The Best Game of All Is “Natural Game”

I do not want to brag but a commenter just called me an MPUA (Master PUA). I would rather not call myself a PUA at all. Seducer feels much better to my ears. Anyway, an MPUA is simply a natural PUA. He simply acts natural and normal and that’s pretty much the Game he runs. He’s running Natural Game for lack of a better word.

He tends to avoid PUA lingo, scripted routines and the tendency to turn seduction into sales pitches or sporting matches where you need precise strategy every step of the way. He doesn’t even consciously analyze his relationships or even his seduction style. He simply does all of these things naturally and normally because his Game has gotten so good that he has no need for lines, scripts, games, and a lot of the manipulative nonsense that goes along with it. Honestly most of this sort of thing should not be analyzed to death, and you won’t believe how much sex you can get with a “Whatever happens, happens,” type of super casual attitude towards women.

If someone wants to call me a PUA (a term I do not like) then ok, I would be a natural. I am a natural. But I was not born that way. It took me a long time to get to this point. But I am a natural in the sense that I do not use any of that scripted bullshit. I do not care about set, frame, escalation, closing, day Game, negging, peacocking, wings, plates or any of that bullshit. I use few if any lines and I never use scripted lines as openers.

When I introduce myself to women, I say whatever they Hell I want to, not some scripted line. You want to know what to say on your “approach?” Just walk up to her and start talking. Say something funny, intelligent or relevant. That’s the only advice I can offer.

Even being Friendzoned is not the end of the world. There is even something called Friendzone Game that you can run.

I suppose I have always “escalated,” but I never really thought of it that way. It’s simply a normal part of seduction. I would hate to think, “Ok now I am escalating.”

You do not have to do endless “approaches” on women. I never care if I do an approach or not. I could go weeks with making an approach. Why should I care whether I am making approaches or not? I would hate to have a mindset like, “Wow, I am not having much sex. I have to go and make a lot of approaches now!” I would hate to live like that. My philosophy has always been if it happens, it happens, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

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3 thoughts on “The Best Game of All Is “Natural Game””

  1. You nailed it Rob. I am not a fan of the terminology myself and PUA methodologies per se; maybe “natural” game should be the term. Most PUA’s state what should be obvious to many (or just maybe a few naturals, i cant say)

    1) confident vibe
    2) sense of humor
    3) presence
    4) Balanced attention (not too much or too little)
    5) Whatever Happens Happens mentality

    I may have missed other points, I hope this thread can create a separate entity and identity for naturals with consistent self improvement posts and away from the “dark evil seducer attitude” perception of the PUA cult.

    Looking forward to seeing many more constructive posts here…

  2. Cut the crap! Either a person has natural abilities, (They don’t have to sweat it out.) or they’ll NEVER get a girl. There is no middle ground. It’s like old man river. He must
    know something. He don’t say nothing but old man river, he just keeps rolling along.

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