Decline of the West Part 2: “Men”

Then and now.
Then and now.

The Cultural Left’s already gotten rid of race, and it is definitely part of the Cultural Left’s agenda to get rid of gender, as they put it. Why? Because Gay Identity Politics is an essential aspect of the Cultural Left. The Cultural Left just can’t get enough of their pet homosexuals. And I assure you that Political Homosexuality has a long-term goal of “getting rid of gender” because after all, homosexuals hate gender. Gay men mostly hate being men and want to be women. Lesbians for all their going on and on about how wonderful women are and how horrible men are don’t like being women and instead want to be men.

Yes, Political Homosexuality does have an agenda, and you could indeed call it a “Gay Agenda.” The Gay Agenda is simply the long-term and short-term goals of Political Homosexuality. What’s so controversial about that? All Identity Politics groups have short- and long-term goals, so all Identity Politics groups have “agendas.” So of course there’s a “gay agenda.” Why is it some vile homophobic reactionary insult to mention that obvious fact?

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33 thoughts on “Decline of the West Part 2: “Men””

  1. But we all know that only bad people have agendas, therefore:

    1) By saying that the Homintern has an agenda you’re saying that homosexuals are bad, QED you are a bigot.

    2) Good people should not have agendas and just remain the helpless playthings of those who do.

    Hoxha said the homosexuality was bourgeois decadence, and he was more of a real leftist than any member of GLAAD.

    1. Liberalism is essentially hostile to the political, so “agendas” are considered intrinsically evil, and “conspiracy theory” is a term of derision.

      1. The Left is a revolutionary world-historical project. People who object to agendas are just sneering toadies for the status quo and apologists of power. If the Left is not a conspiracy to overthrow the ruling class, it is just controlled opposition.

        1. If you characterize your opposition as just mental illness, then you remove the ground of universal discourse upon which genuine ideological struggle rests. It’s the photographic negative of PC.

    2. I think both of those images are very simplistic.

      Revilo Oliver was right about a lot of things. How long until right wingers realize that the Pentagon(-gram) is not on their side, that it has a very deep role in promoting what they call “degeneracy,” and that its bastard child, the CIA, pushes drugs and homosexuality worldwide?

    1. Misogyny is bullshit. I went through a misogynistic phase. I never had so many problems with women in my life. Every day when I went outside, it was like everywhere I went, women would take one look at me and declare war on me. I had women put chalk in my coffee, take a sharp piece of metal and scratch up my briefcase, all sorts of shit. Getting along with women is difficult enough as it is if you love them or at least don’t hate them, but once you start hating them, your women problems are just going to explode.

      Also I tend to feel that misogyny is evil and immoral.

  2. I will grant that infantry combat is one of the manliest things one can do. There are plenty of manly things one can do. Gay/emo/trans behavior is surely the least.

  3. I’ll beg to differ. Some people are so conformist that there entire agenda invoves forcing people to eat shit? So you want someone to be a man? Well, fuck you. 😆 Who made you god? (not speaking to Robert, but to conformists in general)

    But I do admit some of the pictures are ridiculous, but your treading into dangerous water deciding what is a man or what isn’t cause often the standards are too extreme. Some might say “Well, a man shouldn’t play the piano, cause well, that’s girly and faggoty.” etc.. Maybe women shouldn’t play sports either, seeing it makes them “un-ladylike” etc..

    1. Definitely, the pictures shown, involve extreme cases, but we all know bullies and assholes don’t pick on the “extereme ones”, but want unconditonal total conformity to thier prick-ish views on how people should be.

      1. I remember this one Andy Griffith episode where Opie was discouraged by his Dad from playing the piano, while his Aunt Bee wanted him too. Again, enforcing the idea that only faggots like Liberace play the piano etc.. But it’s very narrow minded and oppressive to live in a world that ridiculously conformist.

      1. The bearded feminine guys on the photos definitely look like an abomination. I mean, if your going to try to be feminine, at least shave the beard, come on. 😆

  4. They only want to emasculate the white male. It’s part of their plan to to this land into a Marxist/Satanist cesspool.

    1. You can’t talk like that Lon. You can say they want to emasculate White males, but you can’t say that’s part of a plan to turn the land into a Marxist/Satanist cesspool. I don’t allow anti-Communist propaganda on here.

    1. They had this one funny scene on the movie Rock Star where Mark Wahlberg’s character (hair band hairstyle) was actually turning on male co-worker.

      1. Actually, this is the problem of when kids who never grew up MENTALLY grew up PHYSICALLY and took the reins of power. As a child, I admit having ideas of children “rising up” and forcing adults to obey us, but now that it’s the reality, it feels like a neverending nightmare!

        Each headline dumber/more impossible than the last:

        8 year old boy charged with raping 14 year old girl, even though SHE STARTED THE SEXUAL CONTACT!

        Suspension of immigration laws by Executive Order

        Thug runs over firefighter

        Cop fired for killing arsonist

        Tom Hanks in a certain movie portrayed how WONDERFUL it would be if a child could wear an adult body FOR A TIME…Reality shows how horrible it is when permachildren are in control!

    2. Or to be more glib, why do the “rebels” keep fighting after they’ve “won”?
      When do they start BUILDING civilization in their misbegotten image, instead of tearing down things that are no longer there?

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