Feminists Try to Ban Sex Robots


Every week it seems like there is some new outrage from these feminist maniacs. They don’t even pretend to be about fairness or fair play or equality or any of that anymore. They’ve already achieved equality in most areas anyway. Now they are blatantly trying to persecute men so they can Lord it over us, which we all knew was always the plan in the first place. None of these Identity Politics groups have ever wanted equality anyway.

The gall of these bitches. They are obviously trying to legally ban the competition. It’s also so clear that chaos and drama filled women know that they can’t compete against these placid dolls.

Bottom line is this: women use sex to control men. They always have and always will. Sex is their primary tool in controlling us. Now a competitor has come along that threatens to take away women’s primary manipulation tool. Without sex, women have basically nothing, and they have no way to control us at all. Women must be terrified of these damn dolls.

Here is the ugly truth. Women run something that I call the Pussy Mafia. It’s like a cartel designed to push out any competition. I honestly think that this is what is behind women’s increasingly insane push for crazier and crazier “pedophilia” laws, where a 20 year old man can go to prison for screwing a 16 year old girl.

What’s behind all of these laws is the sheer terror that women have for Jailbaits. These Jailbaits are some of the worst competition that the Pussy Mafia has. This is why the Mafia is trying to “put them out of business” with these increasingly bizarre and even sadistic laws. It’s called “controlling the competition.”

The Pussy Mafia works hand in hand with the feminists’ favorite tool: The Prison-Industrial complex that the feminists are in large part responsible for. This dual edifice is used by the Mafia to inflate the value of their pussies as high as possible. It’s like any other business that engages in price-fixing. Think of OPEC. The Pussy Mafia is trying to keep the Pussy Price as high as possible on the Pussy Market.

Women don’t believe in fairness anyway, and feminists are even worse. The Pussy Mafia will do literally anything to keep the value of their pussies high no matter how many people suffer. No lie is too big and no law is too totalitarian for the Pussy Mafia to use in its single-handed drive to keep the Pussy Price as high as possible.

I am absolutely convinced that the feminists will soon try to ban fleshlights. After all, fleshlights are some serious competition for the Pussy Mafia. They don’t throw tantrums and won’t call the cops on you to get you thrown out of your own home for defending yourself. A fleshlight gives you all the joys of sex with a woman with none of the bullshit you have to go through to get it.

The feminists will probably use their “pedophile” argument against fleshlights. After all the “pedophile” campaign was largely created by the Pussy Mafia in order to ward of the threat that competing business from the jailbaits would lower the Pussy Price.

They will probably make the anti-“pedophile” argument that we can’t tell the age of the fleshlight. I mean, how do we know how old that fleshlight is anyway? Sure the guy says the fleshlight is over 18, but how do we know he isn’t lying?

Maybe the fleshlight is really designed to be a 15 year old Jailbait fleshlight, in which case it’s pedophilia for fucking an underage fleshlight that is not capable of consent.

I know you are probably laughing, but most of the laws, rules and mores thought up by feminists for use by the Feminist Totalitarian State aren’t very much less insane than that.

Women don’t care if an argument makes sense or not. For women, a “true” argument is “one that makes me feel good,” and a “false” argument is “one that makes me feel bad.”

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17 thoughts on “Feminists Try to Ban Sex Robots”

  1. Whoever can mass produce sex robots, and make them affordable for the common jerk off will be the next Henry Ford. 😆

  2. Fleshlights might be something great for a teenage boy, considering nobody his age is going to fuck him probably. I’m sure it’s not illegal for them to own one. They didn’t have them when I was 15. I only had a stack of porn mags.

  3. Women don’t believe in fairness anyway, and feminists are even worse. The Pussy Mafia will do literally anything to keep the value of their pussies high no matter how many people suffer. No lie is too big and no law is too totalitarian for the Pussy Mafia to use in its single-handed drive to keep the Pussy Price as high as possible.

    Funny but true.

    In many ways, feminists view prostitutes, sex robots, and any other form of competition the way traditional leftists – when they were more sane and pro-labor – viewed mass immigration. Just like labor activists were cognizant of the fact that a larger labor pool means greater power for employers, feminists (and most women for that matter) recognize that the more sexual options men have, the more their power will dwindle.

    The difference is that labor activists possessed the moral high ground; ensuring that regular people enjoy decent wages and working conditions is necessary for a healthy society. Feminists, however, are only creating more men like Elliot Rodger, and fueling the very “objectification” they decry.

  4. One of the first episodes of the Twilight Zone was about a man kept in solitary confinement on an asteroid. He was supplied every few months and was very lonely. A rocket man took pity on him and left him a robot girl that was just like the real thing.

    She was his wife for all intents and purposes. His sentence was commuted, and they came to pick him up, but had no space on the ship for the robot. They had to “kill” her. In the 1960’s it was thought we would have robots by 2000. A robot in every house, like a chicken in every pot.

      1. Sexbots are inevitable. No biological species last forever and homosapiens are no exception, I suggest cyborgisation as a first step and gradually created new machine/biological hybrids. If the new ‘human species’ needed to be reminded of their biological heritage, then sex/procreation must be a part of the being, otherwise the new species might well be armoured multi-limbed creatures with exoskeleton. If ‘morality’ or misogyny is an issue, I suggest hermaphrodite sexbot with plug and play form factor

        1. Well, for combat, insectoid bodies WOULD be better!
          There’s already a robot “pack mule” for all terrains, it looks like two rear ends of a dog grafted onto each other, but despite its ridiculous APPEARANCE, it’s the most stable/most efficient way to get heavy loads over to the soldiers.

          The human “all-purpose” morphology only works if you have the ability to grab and wield tools. Otherwise, specialized forms are WAY better.
          It’s an axiom that lions, tigers, and bears (Oh, my!) are stronger, tougher, meaner, better than humans, BUT our bimbos wear the skins of THOSE animals because of Men with guns! Without guns, on what some call a “fair” playing field, those animals would wear bimbo-skin bikinis!
          Or less glib, animals would shred humans if not for our tool-making abilities. And of course, the superior cultures keep the savages peaceful only by our superior tools, AND OUR WILLINGNESS TO USE THEM!

          Oh, here’s a video of the four-legged robot, which is actually called the “BIG DOG”! Admire the UTILITY of the design, headdesk from the name and aesthetics!

        2. Quote from Ep-gah

          Or less glib, animals would shred humans if not for our tool-making abilities. And of course, the superior cultures keep the savages peaceful only by our superior tools, AND OUR WILLINGNESS TO USE THEM!

          Until the machines develop artificial intellegence and turn against their master. 😆 No, seriously.

        3. That’s why all sci-fi writers, EXCEPT THOSE WHO ARE BEING INTENTIONALLY TECHNOPHOBIC, write some version of the Three Laws into their imaginary creations.

          However, what Halal seemed to be suggesting was not robotics, but transhumanism, putting your neural engrams into a specialized plastic&metal body. Something more akin to the movie “Surrogates”, rather than Terminator, Earthsiege, etc.

        4. As to your technophobia, machines won’t just DEVELOP AI, humans will have to keep trying to push it into them. And even then, it’s slow going because even concepts small children take for granted are computational mountains for the machines.

          Machines LITERALLY don’t see the big picture, because everything is pixels to them. How do you tell if there’s a doorway, much less if the door is opened or closed, when everything looks like those dots in the Sunday comics?

          Machines are not self-repairing. If the machine doesn’t break on falling, it will damage the environment, PLUS, will it “know” enough to pick itself back up?

          Machines have no base of assumptions to draw from as humans do.
          If I tell a robot to “grab the butter”, there’s no butter here, so it wouldn’t do anything. I’d have to tell it to open the refrigerator door, grab the butter, PULL IT OUT (Very important step!), then close the refrigerator door. All these subroutines humans take for granted.

          And of course, tactile feedback has only recently become affordable. How will it know how much force to apply to pick up an object? If it applies too little, it’ll drop it. If it applies too much, it’ll crush it.

          No, I’d say we’re still too deep in the TECHNICAL problems of machines to even think about the moral/ethical issues.

          I would rather have a machine Government, ruling with justice and might, rather than humans, who are so emotion based, they let some crimes/criminals go, and punish others based on FEELINGS rather than hard facts and logic.

          For instance, noone has yet brought up a non-emotional plea for illegals. So machines would clear them out, they’re just in the way.

          Wars would be a last resort, but those fucking with us would be subdued or exterminated with machine precision. More importantly, no more empty threats. The conditions would be set forth, if the enemy violates them, my best to their next of kin.

          Machines would be uniquely qualified to point out that “White Privilege” is merely the principle that better actions net you better reputation=better treatment over a few centuries, so machines could end racial grievance industry!
          (Indeed, because they go against the Grievance Industry AND such a monumental achievement as a working “TRUE” AI would be a HUGE accomplishment, shattering forever the idea that people, let alone groups are equal, MIGHT be why America is dragging its feet on AI, and Japan is actually innovating for once!)

        5. Even with AI, all that does is allow them to LEARN. Their Primary Objective still determines their behavior. The AI part only makes them more effective at whatever they are MEANT to do.

          If you design them to terraform and make the world better for humans, they will do that.
          If you design them to kill all enemies, they will do that.
          If you design them to pursue a relationship, eliminating all obstacles…Well, that’s your own Fatal Attraction!

          Programming an AI is the ULTIMATE in “Be Careful What You Wish For”, as machines are psychotic and literal minded. AI, due to its iterative nature, is something akin to human obsession…So you have to be extremely careful and explicit about what you TELL them to do vs. what you MEANT to tell them!

    1. Virtual reality might improve the condition for male prisoners. It could also be used as an incentive for good behavior. However, as it stands, the prison system of punishment needs to be destroyed. However, with virtual reality it might be bearable.

      1. Actually, a lot of the things scum in American prisons take for granted SHOULD be made rewards for good behavior.
        So why give them virtual reality? Who’s going to pay for that? And once again, why should criminals live higher on the hog than honest people? Especially since the honest will always be made to pay for it!

  5. You can use 3D computer art to create a realistic 3D model of whatever woman you like (then you can pose her in any sexual thing you want). You could probably do this for around 500 dollars (to pay for all the software etc..)

    However, you have to have a picture of her “not smiling” (neutral expression). Well, she certainly won’t be smiling, when she and her boyfriend “kicks your ass” 😆 But maybe not.

    isn’t it wild though, that technology exists to do this now, and for so cheap?

    1. If your an expert in z brush, or know someone, you might be able to recreate your puppy love victim without face recognition software.

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