The Meaning of the Female Blank, Frozen, Hypnotized, Robotic Stare

Once you get IOI or indication of interest from a woman, a lot of times you need to do something about it right then.

I remember once I was at this concert, and this relatively famous female rock star was walking away from the set. She was a punker dressed in all black leather. As soon as she saw me, she stopped dead in her tracks and froze like a zombie, gave me a blank robotic stare and appeared to be hypnotized. That is one of the most powerful signals any woman will ever give you. When you get it, it means “fuck me.” She wants you. She has a strong sexual or romantic interest that she wants to fulfill with you.

My friend said, “Hey Bob!” I just stood there like a moron and didn’t do anything. I think I was completely freaked out and almost frightened that this relatively famous female rock star was throwing herself at me like that.

She gave me maybe 10-15 seconds of freeze, and then she blew me off and started walking again, avoiding my gaze and ignoring me with an attitude of contempt. I kept looking at her all night and she never looked at me for one second the rest of the night.

This is not the first time that has happened, and I could give you some more examples. It’s almost always hotties or very goodlooking women who do this. Why the less attractive ones don’t do this, I have no idea. They open the window a bit, give you a chance, and if you don’t go for it somehow right then, you are gone, and they just blow you off permanently.

I think this is almost a shit test. She freezes and goes zombie for a bit, and if you are really Alpha, you will go right up to her immediately and engage her, preferably pretty aggressively. If you make no move, then you are a pussy wimp Beta, and she just blows you off.

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    1. When a female goes into that blank, robotic stare where her eyes lock onto yours intensely and won’t let go, it’s usually a pretty good thing. Tends to mean she wants to fuck. Maybe she’s even in love. I have been on the receiving end of this very odd stare quite a few times in my life, but it was never something that was happening all the time if i remember correctly.

      The Female Glued Eye-lock Trance is a sight to behold. They act as if they are under a spell, like a hypnotized person. Once you’ve experienced it a few times, you can spot it with deadly accuracy when it shows up again.

      But I must say it hardly happens anymore as I have gotten older.

      I can’t remember the last time I saw a woman turn into a hypnotized zombie towards me. Been quite a while.

  1. One way to get positive stares from women would be by dressing nice and maybe working out. Myself, I get very little attention from women, cause they find me odd and strange, gay retarded, you name it. 😆

  2. I’d bet anything you have the Sun in the 5th house. That explains your success with women! BTW, non-white men are more bold with women so they get more action.

  3. I’ve experienced this a few rare times myself and when it does happen you have to react right away. During my last year of high school my class was sent to a theater to see a play, I was sitting in the front row with my classmates and during the first scene the main actress while doing this intense dance number to Pink Floyd’s One Of These Days suddenly locked eyes with me for a noticable amount of time all while gyrating her hips, I thought I may have been hollucinating at that moment but then I noticed all my classmates on each side looking at me with a huge smile on their faces! Yeah it was more than just a casual look, it was that look and it’s a shame I couldn’t do anything about it because at the end of the play we were shoved right away back onto the bus and back to school! ever since then every time I hear that Pink Floyd song I’m reminded of that experience.

  4. This almost never happens to me. Though it has happened before. It’s just extremely rare. Especially now that I’m getting older. Even though I’m not a bad looking guy per se.

  5. If a female is annoyed or angry with you, she is never going to stare at you like a frozen hypnotized robot. Anytime a woman looks at you like she’s frozen in place, has been hit by a stun gun or her eyes are somehow glued onto yours and can’t get unstuck, that means one thing and one thing only: she’s sexually attracted to you. Ideally it means she wants you romantically or sexually, but it might not even mean that. It just means sexual attraction. Perhaps it is a sexual attraction that she not want to fulfill. After all, women have a right to be attracted to a man even though they don’t want to have sex with him.

  6. I’ve gotten this before, much more when I was younger, but it’s kinda like a date. You get one chance to get it right. It’s intimidating as fuck, because if it were a guy you’d be sizing them up for attack. The best way to deal is to stare back for a bit, then give a wink and approach them.

    1. Yes it is almost a shit test. I have gotten this stare before, I did nothing, and then she never looked at me again. It was as if I were not there. Apparently I blew my chance. You better move when you get a look like that.

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