What Does It Mean When a Female Brushes Up Against a Male’s Butt?

A month or two into a relationship with a new woman, I was in the hallway and her girlfriend’s roommate was in back of me.

She brushed by me and rubbed her ass against my ass really hard in a totally obvious way. Ok whenever a woman does that to you, that pretty much means, “Fuck me,” or at the very least, “make out with me.” It means she wants to get involved in some sexual behavior right this minute. That is one of the biggest green lights you as a male are ever going to get from a female.

Do not ever let women brush up against your ass like that without doing something about it. You need to jump on that immediately and get very aggressive with her. If you are in a private place, just more or less assault her. Push her up against a wall and start kissing her really hard and aggressively. 90% of the time she will just collapse and totally go for it. Usually you can have some sort of sex with her very quickly.

Of course, she has the right to say no at any time, but then she’s being a major tease. Females should never aggressively brush up against a male’s ass or body unless they want to have sex right now or soon afterwards. You as a woman are sending a message that says, “Fuck me!” You have also given that male the right to more or less assault you sexually, for instance, say by grabbing you and kissing you really hard. He doesn’t need your permission to do that because you just greenlighted him in the most extreme way by brushing against his ass.

If you bail out of it, you are being a major dicktease and that’s pretty uncool. You are also guilty of false advertising. Guys, she still has a right to bail out of even a kiss after she does something outrageous like that. Respect her infuriating dickteasing ways. If you press on when a female is saying no and pushing you away, you are getting into some very rapey territory. Date rapey for sure but rapey nonetheless.

Personally, I am not a rapist. Of course I am a rapist in the feminist sense. Most men are. But I am not a rapist in the real sense. Every woman who has ever had sex with me has done so willingly. If she doesn’t want to do it, then I am not interested.

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