19 thoughts on “Mao Is Evil, Gandhi Is Good”

  1. Gandhi just like the rest of the 800 million Hindoos DID NOT have the courage, will, motivation & aggression to fight the British colonists… In other words, HE DID NOT HAVE THE BALLS TO STICK IT to the Brits… Passive resistance MY ASS!

    1. Hindu upper castes have the courage to fight for chicken right but not children right to nutrition:
      “A staggering 52% of children in Madhya Pradesh are malnourished but chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has flatly refused to provide them with a key source of protein they could use: eggs.”
      “..most states across northern and western India do not provide eggs in its nutrition programmes..”

    2. all these indian-nationalists are mostly typical monkey-faced south-indian half-austric mutt, can’t stand the truth that they are ugly piece of subhuman bastards.They are the type of indians that you mostly see pilling up in western nations to destroy them.Look at my face, i’m their pure forefather. Negros are atleast less corrupted & cunning than these south-indians,which makes them far more dangerous for the survival of westerners.Most H1b tech guys snatching whity’s jobs are these lowlives

    1. I would have gladly put Ghandi in an electric chair, together with most of hindu gurus and street magicians of India, actually I would have trusted only a victorious Naxalite pro-Mao regime in India to do the job and also to burn down into oblivion all so-called Hindu works of art. This electric chair I would connect not to the civil power grid but to a thunder pole under moonson clouds for the little brown people of India to learn that the great White God in person is visiting the punishment and that Benjamin Franklin was a far worthier guru than all that vermin. Letting these people roam about alive is the guarantee your country is rapidly descending into third world living conditions. There like in America who teach various brands of new age thought, asserting that the filthy rich deserve to bleed the rest dry according to the law of karma, should be like wise thunderstruck or offered as a delicacy to alligators, actually anyone shooting them out on sight should be granted a reward.

      Protecting Hinduism through multiculturalism is tantamount to give precedence to rats over your fellow humans, and to remove food from the poor people’s plates to give it to rats so as to make sure only the rat-like people are entitled to riches. People thinking that way should be fed upon rat poison only. Of course there are many Jews who think that way, many born-again Christians too, but it is as easy to succeed as a Jew or a Quaker rather asserting human solidarity and urging the destitute to revolt as history has proven, whereas in Hinduism you have to side with the rats and the deadly germs against humanity to become more God-like.

      Hinduism is a recent fraud in India’s history, it appeared under a presently recognizable form only in the 14-15th century, the great Vedic antiquity it claims of is spurious, no deity as is presently venerated in Hindu India is mentioned in the Vedas and vice-versa and anyway the old Vedic culture had grown altogether extinct long before India became a Buddhist empire. But later on India experienced a kind of New Age revival she has never recovered from.

  2. Gandhi, his face permanently etched on Indian currency banknotes across all denominations, his birthday on Oct 2 celebrated as a national holiday all over India, he being bestowed with the “Father of the nation” sobriquet, the reality of Gandhi – he was a sexual deviant and pervert, not very different from millions of Indian raper males. Gandhi abused his power and privileges to molest and rape countless women and little girls. Lucky Gandhi wasn’t living in an age of mobile cameras, Facebook and YouTube. Or he would have been arrested for being a dirty old man and a serial lecher. It seems the British authorities in India were fully aware of Gandhi’s sexual perversions, but they turned a blind eye to it.

    Among Gandhi’s weirdo acts:

    He slept naked with his two grand nieces, 11-13 year old girls. Apparently it was only to test his celibacy, Gandhi wasn’t supposed to get erections from these “experiments”
    Gandhi loved to give “enemas” to all female inmates at Sabarmati Ashram.
    Gandhi used to beat his wife regularly with a stick. Gandhi was inspired by Marquis de Sade’s perverted philosophies. In modern parlance, he was heavily into BDSM, rope bondage, enemas and shit like that (possibly scat play too).
    All male inmates at Gandhi’s ashram took a vow of celibacy whilst they resided at his ashram. They weren’t supposed to be with their own wives either who would rather spend all their time with Gandhi. In modern parlance, we’d call it cuckoldery.
    The women in Gandhi’s harem (sorry Ashram) ranged from ages 11-13 all the way up to 70-80. Apparently he did not discriminate against women because of their age, that’s why all of them loved him so much (Players please take note.)
    Gandhi was quite “handy”. He would constantly touch random females on their breasts, buttocks, back, shoulders. There weren’t CCTV cameras around back then to capture those sleazy moments, only eyewitness accounts. Most women happily played along with Gandhi’s perverted displays of affection. Anyone who objected would be permanently banned from Gandhi’s ashrams.
    At any moment of time, Gandhi’s ashram had 2000-3000 permanent residents. At least half of them women. All of them happily let Gandhi have his way with them.
    Gandhi slept with the wives of high ranking British officials. Apparently that’s the reason Winston Churchill so hated his guts. It turns out Gandhi stole one of Churchills love interests.

    Apparently there’s a reason all powerful and famous men who happen to be sexual deviants and players admire Gandhi so much – Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger (all rockers love Gandhi), Hugh Hefner praise Gandhi in their interviews.

      1. Martin Luther King was also a huge fan of Gandhi. Before he started his version of “passive resistance” – the civil rights movement in the US, he traveled to India, and lived in Gandhi’s ashram for a few days. According to MLK in his autobiography, he felt “real inspiration” in Gandhi’s life and works.

        1. Of course, I’m not saying that passive resistance doesn’t work, or the civil rights was a bad thing though. My only qualm with civil rights seems to be the fact it seems to be taken too far in some aspects (school busing etc..). Also it leads to a somewhat lazy mentality of blaming race, when personal choice is the real culprit.

    1. I’m sure big time left wingers like Murphy Brown (Candice Bergen) will still defend him, despite the pedophila. 🙄 She played as a western interviewer in the movie Gandhi

      1. Gandhi did fuck Candace Bergen too. It’s well-known. She was a real hottie going by the TIME magazine pictures. If Gandhi had enough game at 70 to pull a chick like Candace, it blows all PUA theories out of the window.

        Motherfucking lucky bastard Gandhi.

  3. In reference to Mao, I don’t see how his call for oppressed people to rebel is any different than what George Washington was saying. However, Washington, though, was rich and his revolution wasn’t directed at the rich.

  4. The Indian religion of Hinduism has a tighter grip on Indians than religion has ever had on Chinese. In that case, destroying old social order would be much more difficult.

  5. Hindoo shenanigans and dipshittery is what brought India to this wretched state it is in right now… A cesspit of religious, ethnic and linguistic contrasts.

  6. Ghandi was a fucking hypocrite asshole who denied his wife the right to see a Western doctor, causing her to die. All the while he himself sought the assistance of Western medicine to keep his own ass alive….especially when he needed an appendectomy and antibiotics.

  7. Nehru has claimed that “he was the Last Britisher to Rule India”, it is a fact. Which tantamounts to disrespect of Millions of Hindus who sacrificied for Independence cause.

    Apparetnly Westerners negogiate hard, Ghandi and Nehru are British Lackeys, I would not dismiss Ghandi completely although he has his faults. Some statements worthy from him are

    “World has enough for Persons Needs and Not his Wants”

    “A culture can be judged by How they treat Animals”.

    Also, his recognition that India is a Nation of Villages.

    Western Civilization has reached its Nader, Shit will hit the Fan soon. Get ready for Slave Labor.

  8. Just fact manipulations…

    Gandhi wasn’t good at all, but it is very subjective.
    Mao wasn’t bad at all, and it is little subjective.

    Most chinese people today live in a semi-enslaved regime, like live in victorian England (that leftists hates, 😉 ), but with technological distractions.

    Cultural revolution was a extreme excesse, a brute copy of other ”socialist” ”evolutions”, unecessary or ilogical because stern powers no longer threatened its sovereignty.

    No wisdom (diplomacy, DIALOGUES)
    no creativity,
    no harmonization.

    Chinese woman was emancipated for increase the number of cheap labour force in their country.

    China copy step by step industrial revolution, include their grotesque social and ecological troubles,

    And copy the retard histeria called ”socialism” (oligarchic catlleism or collectivism).

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