You Will Never Understand Women Until You See Them As the Lower Animals That They Are

You have to realize that female sexuality itself is ugly, brutal, utterly amoral, and frequently cruel and even evil. That’s just Mother Nature speaking. Female sexuality operates on a very primitive, low and base level, and it is not a whole lot different from the behavior of lower animals, especially mammals. And that’s when females are acting civilized. When their behavior becomes particularly degraded, a human female isn’t even acting like a mammal anymore, more like something as low as a bird.

A human female’s sexual strategy is not that different from a female elephant seal or a female elk. It sounds sexist to say that, but it’s just true. And you will never understand female sexuality until you throw them off the pedestal and see them for the base mammals that they really are. I tell people that in order to understand female sexuality, you need to start thinking of human women as if they are female seals or female deer. If you put that raw mammalian lens on her and view her like that, suddenly all sorts of baffling, infuriating, irrational, bizarre and even vicious female behavior starts to make perfect sense.

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0 thoughts on “You Will Never Understand Women Until You See Them As the Lower Animals That They Are”

  1. Yeah, but Human Beings ARE variant forms of animals.
    Nothing should be “hurt” but our unrealistic expectations.

  2. We are all animals after all and we’re subject to the same universal laws of nature, no matter how high and mighty we humans think we are.

    1. Cockatoos are in sitting on a branch of a tall tree in my garden.
      Inside the meeting called to discuss fund raising efforts for the group “Brown people assisting Mongoloid Negrologists” rages on and on.
      The Cockatoos look at the humans.

  3. Two questions:
    1. How would you describe male sexuality then?
    2. Is this simply your opinion or are there studies to back this up? If this is opinion, then why do you say that “it’s just true” in your second paragraph?

    Genuinely curious and not understanding your logic.

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