Bigfoot News September 9, 2015

Great news! Melba Ketchum’s DNA results independently confirmed! Apparently another lab operating completely independently of Melba Ketchum’s group has independently confirmed her much-criticized results on Bigfoot DNA. Now we have two completely independent science groups who have replicated DNA for Bigfoots, first Ketchum’s and then Ketchum’s result was replicated by another group. Reportedly, the other team replicates Ketchum’s results in their entirety.

If you read me on here, you would know that I always said that Melba was right. In part that was due to my good friendship with Richard Stubstad, who assured me that Melba’s methods were good and that there was no way on Earth she would engage in scientific fraud. Also I know a scientist who ran all of her data and said that it looked out to him. Another scientist also run her DNA and said that all the results checked out. I told you so. You guys should listen to me? Why don’t you listen to me?

Best version of Prince Edward Island Bigfoot video ever released! After months of hard work, Nominay has just released the finest version of the PEI Bigfoot ever. This is a legendary Bigfoot film. An indie film producer was shooting a monster movie on Prince Edward Island. As one of the actors was running across a clearing, a Bigfoot suddenly ran out of the woods behind him to the right of the viewer.

The Bigfoot then races across the clearing, partly on two legs and partly on four, at an amazingly fast speed. The speed of the Bigfoot has been calculated and it is running as fast as a competitive sprinter. The speed is even maintained when it goes effortlessly on all fours. There is no way on Earth that a competitive sprinter could run that fast or go down on all fours without slowing up in a bulky monkey suit.

Furthermore, the size of the Bigfoot has been calculated at ~9 feet tall. It also appears to have a massive weight. How do you get a stunt actor to put on a bulky monkey suit, run across a clearing as fast as a competitive sprinter, go down on all fours without losing speed, all the while somehow being 9 feet tall. How do you find a 9 foot tall stunt man. How do you make a shorter stunt man appear to be 9 feet tall. How do you make this stunt man appear so bulky that he appears to weigh 700 pounds?

None of this makes any sense.

Of course, most Bigfoot footage released by indie film producers turns out to be hoaxed, usually in a sleazy attempt by the director to gain publicity for themselves. Many have been much less than forthcoming with investigators. The famous Redwood footage comes to mind. The director, now in film school, simply refuses to discuss the movie at all. It seems almost certain to be a hoax. And many of these film industry hoaxes come to light after a while; that is, the director fesses up that it was a hoax.

None of that seems to be the case with this video. The directors were apparently making cheap straight to video movies and have no need or desire for publicity. They have cooperated completely with investigators. Investigators felt that they were credible. The attitude of the filmmakers towards the even in the footage seems to be utter bafflement. They have no idea what ran across that clearing that day.

Nominay has improved this video so much that it is nearly a brand new video. All serious Bigfooters need to check this new video out.

The original version on Nominay’s fine site is here.

Bigfoot hairs for sale. I have a few Bigfoot hairs gathered in the Michigan Peninsula a while back. They look exactly like those crinkly, pubic hair-type hairs that Erickson collected for Melba’s project. I also have a photo that seems to prove that they are Bigfoot hairs. I used to have a similar photo of a human hair for comparison that showed that this hair is absolutely not a human hair. The only thing it remotely resembled is bear hair, but the hair is lighter brown and all of the bears in the UP have dark brown or black hair.

The man who sent it to me is a very good researcher and he spent a long time studying these hairs. He is quite an expert on Bigfoot hairs. Photo comes with it. I haven’t the faintest idea what to charge. Make offer.

2015: Science amidst the rubble. The response of the mainstream scientific community to Melba’s paper was simply despicable. They refused to even consider it, read it or see if the results were right or wrong. They dismissed it out of hand without even checking to see if the results were right or not.

I know some of the scientists and science writers who engaged in this nonsense, and they are very famous people. They all have Wikipedia entries and are considered top scientists in their field, mainly Paleontology. The science writer is one of the top science writers in the US. The fact that all of them simply dismissed this report out of hand shows us that something is horrifically wrong with science in the West.

Not only are almost all of the biggest scientific figures massive asshats, blowhards, and all-round horrible human beings, but the very structure of scientific inquiry itself seems to be compromised by a new mentality I call Scientific Fundamentalism.

Scientific Fundamentalism, which almost all modern scientists practice, elevates science into a religion itself. The revealed truths are whatever scientific consensus is. Anything attempting to overthrow consensus is treated as apostasy or heresy is in religion. I am surprised the scientists have not tried to kill some of the fringe science guys who are trying to topple these idiotic Edifices of Consensus.

Scientific consensus operates on the utterly insane notion that whatever the scientific consensus is at the moment, these are the facts for any and all of time. This once again is similar to religion in which the revealed facts in the holy books are true for all of time when they were written down and can never be changed, updated or modified.

I know, I know…

Scientists are always lying and saying that all scientific consensus is open to inquiry, that nothing is really true, that everything is just true for now, that all consensus is up for grabs and only a paper away from being toppled, and that science is all about perpetual doubt and endless inquiry. Those are their glorious mantras they repeat to make themselves look good but none of them are true.

But the truth is that all of this is lies. Scientific consensus is indeed treated as Truth with a capital t, and no it is not up for grabs, and no it’s not even just true for now. Go find some scientists and talk to them. Throw out some scientific consensuses and see how many are “true for now” and ready to be toppled at any time, if only disproving conclusions are presented. It’s about 0%.

Another fake mantra of scientists is all about perpetual doubt. Oh really now? And is scientific consensus open to being doubted? Are you kidding? Anyone who tries gets burned to death at one of their “empirical” witch trials. Is science really all about endless inquiry and curiosity? Hardly. When most consensus is walled off from further inquiry, and there’s nothing to be curious about anymore as the consensus has been proven true, there’s not a lot of curiosity or even inquiry going on in science anymore.

What is going on in science nowadays? A lot of conservatism. Granted a certain amount of conservatism is warranted, as we would not want rational science to be overrun with nutcases and their pseudoscientific nonsense. But scientists are already 100X more conservative than they need to be. Surely we could let up on the conservatism a bit and still be rigorous enough to keep the nonsense out?

There is also a serious problem with the abuse of the term pseudoscience. Pseudoscience is probably best described as scientific inquiry that does not even follow the scientific method. If a scientist uses proper method but simply comes up with false results by accident, overeagerness or misinterpretation, that’s hardly pseudoscience. He simply got the wrong result. Happens all the time. So what?

If a scientist is promoting a theory that seems to have good evidence yet the evidence is not yet of sufficient quality or quantity to convince the Vatican of Science, that’s hardly pseudoscience. A more proper term might be Fringe Science. The data and evidence have been assembled, hypotheses have been tested, studies have been undertaken, and conclusions have been reached, often in a high-quality manner. But it’s just not good enough for science, often because science has its eyes shut and its fingers in its ears. Just because science won’t accept the conclusions of something doesn’t mean it’s pseudoscience. And what of that term pseudoscience? Why such an arrogant, snide and vicious term? What’s the point of that? Are the scientists trying to start a war?

There is yet another problem with this loopy notion of pseudoscience for unproven theory. I am 100% certain, and I will swear over my dead body that I know for a fact that certain things that are now called pseudoscience are actually true. And you are reading a column about one of those things right now. These things simply exist, full stop, and it will be proven soon enough. There’s absolutely no doubt about that. If they exist, they will be revealed. There won’t be any way to stop that.

And when they are revealed, then what? Then automagically “pseudoscience” gets elevated to proven scientific fact. There’s something wrong with that model right there. Pseudoscience ought to be the realm of the wreckage of theory, hypotheses and inquiries that are bad more because they are not following scientific model than anything else.

Anything in pseudoscience should be so bizarre, idiotic or unscientific that it could never make it to proven fact. When you start having “pseudoscientific” theory elevated to proven fact, you’ve got an awful problem with your whole notion of pseudoscience, and you need to send it back for a rewrite or trash it all together.

Yet another problem is that modern scientists have turned into Douchebags with a capital d. Practitioners of modern science are some of the meanest, most vicious and downright evil people out there. This petty evil-mindedness stems completely from pride and from nothing else. Science has decided to invest its very self when arrogance such that the two are one and the same. To be a scientist nowadays is to be an arrogant ass. Humble scientist is an oxymoron.

Scientists behave this way supposedly because they are “waging war” against some Evil Entity called Pseudoscience. In order to put on battle gear to fight this war against Existential Evil, many scientists have armed themselves with vast amounts of Douchebaggery. What’s the point of that? Why be a Douchebag?

Yet when it comes to Fringe Science (a valid subfield of science by the way) we see scientific Assholery around the globe, from sea to scientific sea, from snide lab workers to snarling university professors to sneering lecture circuit celebrities. I am having a hard time understanding this. This war against the Evil of Pseudoscience is so important that in order to fight it, scientists must act like the worst people on Earth and engage in behavior that is low, depraved, disgusting and even embarrassing? Why? Is it really that important?

We have yet another problem and that is arrogance. Sooner rather than later, some of these “pseudoscientific” claims will become proven science. Do you think that even one of these scientific Beavis and Buttheads who nearly drove fringe scientists to nervous breakdown and suicide will apologize?

Are you kidding? Science is now the realm where arrogance crowned supreme. It’s worse than Hollywood. Even more appallingly, increasingly, science is Hollywood, and that’s probably the root of a lot of the problem right there. Once again we see a parallel to religion. Ever noticed how arrogant the believer is, how certain he is of his Truth. This is the way the scientist acts towards his precious Consensus.

What do you think will happen when, in the future, some of this pseudoscience is proven fact, which of course we know will happen with 100% certainty? Do you think even one of these strutting jerkoffs will apologize for even one second? Will you hear a single, “Hey, we were wrong. We’re really sorry about that. You guys were right along.”

We will never hear this. Not one scientist on the face of the Earth will ever say this to us. Why not? Because they’re not human enough. Science lost its human face some time past, and it’s gone all asshattery all the time for decades now. In order to practice mainstream science nowadays, first you must lose your humanity. That’s the first thing that has to go. We can’t have any of those measly, petty human emotions getting in the way or Revealed Scientific Truth, now can we?

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46 thoughts on “Bigfoot News September 9, 2015”

  1. i originally found ur blog while researching bigfoot 🙂 i did see ur post on anal fucking girls hot! but bigfoot is back to the basics. 🙂

  2. Disclaimer on “my” video. There is a pause between minute one and two. Make sure to watch minute two, and to click on 480p. Expanding screen full size is recommended as well.

    Thanks Robert for the enthusiastic and kind endorsements. My site pales to yours, but I like to think that it serves it’s purpose.

    As for Melba K. her report and accounts have gained credibility, but that picture of “Matilda” still looks phony as Hell. To draw a comparison, the Morgan Matthews Bigfoot looks A LOT more legit.

  3. There is no such thing as Big Foot, Ghosts, and U.F.O’s
    It’s simply demonic spirits PRETENDING to be such things.
    The Devil is the ultimate deciever. He and his agents can take on
    any form. His primary purpose is to decieve, so he presents him
    self like a wolf in sheep’s clothing to lead people astray, like a
    democratic presidental candidate. The media is also Satanic with it’s

    1. @ missattempts, The deeper i get into this Bigfoot stuff the more i’m starting to believe that they really are demonic manifestations! Although, what you’re saying about the Prez is way off!!!!

    2. Although many serious researchers including Hynick and Valle believe the UFO phenomena may be demonic in nature, the idea that BF is such seems a stretch. Several new, previously unknown hominids have been discovered in the last 100 years and NONE are demons. Sheesh. Not everything unknown about our world is a manifestation of Satan although I do believe in demons. Why not? The evidence for their reality is voluminous and credible.

  4. This is good news but didn’t Ketchum also hurt her credibility by making strange and outlandish claims such as that mindspeak crap and other stuff of that nature? Associating with shady people like David Paulides also didn’t help her credibility I think, any news about those deer bones found around Mt St Helens with giant human teeth marks found in them?

      1. Always has been. The guy is a major sleazeball. A real conniving, two-faced, treacherous, Machiavellian, conspiring, duplicitous, scheming character if there is one.

        In other words, he’s a typical Bigfooter!

        A lot of people also say he is mean as a snake and they fear his wrath. But I know someone who says he’s a real great guy, so there you go.

        The guy is a narcissist at his core, like so many pathological Bigfooter types. Bigfootery is Narcissism Central.

  5. It doesn’t appear to be running on all 4s at any point, just swinging it’s arms into the grass. It never bends enough for it’s hands to touch the ground and you can clearly see the arm length.

  6. I’m talking about any point in the video. You can see the total length of the arms but when running it never bends far enough to actually touch the ground with it’s hand. It’s mimicking running on all fours but it’s hands never get close to the ground. It all looks pretty staged to me.

    1. How can you tell that the arms don’t reach down to the ground when the tall grass conceals so much? How can someone run at any speed that hunched over without falling down, let alone that fast? At 1:30 you can see how it actually moves across quite gracefully.

  7. If you look at the length of the arms and watch them enter the grass it’s obvious they don’t reach the ground. They go to about midway between the knee and ankle. It’s clearing evident at around the 1:21-1:23 mark.

  8. Hi Robert, hope all cool with you mate. Good post… there’s been so little happening in this subject of late that when I heard about Dr. Ketchum’s results being independently confirmed I actually went back and re-watched
    Ketchum’s and Erickson’s 2013 press conference. I can’t comment on the science, but they do seem genuine. Did you read Bryan Sykes’ ‘The Nature of the Beast’? The Paul Freeman Walla Walla hair sample result was extremely interesting. I guess we are all waiting (still- haha) for Sykes’ paper. Cheers, Tim,U.K.

  9. “Eventually I found a match in a rather obscure database from Central Asia. The Walla Walla sample matched an individual from Uzbekistan!
    How on earth could that be explained? I have not had long to think about it, but my immediate thought is that I find it very difficult to reconcile this result on the Walla Walla hair with the impressive provenance provided for it by Paul Freeman and his companions. The hair was caught in the splintered wood of a tree whose branch had been twisted off with tremendous force. Had the Walla Walla hair been found lying on the ground in the vacinity of a Bigfoot ‘experience’ then a loose human hair is always a possibility. But this hair MUST have belonged to whatever creature broke the branch, even if it was not one of the sasquatch the trackers saw in the vacinity soon after. So as things stand, it is a complete mystery.”
    “The Walla Walla hair result is the most intriguing from among my North American samples. I scarcely think I can claim to have identified the sasquatch as a feral Uzbek, but that is the closest I have managed to get at the moment.”
    Bryan Sykes- “The Nature of the Beast”

    Cheers Robert.

  10. Always great to have a Sasquatch update from you Robert. This morning Destination America ran Morgan Matthew’s Shooting Bigfoot, it was cut down to fit in a one hour time slot. I only caught the last twenty minutes. An American narrator has been added to comment on what’s happening and though the purported shooting footage was shown, the updates at the end and the brief glimpse of the Tent Video was cut. A lot would have been cut to shave the running time down to under 50 minutes to allow for commercials. As a curio, I wonder if the uncut DVD will ever be released in the USA?

      1. That footage was included but none of the updates that were added to the ending by Matthews about Rick filming the Tent Video , and the brief glimpse of Hank through the Tent is missing, I guess if the original documentary was at least 90 minutes then half of it is edited out to fit in an hour time slot. On my big screen, the scene of the person/ Sasquatch pushing Matthews down, whether one believes it a hoax or not, is pretty scary when I’m not seeing it on YouTube on a small mobile device.

        1. Hermes, I too skimmed the last few minutes of the American TV version of Shooting Bigfoot. The footage that contained actual? creatures is much better on the big screen than what is on the internet.
          Destination America is showing it again on Saturday Oct. 31(trick or treat). It’s on at 8pm, 11pm and 3am, which raises the question of why not just show the original.

  11. ‘Melba Ketchum’s DNA results independently confirmed!’

    Hi Robert.
    Ketchum’s results were “confirmed” by whom? When? Where was it published?

    I see that others have also asked for your source on this 

    September 9, 2015 at 11:43 AM
    so whats the source for this? i cant find it on internet?

    September 21, 2015 at 11:23 PM
    Robert, do you know the name of the lab that has independently confirmed Melba’s DNA results?
    ‱ Robert Lindsay
    September 22, 2015 at 1:49 AM
    No, but I will see if I can get that info for you, ok?

    What was your basis for this back on September 9th?

    (BTW, any thoughts on Rick Dyer’s latest claim of impending redemption?)


    1. Melba did a radio show recently and she said her results had been independently confirmed by a 2nd lab.

      I always thought Rick shot a Bigfoot that night and I also think he killed it. But he seems to have lost control of it at some point so he went on to make a fake Bigfoot based on the dead one. Rick claims this is what happens. He claims that the people who really have the BF will put it out in public soon. I have no reason if that is true or if it will happen, and anyway, Rick is the worst source for anything.

      1. Thanks for the reply Robert. But you do recognize the problem here, yes? Melba is the lone source of a ‘report’ that her own results have been confirmed. She is self-confirming, alleging that someone else will come out with confirmation … soon, very soon. Kinda like Dyer.

        Anything new on the guy from Washington and the piles of bones with giant human teeth marks on them?

        1. This guy has already published a long paper on this data and I honestly think he has the goods. However, all he has are teeth marks on bones and no matter how much outside expert support he can drag in, I am afraid that that alone is not going to be enough to prove his case and the scientific community is simply going to reject his data without even looking at it just like they did with Melba.

          There is a major problem with the guy in that he has an ego the size of a major planet. This is true of so many folks in this biz. That would not be too much of a problem (look at Meldrum’s ego) if only for the fact that he is so egotistical that he is insisting on doing this whole thing alone and he is not even going to drag in any others to help him confirm this. Apparently this is so he can get all the glory himself. That motivation is understandable coming from a fellow egotist, but I worry that it may be fatal. He simply has to get a team together if he wants this thing to go anywhere.

          Also he started out calling it a North American Gorilla and obviously that is totally wrong, and then he supposedly changed it to a human hybrid of some sort, but he still tends to go back and forth on human vs. hybrid and it’s very confusing and he needs to make up his mind about this.

          One thing I will say though is that this man is extremely intelligent.

  12. Melba Ketchum is a professional. She’s a doctor of veterinary medicine who ran her own practice. She also worked on the genetic analysis of the 9-11 victims. She has published in peer reviewed genetics journals before. No way would a person of that stature pull off some BS hoax like Dyer. Furthermore, Melba has previously delivered on everything that she said was coming. She hasn’t given us any fraudulent or hoaxed news yet.

    OTOH, we do have to wait until this group publishes to see what this is all about and to get full confirmation and as of now it is just a rumor.

  13. Hey Robert,
    One of the biggest problems we have today is that the education system is completely controlled by “Scientism”. My GF’s daughter is very bright and has a keen interest in science, particularly Anthropology and Geology. Her teachers scoff at the notion that the BF phenomena might have some basis in fact. Of course, they dismiss any evidence that might be contrary to their narrow paradigm as “pseudoscience”, like you said.
    I’ve tried to get her to look at the many examples of very credible evidence concerning BF, UFOs, technology on Mars, etc. she just rolls her eyes. Unless and until we find a way to get the children to listen, it’s going to be an uphill battle. See YT interviews with Charolette Iserbyt and Notman Dodd to understand exactly how they have managed to hijack our youth. Scary shit. Pisses me off to no end.

  14. Doing some channel surfing and came across this….Bigfoot Captured

    Saw one in a cage, which later escaped. But the director got hair and blood samples. Included comments from Meldrum and Bindernagel. I guess its true the hairy man lives. Its on again at 8pm MST. Will have to watch the whole 2 hours to see who the big time hunter is.

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