Why Women Like a Man Who Already Has a Woman

In a word, hypergamy.

A commenter recently made the following comment on my site. He noted that once he got one woman, all of her friends started coming on to him really hard. He wondered what was up with that:

In my experience, just a few words can get a lady seduced, and that’s cause she wants to be seduced!

A long time ago, after a dry spell…well I hooked up with a girl in my group of friends back then. We were in a Club making out heavily n everyone saw us go back to my place…the whole group saw it, and we were FFFFUUCKED up…loll we didn’t care. Wont go into details.

Then a week or so afterwards, all her girlfriends in our friends group…who didn’t bat an eye at me before were just hitting on me and asking me out very blatantly. I became the man…what’s that about? In your opinion? Who’s playing who?

And this anecdote below, from my own life:

I met a woman recently and I came onto her pretty hard, but she rebuked me and friendzoned me after not too long. Nothing happened between us. We were just friends from the start. So we would just be friends and talk about anything in our lives with a lot of honestly. One time she asked me if I had a girlfriend, and I laughed and said, “Yep. Actually I have 3 girlfriends right now. LOL!”

I was worried and I expected her to flip on me with disgust and contempt, call me a predator, rapist, scum or manwhore, but instead it seems like she likes it, which is totally bizarre.

She freaked out. “All at once? Three!? What the Hell!? How? How do you do that?”

I said, “Yep, three at once. This is so much fun. I love to live this way, haha.”

Well, it was not too much longer during the same conversation that she said, “Hey, you know what? Come visit me, stay at my place, and you can stay as long as you want. Weeks, months, I don’t care.”

“Do I have to pay for anything?”

“No, don’t worry. I pay for everything.” Wtf?

I wasn’t sure if I was still friendzoned, so I asked, “Where do I sleep? The couch? You have a separate room for me?”

She says, “No you stay with me in my room. You sleep with me. In my bed.”

WTH! As soon as I tell this chick I have three girlfriends, she unfriendzones me immediately and tries to get me to move in with her!

What kind of sense does that make? Doesn’t she care about my 3 girlfriends? She wants to be Woman #4? What the Hell for?

Women are crazy.

I asked a Reddit sub called AskRedPill this question, and these are some of the answers that I got:

Answer 1: Wrong (She doesn’t want to be Woman #4). She wants to be woman #1.

Answer 2: The single biggest DHV (Demonstration of High Value) is that other women want you.

From the standpoint of evolutionary biology, women do not mate based on “there’s someone for everyone”; they are driven to find the ‘fittest’ genes, and you have three women who are basically telling her that your genes are fit for mating.

Women would rather share an Alpha than have 100

Answer 3: You’ve demonstrated pre-approval. By having three women who are willing to share you, you have demonstrated high value. So she’s also willing to share you. At first. If you manage to close, and if you escalate IMMEDIATELY you probably will close, look to see her moving to make you exclusive fairly quickly.

This is very interesting, but to tell the truth, this is one of the first things that I learned about females. I learned it first about girls when I was 16 years old and just starting to have sex. I could give you some more anecdotes that would just blow your mind. I am not sure if I have something special or if this is an example of the same thing.

For instance, I really hate dating women who have female roommates. The reason is because after maybe one or two months, her roommate usually starts coming onto me really hard. I remember once I had a girlfriend, age 34, who had a female roommate maybe in her mid to late 20’s who had a boyfriend.

We hung out a bit as a pair of couples. I remember once we went over to roommates’ parents house, and roommate and her boyfriend and my girlfriend and I all went into the Jacuzzi in the backyard. I do not know if we were being rude or what, but my girlfriend and I starting getting really sexual in front of this other couple. They got this funny look on their face and and left the Jacuzzi. It wasn’t long before we were out of our swimsuits and I was fucking my girlfriend underwater in the Jacuzzi. Ever had sex underwater? It’s pretty strange. We went back inside like nothing had happened.

After about a month or two, I was in the hallway and the roommate was in back of me. The roommate walked by me and brushed up against my butt really hard as she went by. That’s one of the biggest green lights you will ever get from a woman.

Of course this put me in a bad spot because when you get a signal like that, you pretty much need to attack her right there, push her up against a wall and start kissing her really hard, and hopefully have some sort of sex very soon.

Problem was I was at my girlfriend’s apartment and I believe my girlfriend was home at the time. Sure, I could have grabbed the roommate, shoved her up against a wall and then both of us could have moved into the roommate’s room to have sex. But that would have been awfully outrageous! Having sex with my girlfriend’s roommate while my girlfriend was home downstairs? That’s too outrageous even for me. But she wanted me because I already had a woman.

I could give you some more examples like this, including some very outrageous ones, but I am getting sleepy right now.

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6 thoughts on “Why Women Like a Man Who Already Has a Woman”

  1. very interesting posts!
    Heres another example which may be relevant to this thread.

    I was out of town alone on a business trip.. was kinda tired, thought id go out to get a drink. i ended up at a pretty high end bar/club; with the sole intention of getting hammered after a long day.

    come 10 pm i started drinking, by myself near the DJ booth on a table alone, the club was relatively empty.

    in about an hour; the club started getting packed.. there were a few fine ladies around, but countered by a lot of wieners who entered the club post seeing this..

    everyones dancing, i see maybe 4-5 guys dancing around 1 of the taller (smokin) models types.

    i casually noticed this while sipping on my drink and throwin my hand up when the DJ set off a new tune.. just basic clubbin behavior

    Now heres where i dont get it again..
    this girl pretty much brushed off 3-4 guys dancinf around her.. and seemed to notice me hands in the air by the dj booth; i was drunk n having a good time..

    About half an hour later she leaves those guys dancing around her. walks up to my table. rubs up against me and makes out with me for a minute. at this time i see those 4 guys looking at me in awe and disbelief.. she chills we talk.. and then she walks off to her friends on another table.

    Now, after that… another girl comes up to me and does the same. and then a third. i later found out that they were all friends who were just lt partying it up n having a good time..

    Note: i did not make ANY moves; just smiled and stood still; i was approached. i got a big up from the DJ: with a look saying “hell yea nice one!!!”..

    and then i see the the 4-5 chumps who were dancing around these girls slowly exit the club 30 minutes or so later, heads hung in shame.

    go figure. i cant.

  2. It’s pretty insane. Since getting married, old female friends that had relegated me to the “friends” category have become more friendly and even one my wife’s sisters are inappropriately friendly. I’m confident there’s something to the “fittest genes” hypothesis: If another woman is (ostensibly) happy with this male then he must have some good male qualities.

  3. Famous sayings:
    “The whole world loves a lover”
    “Nothing suceeds like sucess.”
    “The Rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”
    “To him that has more will be given. To him that has little, it will be
    taken away.”

    This is why an attractive-though empty-package like Trump can
    enjoy sucess.

  4. So this woman, or bitch as you seem to prefer? rubbs hard against you and you make a sexual harassment complaint! what the fuck is wrong with you man?!!! you really do hate women.

  5. I can affirm the truth of the general principal. My own ex-wife and I have had the most appallingly awful relationship since we split up, EXCEPT for a period of a couple of years when I was notoriously “living in sin” with an extremely wealthy married woman of highly questionable sanity, as well as morals….. My wife suddenly became extremely friendly and interested in me and let my son spend time with me and go with me everywhere (including hanging out with me in San Clemente with the lady in Question….).

    This was the highlight of our post-dissolution relationship… As soon as the crazy rich lady went back to her husband, my ex-wife lost all interest in me….and my son kind of did too…. And historically, my ex- only got interested in me in the first place when I was dating (and in fact engaged to) another woman and was rather famous for womanizing….

    So yeah, I think, women DO like the idea of competition—“if nobody else wants him, why should I?”

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