Russia Intervenes in Syria to Stop ISIS and Al Qaeda, America Enraged


It’s hard to imagine a more depraved, wicked and vile foreign policy than US foreign policy in Syria. The bottom line is that the US, along with Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Canada, is supporting Al Qaeda and ISIS against the Syrian government.

Our policy in Syria is also completely insane. We are bombing ISIS, although the bombing does not hurt them very much. But at the same time, the US and its allies have waged all out war on the two main groups that have fought the hardest against Al Qaeda and ISIS – the Kurdish militias and the Syrian state. The greatest successes against ISIS have been by the Syrian government and the Kurdish militias.

So we are:

Bombing ISIS ineffectually.


Waging all out war on ISIS’ biggest adversaries.

Does that bullshit even make sense?

The US spends $1 billion/year supplying advanced weaponry to what amounts to Al Qaeda.

Here is what happens.

  1. US gives weapons to fake “moderate” rebels who don’t even exist.
  2. Vast majority of weapons given to fake moderate rebels end up in the hands of Al Qaeda.
  3. US looks the other way.
  4. Return to Step 1 above.

The US is fully aware that most our weapons are going to Al Qaeda, but we don’t care because US policy in Syria is that we will support anybody, and I mean anybody, to overthrow the Syrian government. The US also gives a lot of weaponry to Turkey, Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabian representatives in Turkey and to Jordan inside Jordan. Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait then give the weapons directly to Al Qaeda with no intermediaries involved.

We know full well that after we give these countries’ reps our weapons, they immediately give them to Al Qaeda, but we don’t care for the above mentioned reason.

Bottom line is the US is supporting Al Qaeda in Syria and we have been from Day One. It’s hard to think of a scummy and filthy foreign policy that supporting Al Qaeda, but that’s exactly what we are doing. It is absolutely disgusting.

Turkey, on the other hand, appears to be directly supplying and harboring ISIS. Every day, scores of trucks containing ISIS forces, supplies and weapons head across the Turkish border heading straight for ISIS territory. The Turks simply wave them on through. Furthermore, Turkey serves as a huge rear base for ISIS where they have training camps, de facto bases, rest and recreation areas, medical facilities and supply depots for supplies and weapons. Turkey has done absolutely nothing whatsoever to shut down ISIS’ rear base areas inside Turkey. Bottom line is Turkey is ISIS’ biggest supporter. The US knows this and does nothing whatsoever about it.

So the US is:

Ineffectually bombing ISIS


Waging all out war on ISIS’ worst opponents


Leaving ISIS vast rear base area intact.

So in a roundabout way, we are actually backing ISIS in Syria by allowing our ally to set aside a huge rearguard area for ISIS and winking and looking the other way while our ally allows forces, supplies and weaponry to resupply ISIS across the Turkish border.

I am not sure if we really want ISIS to conquer Syria. I would say we would not want that. Of course, the Israelis, the worst humans on Earth, would be ecstatic if ISIS took power in Syria, but who cares what the Jews think about anything?

Instead, I think we would like to weaken ISIS enough to keep them from conquering Syria, while at the same time not allowing them to be completely defeated so they can remain strong enough to serve as a major opponent to the Syrian regime. Putin says the US does not want to see ISIS defeated in Syria. As usual, Putin is 10

Now Russia is intervening, quite possibly with a large military force, because it figures there is no way they are going to sit back and let Syria fall to Al Qaeda and ISIS. So Russia is intervening in Syria to try to deliver a massive blow to Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria. The US is absolutely enraged that anyone is trying to defeat our jihadi pals who we are arming in a roundabout way.

How dare anyone try to defeat Al Qaeda and ISIS! The American government will not stand for such an outrage!

The US says Russian involvement will fuel the conflict and make peace difficult. But the main fueling of the conflict is coming from the US and our slimy allies Jordan, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Canada and Turkey.

There is a vast problem with a peace settlement. The US and all the other disgusting countries above say that the armed Syrian rebels have to be guaranteed a position in the Syrian government. But that cannot be allowed to happen because the Syrian rebels are simply Al Qaeda and ISIS. All of the so-called moderate groups are fighting as part of a military unit that is led by Al Qaeda. So all of the moderate rebels are more or less Al Qaeda right now. The plan of the US and its loathsome allies above is apparently to force Assad to share power with what amounts to Al Qaeda. You heard that right. We want Al Qaeda to run Syria. How insane is that?

Al Qaeda and ISIS or anyone associated with them cannot be allowed to share power with Assad in Syria. Assad does have a plan to allow the sane opposition (which is not armed) to share power in the government along with Parliamentary elections in which the sane election is allowed to participate. The US and its partners in crime have nixed this plan because it doesn’t allow Al Qaeda to join the Syrian government.

Sometimes I wonder if reality is even real because actual existing reality seems so crazy that it could only be fiction. It seems too nuts to be real.

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0 thoughts on “Russia Intervenes in Syria to Stop ISIS and Al Qaeda, America Enraged”

  1. Well, remember, the Al-Assad Government is also supporting terrorists, PLUS is starving any of ITS OWN PEOPLE who don’t vote for it!

    Unless you believe that ridiculous Website that said Assad let its own civilians starve because Global Warming?

    Read this, then headdesk at the Illiberal Left of this modern too-surreal-to-be-believed trainwreck of a world.

    Ironically, this dovetails nicely with my own outrage last month over PUTIN claiming to be the defender of Christianity in the world!

    Did somehow America and Russia switch batons? Russia is now supporting tyranny to STOP terrorism, and America is supporting terrorism to force democracy…

  2. Dear Robert

    Is Bashar al-Assad more liberal than the opposition? He certainly is. Is the opposition more democratic than Bashar al-Assad? They certainly are not. So, why should friends of liberty and democracy not prefer Bashar al-Assad? Don’t you get it? Bashar is a friend of the Hitlerite monster in the Kremlin. Just think of that! How can any decent human being have any sympathy for or give any support to someone who chooses to be friends with Vladimir Putin? It just isn’t on. He has to go. No mercy for friends of the devil.

    Regards. James

  3. You are absolutely right, Sir. We are arming the very people who stand the best chance of undoing our nation-building exercise in Iraq. It’s beginning to look as though victory (no matter how one might define it) is no longer an actual, but merely a publicly stated, war aim of The United States of America. That leaves only the perpetuation and proliferation of war as an alternative aim in actuality; even though nobody would ever say that out loud in public. But don’t worry too much, Sir. The madness will end shortly after we put boots on the ground in Iran. After all, we are not Genghis Khan and our troops are hardly The Golden Horde. Otherwise those boots would’ve already been on the ground in The Crimea. Insanity, indeed.

  4. The real war aim of the United States government is continual war to further enrich the corporations and distract the attention of the American peoples (there are more than one) from their intended impoverishment and genocide.

    1. That would explain our ridiculous ROE on our troops, and even punishing troops who give terrorists a fat lip, much less end our enemies.
      You know people say all kinds of bad shit about Blackwater/Xie/etc., but they forget conveniently that they were “good enough” for Clinton to hire them as her personal bodyguards, and they fight smarter — even EFFECTIVELY, which is the highest praise you can give nowadays!

  5. Sometimes (America?) supports the Sunni Arab. Sometimes
    America supports the Shia Persian. Egypt will end the currant crisis because they are slated to become great again. Donald Trump won’t obtain his objectives of “making America great.” America will become a parking lot. God will restore Egypt and Iran again. A greater quality of life will be had in Luxor Egypt, then N.Y.C. Egypt and Iran will become world powers. (Israel will be aligned with

    And Iran will rule it’s section of the Middle East. Abruptly, Iran will attack Egypt, triggering the Battle Of Armagadden, and the Second Coming of Christ. Read more at the Associates For Scriptural Knowledge website.

    1. I find it strangely reassuring and chilling at the same time, your Biblical fatalism. Kind of like a comforting nursery-rhyme held in a minor key.

      I agree that Iran’s belligerence will be a BIG part of WWIII.
      And America becoming a parking lot kinda is inevitable after the Bum announced to the WORLD we are no longer a Christian country, and didn’t get ousted for it.

      As to a greater quality of life than NYC, given how much of the world’s degenerates NYC takes in and celebrates, and how overcrowded NYC is, that’s damning by faint praise! NYC has allegedly 26 MILLION people — 2½ times the population of SWEDEN — and most of them are Blacks, Mexicans and/or Moslem terrorists. There’s a REASON DiBlasio is called the “Anti-Cop Mayor” and has been bitched out for undoing most of the progress attributed to Guliani in clearing the city of crime.

      Why would God restore Iran, though? The Moslem Cult is the ENEMY of Christianity. Egypt, I could see, the military went against the terrorist “government” the Bum helped bring to power, and kicked out the literally rapacious Moslem Brotherhood scum.

      Iran and Russia would no longer be a problem if the Bum hadn’t yanked our anti-nuke defense shield we were building in Poland. Kinda left Poland in the wind in front of angry Russia? Like I said, stabbing allies in the back to curry favor with enemies.

  6. This is not about democrwcy. It never is.

    oil. pipelined. power. control.
    assad refused a quatari pipeline. war on syria
    libya: qaddafi wantrd to set up an african golf-backed currency to sell oil and provide loans. war on libya ( gold stolen.
    agghanistan: pipeline routr from central asia: cia heroin dealing. war
    iraq: hussein tried to sell europe oil in €. war
    WMSM:lies, propaganda, double evil
    Russia, China, Iran: economic development and peaceful progress
    Anglo-Zionist-saudi-gcc petrodollar system: war and death, 2+2=5, betrayal, deceit

    Pray. Evil must be stopped.

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