Change in Comments Rules Regarding the Case of Donald Trump

This is a socialist website and generally we do not allow too many rightwingers on here. They can post, but they are closely monitored and often they are on moderation. Most of them leave sooner or later or get banned.

Part of the Comments Rules is that you cannot support the Republican Party over the Democratic Party. You cannot attack the Democratic Party from the right. You cannot praise the Libertarian or Republican vis a vis the Democrats in a partisan fashion.

I am going to moderate these rules somewhat and allow my commenters to support Donald Trump. I do not think much of Trump. He is just another rightwinger to me.  I went over and looked at his policies and I do not like them. Standard rightwing claptrap down the line. However, I do support him on trade, immigration, and taxes. He’s pretty much running as a rightwing populist. Rightwing populism is troublesome given its history and typical trajectory, but I am finding it hard to see how a rightwing populist could be worse than what we have now. Sometimes I pick up the paper and read some of Trump’s positions and think, “My God! Trump’s running as a socialist!” And in a way, he is. Trump and Sanders are a lot more alike than either one wants to admit.

I am not happy at all about the prospect of a Trump Presidency, but I think I might survive. At any rate, even though I do not want him to win, he is sufficiently less awful than almost all other Republicans that I think it is a reasonable though lamentable choice to support him.

So go ahead and support Trump, but try to do so in a nonpartisan fashion please. Don’t make it like Republicans = good, Democrats = evil. It’s pretty sad that Trump is a reasonable choice for a lot of working class people, but that shows you just how sick and stupid our politics have become.

Bottom line is that support for Trump is the exception to the Comments Rules.

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50 thoughts on “Change in Comments Rules Regarding the Case of Donald Trump”

  1. It’s pretty sad that Trump is a reasonable choice for a lot of working class people, but that shows you just how sick and stupid our politics have become.

    In a sane country, Donald Trump wouldn’t be considered a viable candidate. But alas, our current elites are avaricious, disloyal, venal, and craven to the point that someone like Trump is regarded as some kind of messiah.

    As for me, I’m supporting Bernie Sanders. My thinking is that a Democrat winning the presidency is a foregone conclusion; Trump cannot sustain his current mojo for the duration of an entire campaign, and Jeb Bush is simply uninspiring. And, of course, I don’t even need to mention that current demographics have almost rendered the Republicans unelectable.

    So given that a Democrat is going to win, there’s going to be some measure of pro-immigration, feminism, gay rights, etc. But with Sanders – who stands in sharp contrast to neoliberal Hillary Clinton – you’ll at least get far better economic policies. Not to mention that on immigration, Sanders is far more sane than most of the left; he’s even taken shit from Vox because of his opposition to open borders.

    I hope that Sanders wins, but if not, I’m going for Trump. Either way, I’m sick of the same Washington insiders and elites.

    1. But BAG, you mentioned onyour blog multiple times that you are critical of Jewish rule. Isnt Sanders a Jew?

      1. First of all, there’s a world’s worth of difference between “Jewish rule” and a single Jewish politician such as Bernie Sanders. Barack Obama is our current president, but that doesn’t mean we’re currently living under “black rule.”

        Second, on my blog I have never claimed that Jews run the US or that we live under Jewish rule. I am certainly critical of disproportionate Jewish influence and am critical of the intentions of various Jewish multiculturalists. However, I nevertheless think that mainly blaming Jews for the West’s current malaise is a cop-out.

        Also, Sanders is more critical of open borders than your average Jewish public figure (or gentile for that matter). From what I’ve observed, Sanders doesn’t intend to implement any Jewish agenda.

        Now if someone like Chuck Schumer were running for president, that would be another story!

  2. He who literally describes himself as “The Brand”–a socialist? The Brand who pretended to fire people who pretended to work for him–a reasonable choice for working class people? The number one practitioner of Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation in the land today–more like Sanders than either would admit? When do the socialist-sponsored mass deportations begin? Oops. They called that one The Holodomor; didn’t they? Perhaps you do have a point.

    1. Look Coleslaw, I am going to ban you. You can’t just come here and disagree with everything I say like this. That’s called being a “hostile commenter.” Now a lot of the regs disagree with me a lot, but they do it in a friendly like if one of my friends was disagreeing me.

      What you are doing is not ok. I can see that you are a liberal. I have more trouble with liberals than with anyone else on this site. I really think they hate me more than any other group around. I don’t have any worse enemies than liberals and Leftists.

      1. I have agreed with you twice so far. If you give me more to agree with, then I will agree with you more often. Disagreement is not hatred. And you know it. A fair number of your original posts feature heaping portions of open hostility. And you don’t care about it. So, I still refuse to believe that your sensibilities even could be as delicate as you profess them to be.

        1. You’re a liberal, right? Or even a Leftist? You guys give me more shit than everyone else combined. The amount of sheer hate I get from the liberal/Left has to be seen to be believed. Everyone else pretty much leaves me alone. Even most rightwingers leave me alone except for a few Libertarians.

          I don’t really get it because I see myself also on the liberal/Left. I believe they think that I betrayed the cause.

          I unbanned you because you agreed with me.

        2. I am Fellow Worker X341844 of Industrial Union 440 of the One Big Union The Industrial Workers of the World. However, my dues are very much in arrears.

  3. Until BLM took over one of Sanders’ rallies, I was hoping for a Trump/Sanders ticket. It’s a matter of priorities, of getting together on things you can agree on and putting off opposing each other while you deal with more important matters.

    The Holodomor was starving Ukrainians through crop seizure, not mass deportations. Those came later.

    1. Yes, Russia is fucking the Ukranians, which is why they want independence. Who will stop them if not America?
      For over 70 years, America has been the only one with the POWER and the WILL to enforce peace around the globe. Anyone else with the WILL doesn’t have the power (And doesn’t have the WILL to BUILD UP that Level of power wink!), and the only other two countries who HAVE the power — are the ones causing the problems around the world in the first place!

      Look up the overthrow of legit PEACEFUL Capitalist Governments, from Africa to South America, you’ll find Russian and Chinese hands in it!

    2. The forced resettlement of successful farmers known as kulaks began in 1929 and were a significant contributing cause of the famine that started in 1932. There are exactly two differences between forced resettlement versus mass deportation: the letters and the phonemes.

  4. Did you ever see the film “All The King’s Men,” about Hewey Long?”
    “Every man a king. Every man a king. Every man a millionare.”
    What the did to Long, they will do to Trump.

  5. Well, look what Sanders is offering as to illegals and those lawless immigration policies:
    Stop the deportation machine separating families
    End the 34,000 bed mandates
    End the 287(g) program racially profiling immigrants and people of color
    Defund the overblown and ineffective Department of Homeland Security
    Incorporate voices of undocumented immigrants who are directly impacted by the policy
    Broaden the protections for undocumented LGBTQ communities
    Provide much needed help for unaccompanied children who fled the extreme violence and poverty.
    Expand health-care coverage for undocumented immigrants who are excluded from the Affordable Care Act.

    These points, if implemented, would help illegals get MORE undeserved access to America’s resources and Government–and finish off whatever is left of America as a NON-Third World Shithole!
    Especially “incorporate voices of the illegals directly impacted by policies”–really? Let CRIMINALS tell us what our policies against crime should be?
    Robert recently said he doesn’t know if reality is real anymore, and after reading a suggestion like that OUTSIDE of comedy blogs like ONION, I don’t blame him!

  6. Would be interested to see an PUA analysis of candidates vis-a-vis what they might be able to accomplish given the sclerotic nature of the 3 branches. The thing that interests me about Trump is he might have game. Is anybody else willing to do whatever it takes to fuck Congress and the courts and yet do it just inside the law?

  7. Some of his comments make him sound more like Ron Paul than a socialist candidate. Nontheless, I doubt if Robert has good things to say about Ron Paul. Ron Paul is definitely NOT a socialist by any stretch of the imagination.

  8. Maybe it’s because I’m fatalistic and there are 35 million Canadians north of the U.S. and 600 million Latin Americans to the south, that the immigration issue doesn’t bother me that much.
    That said I find Trump’s proposition of building a wall and having Mexico build it laughably ridiculous.
    If someone were serious about stemming the flow immigrants from the south the answer is not the arrest and deportation of poor brown people, but the arrest and long prison sentences for the wealthy people hiring them.
    Make CEO’s and business owners responsible for their hiring practices.

    1. I don’t have any stats on this, but I’m willing to bet that ten years in Leavenworth for the head of HR of Foster Farms would cause a hundred illegals to leave and another thousand not to come here. We’d still have to arrest and deport some of them, though.

    2. Makes sense. The late comedian George Carlin said the same for drug dealers. If they would only arrest the bankers laundering the money, then it would all stop.

        1. It would be trivially easy to buy commercially available off-the-shelf anti-aircraft solutions and equip them with electro-optical automated fire control systems for the interception of man-sized targets. A domestically sourced product could employ many people in the Congressional district of your choice.

  9. I still stand by the fact the US started NAFTA and similar treaties, and they’re responsible for driving illegal immigration Where were these immigrants in the 70s? There were far less of them, and it was far easier to cross the border. So who are the bad guys here?

    1. Many on here are saying Latinos just suddenly decided to invade without a reason, that free trade had nothing to do with it.

      1. Free trade or not, people will always move from poor countries to rich. Wouldn’t matter if there was a NAFTA or not, Mexico will always be poorer than the United States due to differences in human capital, culture of corruption, etc. When we give out birthright citizenship, free education, section 8, food stamps, health care to anyone illegally here that has a child on US territory, that is only going to sweeten the deal. As Europeans are finding out, mass immigration + socialism is a recipe for disaster.

        1. Kid gets Medicaid if he is poor, otherwise he gets no medical care. Woman gets WIC for her and the kid. Woman gets welfare but it’s only for the kid, not her, so it’s real cheap. Kids don’t get food stamps. They are for adults only. Kids can’t rent apartments. Only adults can.

  10. Man, socialist?

    I can’t believe that for a second.

    Do you realize that 95% of soft-leftists reading this blog would assume that you are right wing, or far right wing?

    In the new American socialist utopia – you can’t talk about race, DNA etc. The ‘truth’ there whatever it may be, may contradict the social view of equality, and it can’t be spoken of. There are no differences between us, by definition. If you were to bring any of this stuff up at a leftists dinner table, you’d be immediately banned from the group.

    You realize Janet Napolitano, former Head of Homeland Security is now Dean at Cali UC system has banned the terms: ‘The job should go to the best candidate’ and ‘America is a place where anyone can get ahead’ – because of the perceived slights against visible minorities who ostensibly have had the same choice? This is the new Orwellian socialism. To even declare that ‘the job should go the best candidate’ will get you fired. Now at UC Cali, coming to Corporate America very soon.

    And the PUA stuff? Ok – I get it – it’s extremely interesting from an intellectual point of view, isn’t it – but 99% of popular leftists would view this stuff as total misogynist creep show – i.e. treating women like objects to be acquired? PUA is essentially ‘right wing’ to any left wing female – it fully embodies the resentment they have towards men. It’s the most anti-feminist thing you can do! Also – I do agree that PUA is very interesting because it’s ‘what works’ (i.e. what women like instead of what they say they like) and it’s frankly a little hypocritical that they say they don’t like it (your bits about womanizer alludes to this). It’s 100% frat-boy creep show to most girls, and kryptonite to feminists, who are all left wing.

    Anyhow – it’s funny that you think that you’re a socialist, because 90% of socialists would not agree with you, given your writing. Maybe you are in the academic / Frankfurt school or something along those lines, but practically / popularly – no way man. The popular leftist narrative can’t deal with many of the simple truths you point at daily because it antagonizes their ideological narrative.

    FYI – I was Googling about the new ‘human species’ discovered in S. America a few days ago, and links to your site popped up among a pile of Stormfront links. Yes: Stormfront. That’s how ‘left wing’ your stuff is? 🙂

    Anyhow – this is a really great blog, a lot of truth-bombs in here, the world needs this, please keep it up.

    1. I am socialist on economics and really on most other stuff. I took a survey recently and I came out 88% Democrat, 12% Republican.

      I get where you are coming from though. Most Lefties absolutely despise me. Liberal/Leftists absolutely hate my guts. I can’t put into words how much hate they have for me. You wouldn’t even believe it. OTOH, rightwingers more or less leave me alone or even link to me sometimes.

      I am fairly rightwing or at least moderate on a lot of social issues. I go over to conservative and rightwing sites and I just do not fit in there at all. None of that stuff resonates with me at all, even 1%. Maybe I am moderate on race, gender and whatnot. And I HATE modern feminism. It’s cancer.

      I used to hang out in leftwing political circles and I was a member of some groups that could best be described as the left wing of the Democratic Party – they were set up by Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda. I guess some of those women were feminists, but let me tell you, I got so much pussy in those circles, you would not even believe it. They would even pass me around like candy, share me with their friends, etc. It was insane. Leftwing chicks like to screw and they like cock. They may say one thing, but they’re just women at the end of the day. A lot of “feminists” just want a hard cock. They are rather conflicted about this, but it’s all true.

  11. Trump in my mind is a male version of Sarah Palin. An utterly vapid, intellectually vacuous candidate with little wisdom or knowledge of what’s going on in the world. I could not see Trump being intensely question on various international issues and having anything intelligent to say. The few times he has given answers he’s revealed himself as a bumbling moron. GW Bush seemed like a goddamned foreign policy expert by comparison. When are people going to grow up in this country and realize that a guy that makes feel-good statements that appeal to your instincts doesn’t necessary mean they would make good presidents? How many times do we have to elect tough-talking morons to office before we learn our lesson?

    Why exactly is this guy qualified to be president? Because he’s rich and owns hotels and is popular enough to be on TV? How does this translate to being a potentially good president? Why not make Mark Zuckerberg president? He’s even richer than Trump and even more popular.

    1. Who is Zuckerberg popular with? Do those people vote? How many times do we have to elect people who don’t even try to work on our real problems?

  12. “When are people going to grow up in this country and realize that a guy that makes feel-good statements that appeal to your instincts doesn’t necessary mean they would make good presidents?”

    I agree. Yes, we can! Hope and change!

  13. Being intellectually gifted in 2015 is a statutory crime. Robert Lindsay, people like you are a DYING BREED.

    I just spent over two hours on a popular YouTube channel in a mud-slinging match with today’s Tinder generation. It all started over a disapproving comment I made on a profoundly dumb movie that was recommended to me by YouTube (thankfully, I have now readjusted my settings). Every amateur hack nowadays aspires to be and qualifies as a celebrity YouTube director.

    This video in question was simply atrocious – no plot, no direction, cliches galore and a lousy, imbecilic ending, did I waste 7 minutes of my precious life watching this unoriginal drivel? That’s exactly what I wrote in the comments section. Turns out the whole video channel enjoys a cult-like popularity among the author’s known friends and followers (mostly teens) and I was immediately caught in a flame war with angry teens. Mostly nasty, abusive name-calling who simply turned the heat back on me. A lot of hate mails and comments followed in defense of the imbecilic YouTube channel-owner. Evidently the lack of censorship means foaming at the mouth, trolls can now take over the Internet with no consequences.

    I would have ignored this whole affair but I have a not very popular YouTube channel which is my private domain that I like to share with friends and family. It’s been only 24 hours and there were nearly 100 replies to my comment. The vile accusations on my parenthood were the last straw but really there’s no way you can take on an army of dedicated trolls. So I did the best thing which was to turn off the tap. Luckily, YouTube has an amazing feature where if you delete your own comment, all replies are automatically erased. Indeed, 100 less stupid comments on the Internet will make it a slightly saner place. I have also BLOCKED the YouTube channel owner and a few of his foot soldiers. Let them rejoice at my exit from the battle-field.

    Seriously, what’s wrong with today’s generation? They can’t have a proper conversation without illogical arguments.

    Robert, considering you’re older, you must be feeling this problem way more than I do. I mean you’re someone who lived it up in the 70s and 80s – I’m sure the average person back then was FAR LESS stupid than they’re now. I’m sure back then mediocrity in any field was a crime punishable by death.

    1. Thankfully, I’m not alone in my observations. The world is increasingly becoming a stupider place. The predictions made in the movie – Idiocracy (2006) are finally coming alive.

      Are we becoming more STUPID? IQ scores are decreasing – and some experts argue it’s because humans have reached their intellectual peak. Couldn’t agree more.

      –> IQs have largely increased since the 1930s thanks to better living conditions and education – a trend known as the Flynn effect
      Read – Each generation past the baby boomers well until the late 90s and early new millennium, has created the foundation of our modern civilization with technology and cultural innovations. Now we’re headed on a downward spiral, a blackhole of stupidity. Facebook was the peak of human civilization – a unique social media platform which allows anyone to interact with and exchange emotional rapport !

      –>But IQ test results suggest people in the UK, Denmark and Australia have become less intelligent in the past decade

      –> Opinion is divided as to whether the downwards trend is long-term Read – It is
      –> Some studies have shown the average IQ of Westerners has plunged 10 points or more since Victorian times and others claim it will keep decreasing Yes, maybe 20 points in the case of countries like India
      –> But other experts argue that even if wee are becoming more stupid, better healthcare and technology means the ‘problem’ will regulate itself.
      Read – Stupid people are breeding more while the Robert Lindsays of the world opt out of parenting 🙂

      This graph is interesting, the sign of end times. Compared to the start of the new millennium, the global average IQ will have already dipped 5 points by 2020, and 2 points per decade.

      Now some experts believe we are starting to see the end of the Flynn effect in developed countries – and that IQ scores are not just levelling out, but declining.

      Scientists including Dr Flynn think better education can reverse the trend and point out the perceived decline could just be a blip. However, other scientists are not so optimistic.

      Some believe the Flynn effect has masked a decline in the genetic basis for intelligence, so that while more people have been reaching their full potential, that potential itself has been declining.

      LOL. I’m gonna use that line in a debate. Couldn’t have worded it better.

      Some have even contentiously said this could be because educated people are deciding to have fewer children, so that subsequent generations are largely made up of less intelligent people.

      There Robert, that’s referring to people like you who selfishly chose not to have kids.

      It has previously been claimed that quick-witted people have fast reactions and Dr Woodley’s study showed people’s reaction times have slowed over the century – the equivalent to one IQ point per decade.

      LOL. That was funny as hell – reaction times.

      Also, some of the comments are real funny

      People are thicker as it has become easier to survive.


      No its because people have gone brain dead by wasting all their time on stupid crap like facebook. Read more books.

      Agree with him.

      If you want a docile population who will keep working despite low pay and heavy taxation, then 1) Feed them inane 24-hour TV reality shows and pretend content-free documentaries, 2) Give everyone social media, tweets,and instant but shallow knowledge on the Internet, 3) Ensure homes are too small for books 4) Get employers to hire on compliancy and to fear creativity in case the boss is outshone, 5) Discourage face-to-face social interaction in case real discussions get going, and make everyone isolated in reality but well connected on computer. What kind of country would do that to its people???

      Beautifully expressed.

      More such articles on dumb and dumber generations

      Dumb and Dumber: Study Says Humans Are Slowly Losing Their Smarts
      Random mutations in genes related to human intellect might be making us dumber.

      Mutation in genes? That’s an interesting theory too.

    2. Only al lah can you help. Turn to al lah and he will guide you to India. There in the land of India with the help of al lah you can turn to Mecca and pray.

      Inshallah you will find the way.

    3. Back then mediocrity in any field was a crime punishable by death. The average person back then was less stupid than they are now and that was because of the punishment of death for mediocrity back then was death.

      I remember back in those wonderful days of the seventies a boy got 99 percent in his mathematics paper and he was instantly killed by a mob of more gifted mathematicians who all got 100 percent in the same paper.

      At a mat making factory in the next village to this one a mat maker made a bad mat and he was instantly killed due to his mediocre mat making skills.

      Killing happened every day due to mediocrity. It was the way it was as you so correctly pointed out.

      I remember an ice cream sales team who missed their target and were instantly killed. The good old days. How we long for such days of merit and justice and no tolerance for mediocrity.

  14. Trump has a good chance of taking a lot of the democratic party’s non-white base, as well as some of the white one. Just as Reagan did back in the 80s, Trump will do the same.

    So what’s the chance that a Democratic nominee has a chance? Not much. Of course, I’m sure this scenario will lead to mass ethnic conflict and war overseas, so be prepared.

        1. Well, even ep-gah has to admit the environment does make a difference in some instances. If illegals are taking so many low skill jobs, then is it a wonder why uneducated blacks would turn to welfare or crime?

        2. Why not commit those crimes against the illegals that are causing the problem, instead of whites or Asians? OR start their own Negro Border Patrol League (I’m uncreative in thinking up names).

          If they can block off a shopping center over a dead thug, couldn’t they block the border for economic self-preservation?

          And since Blacks seem less…inhibited? over killing, why not kill the ones that are causing the problems instead of innocent victims?

      1. That poll doesn’t say what you think it says.

        Here is the question that was asked in the poll.
        Question 3: If you were voting today in your state’s primary or caucus election for the Republican nomination for president, and the candidates were, in alphabetical order, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump, for whom would you vote?”

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