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  1. I thought the concept of race is valid as what you claim before. I still do believe in race although to a limited extent.

  2. Are you ever attracted to women with large-looking heads, or other features that you think most people don’t talk about? I often notice head size and shape, and I love a smile with broad, pretty teeth; dental crowding has become a big turnoff.

  3. The defenders of slavery tried to use African skull size to justify the practice, as well as some “perceived” similarites with thier appearance and that of apes. Note: I didn’t say it. They said it.

  4. In the bottom, black and asian skull look the same if compared with caucasian skull, even when blacks tend to be dolico while east asians tend to be brachy.

    It is a ”skull race composite”, average race skull, is not?? Eye region in east asian skull look more developed than others.

      1. Come on. That couldn’t be a real Asian. It looks too much like an American anti-Japanese World War II poster. 🙄 What next? A big lipped black dude eating a watermelon?

  5. If there’s no such thing as race then why are there so many criminal blacks? And why are they so undeveloped even in Africa? It can’t simply be unfair treatment and “opression.” Ask the Jews about that.

  6. “There Is No Such Thing as Race” is usually stated from the perspective of geneticists, and from my understanding, there is more genetic variability within a “race’ than there is between the genetic mean of two races (though I’m guessing this may only be true depending on how you define genetic variability). And you’ve said it yourself, going by genes makes it difficult to separate the “races.” Lastly, I have to ask. Do these skulls represent the mean skull shape of these “races?” I ask because I am sure there are whites with skulls that resemble the 2 on the right.

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