The Decline of the West, Part 3: Women

I am probably the last person to talk at risk of being a hypocrite, but how many of you guys are actually ok with this behavior? Is it ok for your girlfriend to cheat on you if she goes away on a vacation with her girlfriends.

Good God, look what’s become of White women these days. I can’t believe what whores they are. SMH.

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22 thoughts on “The Decline of the West, Part 3: Women”

  1. I have no problem with this. What’s the point of tying yourself down with one woman when 20 want to suck your balls. To be honest the men always win. Men can keep this up until their 50’s while women in their late 30’s become used up cum dumpsters that no one wants.

    So free sex for me? Sign me up. Can’t believe I’m saying this but thank god for third wave feminism, otherwise casual sex like this would be a thousand times harder for men.

      1. I refuse to read anyone who complains about the evils of “big government,” how the US is slowly getting more socialist, “excess” government spending, social spending programs, “socialized medicine,” government debt, unsustainable social security costs, massive money transfers via taxation from men to women, praises the joys of small government, says women make just as much money as men.

        Give me one reason why I should read something that takes that POV.

  2. If you want to know why your race is disappearing off the planet this is why. Feminism is what unleashed this. Now I understand why women are strongly controlled in traditional cultures.

    1. Women are strongly controlled in traditional cultures cause the people are illiterate and dumb 😆 Sorry had to say it.

      The rise in education means smaller families, That’s why there are fewer white births compared to third world nations, and why white nationalists feel threatened by other races.

      1. Um, yeah, so how have education and low birthrates worked for us scientifically speaking? You know, getting outnumbered in our own countries by savages SEEMS fun at first, but it quickly leads to them seizing power, by ballot or bullet, and then we REALLY suffer!

  3. While were on the subject, and I’m sure this appeals to woman haters on here, the Ancient Greeks preferred hunky men over women, whom they thought were inferior. However, they also sodomized boys.

    1. SPARTA!!!!!!!!
      Or the famed Sacred Army of Thebes (150 pairs of male lovers) that played a major role in breaking Sparta.
      I find the Beast’s opinions kind of funny anytime I see a YouTube video of someone jumping off a roof and missing a pool or setting themselves on fire it’s always a dude.
      I got 2 male cousins pushing 40 and one has a Star Wars room and another has a Batman room, but somehow according to Beast these are less ridiculous than my 30 year old sisters ceramic doll collection.

      1. Boyish and teenage stuff is debateable for my age of near 40. I would wear rock T shirts to look cool, and that would have looked cool when I was 20, but I’ll pass. As for lego Batman 😆 An English professor’s office was decorated with it, but I will pass, even more so than for the teenage rock stuff.

        1. Definitely a grown man past 30 looks foolish in any kind of “funny T shirt”. They should avoid the Spencers stores as much as possible.

        2. I’m huge Star Wars nerd. I have all the movies and will see the new one when it comes out in 3D, maybe not opening day but certainly opening weekend. I gave up on the toys the moment I noticed girls were getting boobies.

        3. Stars Wars might be somewhat acceptable for adults, but your room shouldn’t have Star Wars posters etc.. all over them. Kind of weird.. You know kind of like the room of the “40 year old virgin”.

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