned into a lampshade of something. 😆

    Most men hate MRAs as much as the women, seeing them as pussies and douchebags. Want to do an experiment and see if they do? Just go around a bunch of guys and whine like these MRAs do. They go off on them much as a bunch of 10 year olds beat up a crying boy.

    1. Speaking of school shooters, these MRAs are prime candidates for the next one. Better hope these MRAs on here aren’t aren’t attending your school or workplace.

  2. Feminists? They seem to be a flip side of the coin, creating a repressive atmosphere for guys with normal sexuality,as defined in most of human history. Definitely, they have an axe to grind. However, unlike MRAs, they’re unlikely to take out their rage on innocent people via violence.

  3. Almost all guys who are popular with women are funny, charming, and interesting. So it makes you wonder if MRAs lack this quality, and are resentful about it.

  4. The problem with women’s rights is the slippery slope. If you support basic legal rights, I think it will inevitable usher in 3rd wave feminism. I’m not saying I don’t support legal rights for women, but it’s hard to maintain the line there and not have the line pushed further and further. To the cultural left, “equality” is an ultimate good in the sense that you can never have too much of it. While it’s easy to say there’s such a thing as “too much inequality” something even people on the right will admit, the left will never say there’s such a thing as “too much equality”. So legal equality then starts to spill over into every facet of life. Since 100% equality is impossible in the real world, you are destined to have agitators for infinity that always come up with something to complain about. For example it’s been debunked endlessly that women make 70 cents for ever dollar a man makes, but even the president keeps repeating this nonsense and most women continue to believe it.

    1. Can’t the same be said for the “diversity” or “racial equality” agitators?
      “agitators for infinity that always come up with something to complain about.” Like Sharpton or even Magic Johnson blackmailing tech companies for not having enough Blacks or Hispanics on the staff, despite being unable to contribute anything?

  5. If feminists are SO interested in helping women, why not go to countries where women actually NEED the help? Rather than bitch about “too few” women in a job women don’t even WANT, go to some cuntries where women are routinely beaten, robbed, murdered, or get their clits cutoff supposedly to discourage cheating on their men?

    The fact that they DON’T, indicates they’re not out for equality, they want domination…Or they’re too cowardly, and want to browbeat a culture that already won’t fight back. 6 of 1, right?

  6. I think we should support any non-misandric feminism. That is, any feminism that is just about obtaining rights for women and not about hating men or persecuting men should be supported.

    I think we should support any non-oppressive capitalism. That is, any capitalism that it just about obtaining rights for property owners and not about hating the propertyless or persecuting the propertyless should be supported.

    “Women’s rights” mean the “rights” of women to exploit men, just as “property rights” mean the rights of the propertied to exploit the propertyless. The idea that there can be the peaceful recognition of each other’s “rights” by all involved is a bourgeois utopian fantasy, a form of false consciousness that only conceals the violence and exploitation inherent in sexual relationships behind glittering phrases. In reality there can be no compromise between the respective class interests of each sex, for each demands hegemonic domination of the other, and both sexes are locked in a zero-sum struggle to the death. The only question is when will an armed vanguard party lead men to victory over women and their class-traitor male “allies”?

    Women’s sexual choice is not even conservative, it is fascist through and through, for its whole existence is the creation of ever greater sexual inequalities and deprivation among men. Every feminist is a fascist and an enemy of humanity.

    The liberation of humanity demands the abolition of the sexual marketplace.

  7. Well, I can say he has a groovy afro 😆 He doesn’t seem to “down with it” though. Kind of an oppressive sell-out cat.

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