The Right’s “Solutions” to the Single Motherhood Problem

Tulio writes:

“The Right goes on and on how terrible single Moms are for society, but what sort of proposals does the Right offer to deal with the issues of single motherhood?”

They want to cut welfare and make divorce more difficult so that women think twice about raising a kid alone. Any woman that has a kid can collect money and divorce goes entirely in the woman’s favor.

Cut welfare? What is welfare? Define welfare. You mean AFDC or what is now known as TANF? It is only maybe $300/month. You can’t live off of it.

Latin America has zero welfare, and they have a very serious single mother problem. AFDC was eliminated and turned into TANF in 1996 under Clinton. Single motherhood rates have not dropped since then, and in fact, they appear to be rising. Cutting welfare did not reduce single motherhood. It seemed to increase it or more likely it had no effect on it at all, since no woman has a kid to get a welfare check.

The truth is that single motherhood is a sociological phenomenon. People, especially conservatives, are pretty stupid, and conservatives are some of the stupidest humans of all. Why? Conservatives apparently don’t even believe in Society. There is no Society. Apparently there is no such thing as Culture either. Instead of Society and Culture, the only thing that is real is Politics. Everything that happens occurs due to Politics. Bull.

See, conservatives just cannot wrap their minds around this idea that single motherhood is a phenomenon that is caused by Culture and Society – that is, that it is a purely sociological phenomenon like crime and so many other things. According to conservatives, Society and Culture has nothing to do with rising single motherhood, instead it’s all down to Politics! Politics made divorce easier and this created a divorce epidemic. Mind you the divorce epidemic was not caused by Society or Culture or anything like that. Instead it caused by some people who changed a few laws!

Similarly, conservatives cannot wrap their heads around this idea that maybe single motherhood is a sociological phenomenon with roots in Society and Culture that has fuck all to do with Politics. Nope, according to conservatives, Society and Culture have nothing to do with rising single motherhood rates. Well, what’s causing it then? Single motherhood rates are skyrocketing for one reason and one reason only: because of welfare! They’re all having those babies to get the free welfare money! No other reason.

Cut welfare? No. I do not support cutting one penny out of any welfare or social spending programs. These programs need to be increased, not decreased.

Get rid of no-fault divorce? No. No no no no no no no no no, a thousand times no.

Ok someone just shot two conservative positions at him and I blew down both of them. How can I be a conservative when I oppose 95% of the conservative project?

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0 thoughts on “The Right’s “Solutions” to the Single Motherhood Problem”

  1. Instead of Society and Culture, the only thing that is real is Politics. Everything that happens occurs due to Politics. Bull.

    The problem with conservatives is that they don’t support the creation of a revolutionary republic where everything actually is a matter of politics. We just need to temporarily use the state to socialize people into proper sexual conduct until it becomes second nature and then the state won’t be necessary anymore.

    Marriage is in its essence a legal institution, hence a matter of the state. Nationalize sex.

  2. I can live off 300 $ a month if I own my roof.
    I could even raise a kid with that money.
    If I have to pay rent, that’s a different matter.

    I don’t live in the US, but I read American frugality blogs. The cost of things such as food is not much different between the US and Europe. First worlders who adopt a frugal lifestyle can live with less than that money.

  3. Mind you, I don’t mean this as a statement against a welfare increase in the US or anywhere. It was just a pointless incidental observation.

    1. Yes, then the Government funded/forced creation of a VIDEOGAME to try to get boys interested in girls again. So “deliberate Government policy” DOES play a part.

      BUT there’s also Government interference in the fertility of the EUROPEAN Civilized World: If you’re forced to pay for illegals kids through unavoidable taxes, the only place you can cut costs is by not having any kids of your own!

      So I’d say deliberate Government policy is lowering OUR fertility rates too, possibly trying to replace us with foreign parasites, especially since there is no neutering for caught illegals!

    1. Until WWI came to an end in 1920, Germany was under a blockade by the British which cause at least a million Germans to starve. After the status of its overseas colonies were jeopardized in 1945, Japan could not longer count on being able to feed a growing population on domestic agriculture alone, so the government deliberately pursued a policy of small families to guarantee strategic food security.

  4. I think less dense cities would decrease singlemother population. Because in dense cities there are too much distractions so that is why couples wont stay together.

  5. The USA is causing single motherhood in Latin America? Lol. And does anyone have proof that single motherhood is a huge problem in Latin America? I mean we are throwing a pretty wide array of nations and cultures under this “Latin America” umbrella? This includes everything from indigenous Peruvian villages in the Andean highlands to wealthy businessmen in Buenos Aires.

  6. Bull. Latin America (especially Mexico) has a single motherhood problem because of its machismo culture, subjugation of women, general corruption, and general lack of civilized ethics.

    I’ve lived around Mexicans in the U.S. and in Mexico my whole life and I’m well aware of machismo. They treat women like dogs. “Hitting it and quitting it” is part of that culture. And, women are valued mostly as mothers, so Mexican women in a desperate effort to find meaning and purpose in life that is acceptable in their culture, have a shitload of kids–regardless of if they are married or can afford them.

    That’s reality. Sorry to break it to you.

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