College Girl Wants to Have Sex with Her Professor

I realize that professors are not supposed to have sex with their students, and I am not opposed to rules forbidding them from doing so. There are also rules forbidding schoolteachers from having sex with their students even if the girls is over 18, and I am ok with those rules too.

What I object to is the Feminist Scum argument that if a schoolteacher has sex with his 18 year old student, he “took advantage” of her. Bullshit. These girls throw themselves at teachers. They want to do this. Nobody’s taking advantage of anybody a lot of the time.

Similar with college professors. As you can see in this video, this college girl is dying to screw her professor. I don’t think he should do that, and I would not object to rules forbidding him from doing so. But the idea that the professor would be “taking advantage” of this poor adult female is insane. She’s throwing herself at this guy. She wants to do it. If it happened, no one would be taking advantage of anyone.

However, one good argument you could make would be that it would not be fair to the other female students if this girl had sex with her professor. She would more or less be fucking herself to an automatic A no matter the quality of her work, while the other females in the class would have to be judged on their work alone, not on their work + their sexual skills. If the feminists would like to make that argument, I would agree with them.

Feminists go on and on about power differentials. Guess what, feminist retards? Power differentials are an essential aspect of sex in our modern world. They have probably also been an essential aspect of sex in the premodern world. Females are power-fuckers. They like to have sex with powerful males. Obviously, every time they do so, there is a “power differential,” you feminist idiots. You morons going to ban sex every time there’s a power differential?

In fact this aspect of females is so common that I would even advise men to take advantage of the power differential anytime you can legally do so. I have done this. At my age, any time I date a woman in her mid to late 20’s (which I have done in the past several years) I can assure you that there is a massive power differential going on there, if only because of my age. That may well be part of the reason she is going for me. So what? Is there something awful about this?

Feminists don’t live in the real world. They live in some bullshit fantasy world that doesn’t even exist.

Fuck the feminists.

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15 thoughts on “College Girl Wants to Have Sex with Her Professor”

  1. Power difference is pretty much a no brainer. That’s why Asian girls drool over white westerners, or American girls want football players, rich guys, or rock band front men etc..

    1. Of course it is not illegal. He can just get fired if he violates the university’s ethics rules. I believe I have heard some talk in feminists circles though that they want to make this sort of things illegal. Some say they want to make all adult sex in which there is a power differential illegal. Feminists are fucking insane.

  2. Grown men having sex with 18 year old college students isn’t professional and probably causes jealousy and hating from 18 year old college boys. It isn’t a wise move, or at least, it should be done in secret. I don’t think it should be illegal though, but in American culture it don’t work. However, another culture, the Phillippines, probably wouldn’t care about such relationships and would probably encourage them, just as long as the family gets a share of that professor salary.

    1. The teaching position is very shaky. If a professor or teacher is bad, which in many cases simply means unpopular, not necessarily incompetent, then he/she can kiss thier job goodbye. So yes, venturing into student relationships out of the closet, would be unwise.

  3. Honesty…at least it is honesty. Women are weak because their only tools are sex and sexual attraction so they rely on these tools to the point of being useless to modern business-models.

    Slow, short, weaker…yes, pretty faces make deals but in the real world of math and dollars; no.

    Only idiots let pretty women make decisions.

    1. Baloney, just another far right attempt to seem fashionably un-PC as possible. No, women are college professors, teachers, nurses, you name it. They couldn’t have got there with crap for brains.

  4. When I went to college I had an instructor in Logic. He wrote a book touting atheism. A lot of them do. He thought he was the bee’s knees. He did the class at 8 AM. There was a pretty girl who hovered around his desk. I had a personal crisis and had to change my schedule. I went to school at night. I saw the same girl hovering around him at night. Her eyes widened in recognition. No doubt the smug bastard had an arrangement with the girl which he used his cynical logic to justify.

    1. Seems like in college there is a huge tendency among people to accuse others of brown-nosing. I wonder if there is real justification? Are people really getting fair grades, or were they influenced by sweet talk?

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