15 thoughts on “Guess the Age”

      1. Damn, gotta check ID before you bang girls these days. I guess it could be possible that she’s 14. Some girls are now starting to menstruate under 10 years old. So sexual maturity seems to be speeding up. Unfortunately for this girl she’ll look like a haggard by the time she’s 40.

        1. It’s all the estrogen in the food supply and water. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was a major cause of the feminization of men too.

      2. And btw, if any adult male is sexually attracted to the girl in this photo, I don’t have any problem with that. Even if she is 14. If a 14 year old can look old enough to be a college student, then you’re not a pedo. Now if you go ahead an actually do it knowing the consequences, then you’re a damn fool. But there’s nothing sick or perverted about a guy feeling sexual attraction to a female of any age that looks like she’s reached sexual maturity.

        1. God damn, sucks about her dad being a she-male doe. Ahh who am I kidding, it’s hilarious. If I knew her I would be laughing at her every time we met.

          Aye! Kendal baby, your dad wears thongs. Lol.

      3. My question d be if she’s gotta be 14 to be fresh n pretty enough to sell shit to women, why she gotta be 16 for men to think so..?

  1. Pretty typical for her age. People act as if 14 year old girls look 12. And 22 year old girls look 17. And so on.

    Even in the manosphere, I’m reading about girls peaking in their early 20’s. Sure. And I’m going to age like Clooney. In reality, no girl’s doing any peaking past 18.

  2. Would it be wrong of me to make a joke about the good old fashioned southern Shotgun Weddings? Or point to them as a possible cause of our historical lower rate of single moms than other groups?
    Damn, though, 48-26-36–IMPRESSIVE!

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