What Women Look for in a Man

Juliette writes:

Sadly, other guys at the college took what I believe to be the “alpha” approach (the anecdotes I could bring out are copious), and it had nothing to do with how “attractive” the guy was.Women look for more in a guy than just physical attractiveness. I daresay personality and intellectual prowess as well as economic factors come into play, but that’s just what I’ve observed…

Alpha has nothing to do with coming onto women everywhere you see them and pissing a lot of them off. Most of the Alphas I have known surely did not do that. If those guys with their lame lines were really Alpha, they would not have turned her off. If a real Alpha would have approached her, she would probably be flattered. The fact that their lines went over like lead balloons implies that these guys were not Alpha at all.

Alpha, Beta and Omega boil down to this:

Alpha: Attractive to most of the females most of the time. No more than 20% of population. Studies on dating sites have shown that 80% of the women are chasing 20% of the men. It is these 20% that they are chasing. 80% or almost all of the women are chasing the very best men, the 20% who are Alphas. Alpha fucks and…

Beta: Attractive to some of the women some of the time. Your average, regular, everyday guy. Could be your father, brother, cousin or uncle. 65% of the population. On dating sites, 80% of the men (the Betas and Omegas) are left chasing 20% of the women, probably the bottom 20%. …Beta bucks.

Omega: Attractive to almost none of the women almost all of the time. Nobody or almost nobody wants these men. There is something about them that turns off almost all women, but it’s often not clear what it is. The incels, rejects, etc.

Women care about looks just as much as men do if not more. Good-looking men can do so well with women that you would not even believe it. Sure, maybe some women don’t care about looks, but most do.

This is what women want:

1. A good-looking to very goodlooking guy (essential),
2. Game or some attractive type of personality (because just looks won’t cut it).
3. Status, power, money or fame. Any one of these added to the first two would be excellent.

What is Game?

Game is simply that style that you utilize in order to attract women.

If you’re not actively trying to attract women, you’re not running any sort of Game. Men with money are often running Money Game. There’s probably even Power Game, Status Game and Fame Game. It’s not necessarily phony or fake or anything like that.

A group of women are at a table whispering, “Wow! Look at him! Isn’t he sexy? He’s sexy as Hell, isn’t he?” What they are saying is that he has good to great Game. With this man, being sexy is more than just having pretty face. He also has Game, which is the sum total of all parts of himself other than sheer looks that make him sexy or attractive to women. Game isn’t necessarily dishonest at all. If you are very attractive to women despite being a very honest fellow, then you have great Game. Everyone thinks Game is about fakery, lines, and manipulation, but that’s not necessarily true at all.

A man with zero Game simply has no ability to attract women at all. He can’t be sexy no matter how hard he tries for some reason.

Talking about personality, a woman would want a guy with possibly 3 of the above, and then it sure would be great if he had a great personality and even intelligence. But a “great personality” is really probably just part of great Game because Game ideally is simply your basic personality and nothing else.

Some women demand brains. I know a woman with a 156 IQ and she demands a high-IQ man or she would certainly prefer one.

Money would sure help, but it’s not essential. I can’t even pay my bills and I still get beautiful women.

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  1. My whole thing is I have never met these so-called “Alpha guys.” When I first heard of this whole ridiculous concept, I thought it was a cartoon superhero, lol… “Alpha Man”! Where are these guys???

    1. Well a study was recently done on a dating site that showed 80% of the women who were chasing 20% of the men. See those men they are chasing? Those are your Alphas. Usually no more than 20% of any society. Never seen one. Go through a list of male actors, singers and role models, and there are your Alphas. Really doesn’t mean a whole lot more than the top 20% of best looking men.

      Bill Clinton is an archetypal Alpha male. So was JFK. So was Teddy Kennedy. Warren Beatty. Jack Nicholson. David Bowie.

      Alpha = women go nuts over him. That’s all it is.

  2. I think that as well as what a woman wants /for herself/ there is also an element of impressing her peers with a high status mate. Just like Men Women really love to compete with each other and this is a key area.

  3. Isn’t it true though that men want a super-model? Seems to go both ways. The view of how women should look is highly unrealistic, so why would we expect the female view of a man to be any different?

    1. In a foreign nation like the Phillippines, all whites are considered alphas. In Korea, many don’t want to marry whites, but they still view them as alphas. I guess the main reason being for all this would be the fact whites stand out and grab attention, much as movie stars do in the USA.


    I see them in stores and shopping malls all the time.

    Are they mentally retarded or mentally ill or are they just whores going out with their pimps or rape victims?

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