Men Arrested for Having Sex with Underage Dolls

I wrote about this insanity earlier. I told you that feminists were already working to try to ban sex dolls. Now it turns out they are already doing it.

Two men, one in Canada and one in Australia, have been arrested and charged with possession of child pornography for owning dolls that are shaped like 12-14 year old Lolis.

Yep, you read that right. Two men were arrested for owning underage dolls. That’s so stupid it’s not even real. You see, underage dolls are harmed when men own them and use them for sex because while adult dolls are capable of consent, underage dolls are simply not capable of consenting due to the immaturity of their plastic brains.

I am surprised they didn’t charge these guys with child molesting for fucking these ridiculous dolls. That’s probably coming next. Nothing’s too bizarre for Pedophile Mass Hysteria, brought to you by the feminists.

Both of these men are apparently going to get off because while child pornography laws are absolutely insane, they are not quite this insane yet. And yes, child pornography laws are insane. For instance, in some cases drawings of children having sex with adults are illegal.

The whole argument against child pornography is based on the notion that a child was harmed in making the images. The images show the commission of a crime along with a criminal perpetrator and a crime victim. By viewing these images (dubious argument) and certainly by collecting, trading and selling them for sexual gratification (better argument) you are re-victimizing the child. The girl who got molested at age 10 gets “molested” over and over again each time her images are collected, traded or sold. I suppose there is some sort of a rational argument in there somewhere. Anyway, true child pornography is so awful that society is completely within its means to ban the stuff.

But drawings? What’s the argument? The girl in the drawing got harmed? The girl in the drawing is a crime victim? The man in the drawing is a criminal? The drawing shows the commission of an actual crime which definitely occurred? Every time you collect, trade of sell that drawing, the poor little girl in that drawing is victimized over and over again?

What the Hell?

True pedophiles have an actual sexual orientation like homosexuality or heterosexuality. They can’t help their orientation any more than any of us can. I say let the pedos have their drawings, stories and dolls but now their images or actual humans being victimized. After all, they have a right to satisfy their sexual urges in some manner, do they not?

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21 thoughts on “Men Arrested for Having Sex with Underage Dolls”

  1. The reason a lot of people hate child porn, or anything resembling it, is because many people have children. Pretty much anybody in any way in trouble with a child is going to be crucified. Actually, any instance of touching seen live will cause a gang of men to beat you up on the spot, even in this civilized age.

    1. Good point. Parents are the primary reason for a lot of these laws.
      Parents don’t want their 16 year old daughters having sex with anyone.
      Parents more than feminists are why a 24 year old gets convicted for having sex with a 16 year old.

      1. Good point, How about the funny T shirt (or is it meant to be funny) Dads Against Daughters Dating (something like that)? Uptight fathers might be highly responsible for puritancial laws protecing their “southern belles” until they reach 18 (and they wish it could be longer). Ok, BEAST, where do women play into this?

  2. Well now, honestly and sincerely, are sex dolls a good thing? Do they make us men more virtuous or treat real women with more respect? Or are they just another part of the plastic throwaway absolutely everything is fake culture of modern life? I am in total agreement that the pedophilia laws of the Anglo-Saxon world have gone WAY out of control—and I have written extensively about this from time-to-time. Traditional marriage was allowed from puberty onwards…..and this is as it should be. But I can’t respect men who have sex with dolls…. and I’m not sure that society owes them any respect at all…

    1. Sometimes young girls getting married to older men can be gross, like in Yemen where 11 year olds are married to 40 year old bearded men. I guess if the men didn’t look so old, then it wouldn’t be as repulsive. A 20 year old guy, clean shaven, might look good with a 13 year old.

    2. And how exactly does making it a crime a good thing? Having sex with a pie apple isn’t respectable either but should you criminalize men sticking their dick to in-animated objects? How does “not owing respect” leads to criminalizing them?

    3. Charles respecting women never got me anywhere in life. I’ve lived with 6 women. Some I married and some I didn’t. Not one of them was worth the hassle. I had to get a restraining order to the get last one out of my house just a few months ago. I’m 57 now so any woman I could attract isn’t going to attract me.

      My doll looks a lot like my second wife. Except that the doll is younger and prettier. I don’t have to worry about what she’s doing when I’m not watching her. And, best of all, she doesn’t talk.

      I hope you enjoy your nagging wife. Just take your Viagra (because looking at her fat old ass won’t get you hard) and pretend that she’s still young. Or that she’s somebody else. Unless of course she’s already left you and taken your kids and half the money that you worked for all your life.

      And just keep telling yourself that she really loves you, Even though women aren’t really capable of love. When a man tells a woman that he loves her he means that he would gladly lay down his life to protect hers. When a woman tells a man that she loves him she means that she would let him. Good luck with that. Just don’t ask me to respect it.

  3. I read a write-up on “Real Dolls” silicon love dolls in Vanity Fair. They look so realistic and retail for about 5,000 dollars. I also saw a story about guys that own love dolls on National Geographic “Fetishes” T.V. show. They really think these dolls are real.

      1. And yet you’ll give up half of everything you own for a woman who is as capable of loving you as that doll is.

  4. Western society is sick. What if these men don’t want to hurt anyone but this is their only way to deal with their feelings?

    All western society is repress males, and it’s getting more and more repressive.

  5. I wonder if when the underage dolls become older than the legal age limit will it still be a crime?

  6. I would further add that what are the Police doing about those adult dolls that people have sex with that are less than the legal age limit in actual years, not portrayed, is having sex with a doll brought only a couple of months ago a crime and why not, and whilst we’re at it what about all those sex toy vaginas that haven’t been kept in a draw for 18 odd years before use?

    1. I am not at all sure that this is relevant or responsive, but for some reason it reminds me of a bizarre family confession. I hate to admit it, and it really pains me to have to report this, but 25 year-old my son confessed to having kept his recent ex-girlfriend’s dildo as a souvenir. I am so ashamed. And that relationship was barely 3 MONTHS old…. so it was probably a very juvenile dildo….

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