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Killary Hillary “Humanitarian Bomber” Clinton is the war anti-war candidate of the Pieces Peace Movement. Please support her and help bring Pieces Peace to the world.

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0 thoughts on “Support Killary Clinton”

    1. What are you doing at this site, you cretin? This is a Socialist blog. Ever hear of Robert Lindsay? He runs a site called Beyond Highbrow, and apparently you are unaware that you are at it.

    2. I just call it as it is. If you want to argue with me at my blog, feel free too.
      Yep. Hey Robert, what do you think of Donald Trump? If you were a single issue voter, specifically on this issue, would you vote for him? I wouldn’t, because the man is a nutcase.

      1. I think Bernie Sanders is an immesurably better choice, but you probably know that by now.

        I posted all of your comments except for one, where you deviated from opinion to propaganda.

      2. What makes Sanders a “better choice” to you?
        The fact that he doesn’t have security to boot unruly Black Lives Matter thugs? That makes him “approachable” right?

        What if one of those Black Lives Matter thugs was actually an assassin?
        There are some things where all the protection in the WORLD won’t help if you have no common sense. Read some Japanese history or Sun Tzu for more “artful” ways of putting the same concept.

  1. Trump is nothing but smoke and mirrors. Like another late
    degenerate-Michael Jackson-he knows everybody, was friends with everybody, and holds views consistent as a weather vane on a windy day. Despite political “silly season” that brought us such winners like Bachman, Cane, and a whole host of others, once the Primaries start “The Great White Hope” withers away.

    Trump is an engram 3 personality. All glitter, no substance. The Establishment and the media will NEVER accept him. When they are done with him, he will be lucky to be employed as a geek in a 3rd rate circus. He’d best get out while he has something left to salvage, not the least of which his life. Clinton’s don’t fool around. J.F.K. JR ready to give up his dating occupation and run for Senate in 1994. See what happened to him.

    1. Heehee, I like the offhand way you mention his life, gently pointing out the Clintons murder their adversaries…but not dwelling on it.

      I miss Buchanan and the other SMART righties that Frum drummed out of the Big Tent!

  2. America is an empire, any candidate has to support the empire. Nonetheless, doesn’t the population benefit somewhat from imperalism? Just looking at this thing realistically. All those Wal Mart trucks going to and fro, and our comfortable life. It isn’t free.

    Note, even the poorest classes benefit massively from being in America, as opposed to some third world nightmere.

    Nonetheless, anyone care to debate this idea?

    1. Jason,
      I disagree that any candidate has to support the empire. Charles De Gaulle and other European politicians in the fifties and sixties were successful while promoting the dissolution of their empires. Theodore Roosevelt at least claimed to desire an end to the colonial relation with the Phillipines.

      Does the population benefit materially from living in the U.S. empire? I would say,” Some do; some don’t.” When a young man is made a cripple or a eunuch by a roadside mine in a land where the locals resent his presence, I incline to think he would have been better off working in a shoe or T-shirt factory rather than have them made in China or Guatemala.

      I consider the benefits of living in America to be lessened by the empire. We get taxed to build and maintain war forces which destroy in days that which others have built over years. Meanwhile our roads get worse every year.

      I look at Switzerland. The Swiss have no empire, yet they are wealthy. No Swiss army units are stationed in the world’s shitholes. When nuclear war was feared, they actually built shelters enough for the entire population.

      I think the problem is that an empire will tend to central control and seek to control more and more. This results in decisions being made for very large groups of people by persons who lack knowledge of local needs and of local resources. The decision-makers lack responsibility for and to the people they mal-administer.

      1. The other thing is, we need to stop paying our enemies, stop rebuilding our enemies, just let them suffer for fucking with us.
        Otherwise, it becomes “Fuck With America For Fun&Profit!”
        Coauthored by Geronimo, Santa Anna, Emperor Yamamoto, with Foreword by Saddam Hussein!

    2. The idea must be debatable since I agree, in part, and disagree, in part.

      Take Walmart, for instance. The growth of that “empire” was fueled by the containerization of ports, the intermodal transportation system and bar code scanner technology, each of which was developed under the auspices of The Defense Department during The Vietnam Era for the sake of projecting U.S. military power in two theaters of operation at the same time. In 1963 there were more than a million longshoreman. By 1970 there barely 100,000. Rail workers and warehouse workers also suffered job eliminations. But truckers and information technology workers gained jobs. So the record on job creation is mixed.

      Some economists would argue that the emergence of mass retailers importing cheap goods from developing nations has kept consumer prices down relative to GDP growth. Others have complained that small retailers are going the way of the longshoremen. But the greatest projected downside to all social classes in America remains the global convergence of average labor prices somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.50 an hour sometime around the year 2050.

      The only thing anybody can do about it is to place restrictions on the flow of capital into and out of a given country. The only countries who can get away with that are countries that everyone wants to do business with (China, India, Indonesia and suchlike “emerging markets”). Consequently, neither Trump nor Clinton nor even our beloved socialist from Vermont can stave off the eventual, inevitable impoverishment of America.

      I feel so guilty for being decrepit enough to avoid the calamity.

  3. Robert Lindsay, Whats your opinion on Bernie Sanders?? I think he’s way better than Hillary and Trump who seem to be the forerunner.

      1. The predictable results of mass deportation are famine, disease and unnecessary deaths on a grand scale. Even our closest allies in the world would take a rather dim view of that. Consequently, that policy cannot make America great again.

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