Something Wicked This Way Comes

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Schindler is on to something here, something which few have acknowledged. The current trends in America, Wall Street getting richer, everyone else getting poorer, politicians of both parties feeding brazenly at Wall Street’s trough, the party of the Left in full blown attack gear not on inequality, which it has done nothing to address, but picking at and rubbing raw the scabs of identity politics — this can’t keep going on indefinitely without something really bad happening.

Indeed, we can’t go on like this indefinitely without something really bad happening: like, for instance, Donald Trump.

All I have to say about Mr. Trump’s rising candidacy is that Americans deserve him. You morons brought this nightmare on yourselves. Both parties created this Frankenstein. They deliberately created the conditions amidst which a monster like Trump could not only be born but was only certain to thrive.

Infected with blind optimism, the ruling class thought they could push an insane combination of a freakazoid Cultural Left Social Project combined however bizarrely with a vicious Neoliberal Economic Project forever. A project like this is bound to please no one. The Right is sure to hate the Cultural Left Circus Act. The Left or what’s left of it anyway is sure to hate the vicious harvests of the pro-oligrach, any-everyone else, TINA, Neoliberal Human Reaper Economic Project.

An economy for the

A culture for the Freaks, and fuck all the normals!

What a plan! What could possibly go wrong?

And then string all this incongruity together via some Rube Goldberg Machine and let the Media Fog Machine mist it all over until no one can even see it anymore, and it’s just normative Zeitgeist that no one even questions, the sun rising over that hill to the east.

This shitheads want to think that there is no such thing as society when it comes to economics, but there’s an all-encompassing, ever expanding Freak Culture that hates normal people when it comes to sociology. There is no society, except there’s society. There is no culture, except there’s culture. It’s all so clear! How could anyone possibly think it’s a scam?

I have no idea why anyone thought this marriage from Hell was going to work, as it was a circular firing squad from Day One. Your average person may be a fool, but he isn’t stupid. Most humans are not permanent marks, and they’re more streetwise than you think. The Elites are arrogant and think that as long as they control the media and the political parties, they can be con and fleece us forever. The scam goes on forever.

Surely in this case the wolves will always be wolves, but there’s no law that says the sheep won’t catch on. The Elite’s problem is that the masses are just not dumb enough. If we were just a bit stupider, they could con and scam us forever and always leave us holding the bag.

The problem for our sociopathic elites is that victims tend to wise up after a while and turn on their abusers.

Hence I present you with Donald Trump, a monster created by the US Elite and both the political parties.

I really have no sympathy for people who deliberately bring catastrophe on themselves via their own hubris and pigheadedness. I am prepared to say that we Americans richly deserve every bad thing that is going to happen to us in the near future, and that includes a possible President Trump.

You can’t say we didn’t ask for it. Reap what you sow, dammit. We sowed it, and we reaped the inevitable result, so we might as well lie back and enjoy it. As long as there’s TINA, right?

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29 thoughts on “Something Wicked This Way Comes”

  1. Trump changed the rules of The Miss USA beauty pageant to make transgendered contestants eligible, then used the objections of Miss Pennsylvania to win a five-million dollar judgment for interference with a contract against the now literally poor woman. According to our host, this makes Trump, in and of himself, the very marriage from Hell cum circular firing squad that could not have worked from day one.

    In the interest of generosity, I’ll give Trump as many as 202 days in office before The US Senate fires him. But not one day more than 202. It could be less than that. After all, it is the man’s fate to be fired from the highest office in the land. Just ask Misattempts.

  2. Indeed, we can’t go on like this indefinitely without something really bad happening: like, for instance, Donald Trump.

    All I have to say about Mr. Trump’s rising candidacy is that Americans deserve him. You morons brought this nightmare on yourselves. Both parties created this Frankenstein. They deliberately created the conditions amidst which a monster like Trump could not only be born but was only certain to thrive.

    Hence I present you with Donald Trump, a monster created by the US Elite and both the political parties.

    The continued rise of Donald Trump appears like a big joke, the whole world is watching in disbelief, “Are Americans gone nuts, finally?” But the eventual confirmation of his Presidency will not far-fetched to all those who are so much soaked into reality TV (a post 2007-invention) that they really want to cheer for some celebrity.

    Why, according to Donald Trump’s own admission, even Kanye West wants to aim for the Presidency. If these knuckle-draggers really are succeeding, this means the whole US political apparatus is finally about to collapse. It’s like watching Imperial Rome in its last days, the Presidential debates resemble a gladiatorial contest, no-one really cares which clown gets to wear the crown.

    I feel the only explanation for Donald’s Trump’s triumph (pun unintended) is that his douchebag behavior resonates with a large demographic of the US population; by my estimate, 46.8% of Americans must be complete, psychopathic douchebags to vote the Donald up: all the yuppies, skateboarders, pot-addicts, slutty females, corporate scumbags, rappers PUA con men like Tucker Max and Roosh (I just cannot stop myself from taking a dig at him :)) –

    Yes, Siree, you have to admit America has got a big douchebag problem, it probably started as a joke when douchebags like Tom Cruise gained mainstream acceptance (that guy I believe is up there in the pantheon of douchebaggery along with The Donald). Now we’re living in times when the whole goddamn country is overrun with douchebags. And American media houses and Hollywood douchebags are now exporting this narcissistic, pathological behavior worldwide.

    Ever seen the movie, “Entourage”? It’s on a level that only Donald Trump would understand. I pity for the future of our children with whackjobs like the Donald in control of things like nuke buttons and US dollars.

  3. It is demographically impossible for a conservative to win. There are now more self described liberals then conservatives. The last possible chance that a conservative had to win was 2012. It is possible that if we have 2008 economic conditions, a right of center candidate might win, but that would be so disastrous that Obama wouldn’t allow the election to be held to begin with.

    At the conclusion of Hillary’s second term, for all intents and purposes, there will be no United States of America. If you were to purchase a globe, you would see the North American land mass, but there would be no verbal description of what you were looking at. After Hillary comes Conye. The upshot is that Western civilization will disappear and the American Indian will reclaim this continent, as their prophets long predicted.

    1. How will the savages survive? After a century and a half of getting cradle-to-grave life-support from America’s civilization, I’d say they’re well and truly domesticated, and couldn’t survive if America returned to the wild.

      And that’s even assuming America will be ALLOWED back to the wild. As much as we pretend or WANT America to take place in a vacuum, the rest of the world DOES exist, and fucks with us. If America collapses, whether there’s a blank on the map or not, China or Russia WILL takeover. Sure, they’ll boot the Mexican scum out, but anyone surviving WILL be under their control, and those survivors will get to experience WHY America spent 70-some years trying to keep that shit contained!

    2. The one good thing from that, though, is that the victorious Liberals will left-handedly admit they were at least partly incorrect, “Gee, the American Conservatives should’ve fought harder to keep America OURS!”

      If they went for an admission of guilt, I’d expect a year or so of imitating a car before electric starters, “We were wr-wr-wr-wr-wr…We were wr-wr-wr-wr”, etc. Ditto for “The Conservatives were r-r-r-r-r-r…”
      After all, living under Conservative rules don’t FEEL good, but it’s a Hell of a lot better than being slaves to a foreign oppressor!

    3. TLDR: America’s fallen to this Level BECAUSE OF left-wing policies, doing what FEELS good, doing what’s best for the self-proclaimed “victims” instead of doing what’s best for the COUNTRY!

      We need to go back to what WORKS, even if hard work and sacrifice isn’t as catchy as “Yes We Can”.

      And no matter how much HOPE you had, CHANGE is all you had left–remember, the Bum said it was going to TRANSFORM America, not RESTORE it, and this has been a most gangrenous “transformation”!
      This cannot be allowed to stand. We must fix ourselves before other countries–or our own worst excesses–finish us off!

  4. Dear Robert

    The US is not really sui generis. It is simply the largest Western and English-speaking country in the world. In every Western country today there is some combination of political correctness and neo-liberalism. Also, in most Western countries there are now anti-immigration parties. In one case, Switzerland, the leader of the anti-immigration party is also a billionaire. The founder and leader of the SVP (Schweizerische Volkspartei) is Christoph Bloch, a man worth billions. He is not as crude and narcissistic as Trump, but his policies aren’t all that different from those of Trump.

    Regards. James

      1. Don’t be so parochial. Switzerland is one of the best countries in the world, and the Swiss have won more Noble Prizes than anybody else if we take population into account.

        1. The 2 countries that received the largest number of real Nazis after WWII were Canada and the US.

          That fact doesn’t surprise me. Isn’t it a double standard though, to kill the ones who were of no use to the Cold War or space program, while saving the others, when they all approved of death camps etc..

        2. Don’t forget Mexico and Argentina! They take in anyone and protect them from international law, but for some reason, Brazil gets all the press for that, because they don’t even PRETEND to have extradition!

        3. It IS a double standard to kill useless enemies and take in the useful, but it’s not a BAD double-standard. Kind of like how businesses only hire useful people–and indeed, our COUNTRY used to only take in the useful? “Indiscriminate” used to be an insult.

          Why not make use of our enemies, if we can, rather than just kill them and throw it all away? You KNOW Russia did, and even made use of thieves–to steal our nuclear secrets! China actually has SCHOOLS for hackers, rather than making it illegal and pretending it doesn’t happen. Why doesn’t America do something like that?

      2. One of the lowest crime rates, and unemployment rates in the world, for one thing, and for another, the only Government willing to tell Moslems to stop building their damn Mosques and ruining the skyline. The Moslems were GOING to push the issue, but then remembered the WHOLE COUNTRY has MANDATORY military service, and are legally forced to buy the gun they used while in the military.

        Upshot: The terrorists smiled, nodded and backed off, with or without the obligatory, “JOKING! We were just JOKING!”

    1. Did you ever consider his policies–crude or not–are how he GOT to be a billionaire? And maybe he wants to keep violent thieves out of Switzerland so his BILLIONS will STAY worth something?

      It’s not good to be the King, if your country’s on fire, and the savages really ARE revolting on more than the olfactory Level!

  5. Trump has charisma and personality (Clinton, Shwarzenegger, Reagan) which all that is needed to win.

    However, as far as morals go, it will be hard for the religious right to justify him. I’m sure this rich guy loves porn, hookers to his heart’s content (and can afford it), and it woukldn’t be easy to prove it. Despite this fact, I’m sure Mike Huckabee will find some way to white-wash him.

  6. Sorry meant to say ” I’m sure this rich guy (Trump) loves porn, hookers to his heart’s content (and can afford it), and it would be easy to prove it.”

  7. Trump is a “legal to be president” Shwarzenegger. What are the odds you can beat a charasmatic, alpha male maniac? Slim.

    However, it might still be possible to portray him as an idiot, if he goes against the establishment too much. They did it to billonare Ross Perot.

    1. They threatened his family, not “portrayed him as an idiot”.

      The Bum is an idiot on par with beauty pageant contestants, claiming to have campaigned in all 50 States–and still have 7 left to go–but that’s OK, right?

      Or when it said “My MOSLEM Faith” and some aid interjects “Christian” and we all had to pretend it never said “MOSLEM” in the first place?
      Or claiming we have no STEM graduates in America, we have to import them with incompatible culture?
      Or claiming that letting savages who broke in and bred on this side of the border would NOT keep thugs in America? Where did he think the MEXICAN or MS-13 thugs came from, a cursed Cabbage Patch?

      Or the wife’s even MORE open contempt for American history?
      “First time in my adult life I am proud of this country”–for electing her idiot husband!
      Or “It’s Just A Damn Flag”?
      Or forcing starvation on our schoolchildren?
      Far Cry from Nancy Reagan and “Just Say No”, right? Actually FORCING her Will on our vulnerable children!

  8. The things that make it possible to elect Trump are all the other potential candidates. He is the only one out there who shows any concern for our main national problem.

    At the same time, I don’t see the slate of Trumpist candidates that would enable him to do much for good or for ill. At the same election that could make him president, one-third of the Senate and all of the House could be replaced. If all these replacements aligned with Trump, they could make far-reaching changes. IF and IF.

    Consider this: if we got rid of forty million immigrants who take twenty-five million jobs, they would take maybe five million jobs with them. Twenty million jobs would open up for young and other low-skilled persons. Black people would take a disproportionate number of those jobs, which persons with master’s and PhD’s would often put their noses up at.

    Five to ten million dwellings would be vacated, putting downward pressure on rents. Traffic would thin out. Lines at food banks would become shorter as immigrants wouldn’t be in them , nor would many persons who now had jobs.

    ESL and Spanish classes would be reduced in number and general ed classes to a lesser extent. Much of the money saved would be pissed away on football and teachers’ benefits. Still, things like school music programs could be revived. Bonded debts could be paid down.

    I don’t think Black people are blind to this. That’s why Trump’s numbers with black people are so good. I suspect that among those who don’t have a felony record, those who have a vote, the proportion is even higher.

    1. Jason Y is always shitposting?

      How about this one?

      “I hate neegers faggeets, gueeers and jooos. ”


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