Palestinians Open Fire on Bus in the West Bank


The bus was in the West Bank, and I consider any adult Israelis in the West Bank to be military targets, so a bus would probably be an acceptable target in the West Bank but not in Israel proper. In other words:

If adult civilian Israelis are in the West Bank, they are military targets


If adult civilian Israelis are in Israel, they are noncombatants.

In other words, the adults on that bus were military targets in the West Bank but then transformed into noncombatants as soon as they went over the Green Line.

Anyway, we don’t even know that every adult on that bus was a civilian. That bus could have been packed with soldiers for all we know, and that would not be unusual at all.

Unfortunately, no one was hurt or killed, but the bus was shot up pretty bad. I really could care less about these Israelis anymore. I don’t care what happens to them anymore. They make me sick. Just thinking about them makes me want to retch.

I understand that Hamas and Islamic Jihad are seriously reconstructing their organizations in the West Bank and now they are fairly heavily armed.

Can someone please tell me how West Bank Palestinians get any weaponry at all? There is an Israeli border guarded by Israelis around all of the West Bank. How do the weapons get in?

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6 thoughts on “Palestinians Open Fire on Bus in the West Bank”

  1. Robert, I don’t particularly support the Israelis and I don’t mean this comment to be confrontational, but I don’t understand how civilians can be military targets, even if they are in a foreign country.

  2. The Palestinian problem WILL be resolved. They will be given
    their own independent nation along the Medderaian coast.
    They are the desendents of the Philostians, who moved inland after
    the Jewish diaspra. Palestine/Philosteen.

    1. I thought they’d be hit in the foreheads with rocks from slingshots–preferably the same rocks they keep throwing at their hosts!
      (David and Goliath ref, last we see of the Philistine problem for quite some time–until they fail at regicide, flee Jordan, their fellow terrorists arm them and they become a problem NOW!)

  3. Israel has nearly universal conscription. You get exempted for being a Hasid or being a woman with children. I suppose crippled and blind men are too, but I’ve never seen that specifically mentioned. So the split between military and civilian is less plain.

    Then, Palestinian rock-throwing brats are military targets, so I guess Palestinians don’t give a shit.

    In the past, I was worried about Israel whenever their neighbors threatened and I was cheered by Israeli military success. Now, it’s too easy to succeed when your enemies are in a large, badly-run, concentration camp.

    False flag?

    1. “too easy to succeed”? Then why haven’t they succeeded? Why haven’t they wiped out the Palestinian terrorists, or at least pruned their numbers down to a Level where their NEXT fucking with their hosts would be their LAST fucking with their hosts, like we did with the savages who kept attacking us here in America?

  4. They get in in crates of “Humanitarian Supplies” sent by all the savages around them…With full support of America and the rest of the Civilized World!

    Remember when Israel had them blockaded, the attacks stopped, but then America and other “humanitarian” nations force Israel to stop blockading the savages?

    Remember when UN found missiles in a school, but rather than confiscate them, they called the terrorists to come pick them up?
    I cannot make up anything this twisted!

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