0 thoughts on “Liberals Against Mass Immigration”

  1. Absolutely Jason. Anybody with half a brain realizes that we have limited resources–limited jobs, limited revenue for public services, even limited water in many places. We just can’t support everyone in the world that wants to come to come here.
    I am mostly a liberal on most issues–except for strict gun control because I’ve had to defend myself against these wonderful immigrants.

  2. One way to solve the situation is via underwater or Mars colonazation, or perhaps floating cities can be built to orbit around the Earth.

  3. Would be nice but I doubt it. Modern US Liberals are overly sensitive to “race” and will only cry racism. I say this as a Hispanic. This really is a painful topic for me, knowing many people who want to make their way over here for a better life, but also understanding what the influx of cheap labor does to wages and how it diminishes the bargaining power of unions, who I strongly support.

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