The Decline of the West: Secular Fall, Idiocracy Rising and Dumb and Dumber in the US and UK Over Time


We just keep getting dumb and dumber as we race to the bottom of the IQ scale. Apparently a dysgenic trend. Shades of Spengler.

Is there any hope in sight, even the faintest wavering glimmer, way off there on the horizon, hidden in the blackened fog? Is there a limit to how dumb we can get, or is there, as I fear, literally no bottom?

It’s September already. Secular fall is here, in more ways than one.

Idiocracy was prophetic. Expect it sooner than you think. Just set your brain on retard mode if you haven’t already, and you should be fine.

Who, me worry?

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15 thoughts on “The Decline of the West: Secular Fall, Idiocracy Rising and Dumb and Dumber in the US and UK Over Time”

  1. Look at the environment. It’s one of mindless TV, movies, video games, cellphones and internet (usually not used for education but for social media enjoyment). In fact, a few years back someone wrote a book called “The Dumbest Generation” (mocking the World War II theme). The author claimed while our society had become more technology advanced, a lot of young people were not using it to become smarter.

    1. How can one blame genetic factors in such a mind numbing environment? Of course,I’m not opposed to fun, but obviously hours of social media, cell phone usage isn’t going to improve IQ.

      However, the witty posts on Facebook might improve IQ. Maybe, but I don’t think so. OK, so I’m black and Iv’e posted a thousand posts about Treyvyon, has they helped my brain? I’m white and Iv’e posted a thousand “kiss my ass” posts about the rebel flag. Has that made me smarter?

      1. Not to mention our school system, is horrible. Parents don’t demand excellence from students, and this is true even among rural white kids, much less blacks or Latinos.

  2. Well, the “spiritual” dimension is missing. I have no doubt that you
    posess an Eientienian I.Q., but what do you-or most American’s
    know about the spirit? About things like Sufi Islam, Hindu Advendism,
    Toaism, Echart Tolle, and some of the Eastern Mystics, Allen Watts,
    etc.. Has all that easy pussy turned your brain into mush?
    Those of us that can’t get any are forced to rely on other resources
    to keep from suciciding ourselves.
    There’s I.Q. (Which you have in abundance) There’s E.Q. which
    you are also blessed with. And there’s S.Q. (Spritual Intelligence)
    which Europeans are woefully ignorant of.
    You can’t really have an abundance of food and sex and attain an
    high S.Q. You get too fat, lazy, and happy. It requires a bit of
    attentiveness, and staying in the NOW.

  3. How are we certain our technology spoiled white populations are that smart? Not when they spend countless hours on social media or TV, when they are apart from their minimum wage jobs which aren’t mind stimiuating either.

    1. You left out some things: Algeria is funded by China, PLUS, they send their deadweight to France. If we could send OUR Welfare leeches and criminals to some country WE didn’t like, I bet our country would just take off too–at least on the economic and social dimensions!

      Let’s start with the Black Lives Matter thugs.
      Other than taking advantage of an individual death by harming innocent people, looting, and demolishing their own cities, how has protesting every time a cop–even a black cop–kills a Black thug been beneficial to anyone?

      They’re animals. Let them die, or help them along, and America will be a FAR better place, financially, socially, etc. With a better, stronger America, we will be both more ABLE and more JUSTIFIED in projecting force worldwide to enforce justice! It looks really STUPID when a country that has terrorists inside itself tries to stop terrorists around the world–or is that the idea? Be equal to them?

      Morocco, not so sure of, but they have a thriving hacker division, so they might be stealing prosperity.
      There’s a reason Third World countries–and China–don’t PUNISH their hackers, as long as they’re only hacking the Civilized World, right?

    2. So I guess you could say that when Western countries don’t interfere with the savages’ affairs, they still interfere with the Western countries?

      And again: How much of that high growth rate is POPULATION growth, which they dump the slag onto the Civilized World?

  4. Makes sense I guess: People are exposed to academics/problems and technology at an earlier age, resulting in better test scores. However, the health of the average person is pretty bad: inflammation, degeneration, obesity, etc, so more general measures/correlates (like reaction time) are worse.

  5. Hey Beast, you still going to contribute $120 this month? I need it. I haven’t even paid all my bills yet and I’m under budget.

    What did the schoolteacher do to you if you don’t mind saying?


    Men have to recognize their class interest, form a vanguard party, and establish a dictatorship of men over women.

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