Evil Women Forcing Men to Have Children They Don’t Want

I am aware of at least three cases:

Case 1: A woman had oral sex with a man. The man ejaculated in her mouth. She held it in her mouth and then apparently spat it into her hand and shoved it up her vagina. She became pregnant and admitted what she had done. The male slave protested and said he had to right to support that kid, but the feminist courts ruled that he had to support the kid anyway.

Case 2: A woman actually raped a man after he passed out on the couch. How a guy who is passed out gets an erection is beyond me but oh well. She became pregnant. The woman admitted that she had raped the man and that’s how she became pregnant. The man argued that he did not have to support the child because he was raped. The feminist court ordered the man to support the kid that was born because he was raped.

Case 3: A man had sex with a woman with a condom. Then he threw the condom in the trash when he was done. The woman somehow removed the condom from the trash and then managed to empty the sperm into her vagina. She became pregnant. She admitted how she tricked the man into pregnancy. The feminist court ruled that the man had to support the kid anyway.

Wow! I wonder how many other cases like that there. That’s really frightening.

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0 thoughts on “Evil Women Forcing Men to Have Children They Don’t Want”

    1. One thing I’d be on the lookout for would be “accusations of sex crimes”, whether sexual harassment, or a million times worse, something regarding children.

  1. I don’t have a link, but I heard of a doctor who was teaching women how to retain sperm after oral sex with professional athletes, which he would later inseminate them with. Imagine the child support amount! In fact, rookies in certain leagues were actually being cautioned, according to my source, about this in their orientation to the league. I wonder if there are any little Daniels (or Roberts (!)) running around somewhere, unbeknownst to us…

  2. No one should have sex unless they are willing to risk pregnancy. In the Astrological chart, sex is under the purview of the 5th house. The 5th house deals with sex, gambling, creativity, and children. Sex is a gamble which MIGHT result in children, which is a form of creativity. There is no such thing as “safe” sex.

  3. My ex-wife told me she was taking her birth control pills faithfully but since I knew she was trying to talk me into having a baby, I checked to see if she was taking her pills very often. Well, she got pregnant anyway.She then admitted to me that she had not been eating them and instead was flushing them down the toilet so that she could get her way… thereby sentencing me to 18 years of child support and totally stopping my plans of getting a doctorate because I had to work 2 jobs for 18 years.

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