Some Opinions on the PUA Acronyms

I do not think of myself as a PUA mostly because I cannot stand most of those guys. They make me want to vomit. I hate all their stupid fake lingo.

I hate when they talk to a woman they call it a “set.” I hate when they get a # or a date, they call it a “close.” I even hate that if a man has more than one woman at once, you refer to them as “plates.” I hate that they have concepts like “escalation,” and I hate that they call your male friends “wings.”

I hate terms like “day game” and “cold approach.”

They make it seem like football scrimmaging strategy, wargaming or board game strategy. It’s disgusting.

I am not really opposed to what these guys are doing. I just dislike the sleazy terms that they use.

It’s not a set when you talk to a woman, and you shouldn’t treat it like it is a scripted routine. That’s disgusting. She is a human being, believe it or not. Try to talk to her as one human being to another, not as part of some acting script. Why are you reading off of a stupid script? Are you in a movie?

It’s not a close when you get a number, a date or even if she goes home with you. What happened was you got a number or a date with a woman or you got a woman to come home with you. It makes me sick to call that a “close.”

If you have more than one woman, they are not called plates. They are called women. These women are actual human beings, not eating utensils.

I really dislike concepts like escalation. I suppose I have always been doing it anyway, but I don’t think about it very much or even analyze it. Instead I just do it naturally and not in some disgusting scripted manner.

And I never think strategically like these guys advocate. I never think, “If I don’t escalate now, I will lose this woman,” or, “Now is the time to escalate!” That’s just absurd. Instead just act normal.

I start grabbing women pretty fast anyway, but it seems sickening to call that “escalation.” Even “busting a move” sounds a lot better than that because that is pretty much what you are really doing.

My male friend by my side is not my wing. I’m not even sure if he’s my wingman. I don’t know if I like that word either. He’s not a part of a bird’s body. He’s a male friend, a real human who happens to be hanging out with me at the moment.

I hate the idea of day Game. It’s ridiculous. Yes, there are some women about in the daytime. Yes, you can go up to them, talk to them and whatnot, and who knows what else. Granted they are not quite as approachable as they are at nighttime, but I have met lots of females in the daytime.

But it’s not “day game.” It’s just going about your life in daytime and taking advantage of whichever females are acting interested. There’s nothing special about, it, and believe me, the techniques you use in the daytime are not that different from those used in the nighttime. “Day game” is an absurdity.

I hate the idea of cold approach. Mostly this sounds moronic but also sounds rude and disgusting.

Wait a minute. Cold approach is when you walk up to a woman who shows no interest in you whatsoever and try to strike up her interest. How preposterous. See that woman over there who acts completely uninterested in me? You know why she is acting that way? Because she really is totally uninterested in me.

I doubt if I am going to convert her by invading her space and bothering her by talking to her. Perhaps it might work, but more often than that, I am just going to make her mad, and I have a lot of up close and personal experience to prove that will probably be the result. And if you keep bothering her after she gives you “get lost” messages, that is getting towards immoral behavior.

Please try not to keep talking to people who act like they do not want to talk to you. I do sometimes do this, not because I am a douchebag but because I find it very insulting that this person does not want to talk to me, and a part of me wants to think it is not true, so I keep talking to them. Usually it doesn’t work, and they just continue to give off messages indicating they don’t want to talk.

However, I need to be stronger and not get insulted when someone does not want to talk to me. If you keep trying to talk to someone who has indicated that they do not want to talk to you, you are almost violating their rights. I would almost go so far as to say that you are violating their human rights, one of which is the right to be left alone if you so wish.

I do very much like the term IOI or indication of interest because this is one of most important elements of seduction. I rarely approach women who act like they do not want to talk to me. If no woman in the room acts interested in me, that’s just too bad. I don’t have the right to go bothering any of them! I need to swallow my pride and go home. If I’m horny, I can jerk off. It’s better than pestering someone who shows no interest in you.

However, I will say that one thing I look for very much is this IOI. This is solid gold, what you really want to see.

Most IOI’s are not “Move or now!” type things, but more are than you might think. A lot of times you just need to jump on it pretty damn fast (but longer than 15 seconds) and if you don’t, you blew it.

If you get a good IOI from a woman, you really might want to go over and talk to her or engage her somehow to see what’s up. This is no time to be shy.

In general, IOI’s do not last forever, and if you do not bust a move after a certain length of time (minutes, hours, days, weeks, or possibly months), her IOI is simply going to expire and she will consider you LMV or low market value, another term I like.

The terms SMV (sexual market value), HMV (high market value) and LMV above are a bit ugly, but they are solid truth.

The brutal truth is that human female sexuality is about as cruel, vicious and unforgiving as the sexual strategy of many other female mammals. When it comes to female sexuality, women are often simply acting like lower animals and not like evolved 21st Century self-actualized Homo sapiens who has transcended animalism.

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0 thoughts on “Some Opinions on the PUA Acronyms”

  1. Robert, you were wonderfully sucessful with women because
    you have good placements in your 5th house of sex and pleasure.
    Your Moon and Venus (Female planets) are in good signs as well.
    With my poor placements (Saturn in the 5th for example) I couldn’t
    get laid in a whorehouse.
    But to just put that gun against your head and pull the trigger takes
    more courage then I presently have.

  2. Agree wholeheartedly with everything you wrote here. Robert, that’s why I respect you so much. You could write a book on attracting girls and I’ll be first to get a signed copy. These PUAtards like Roosh, have no practical experience with women. For instance, he writes all this shit about Polish girls being super-sluts and any American or foreigner just having to just be there to score some fresh pussy. What a crock of shit – I was there in Poland and guess what, most Polish girls are only into Polish men. Mr. Roosh, they wouldn’t fall head over heels for you thinking you descended from Mars. Guess what Sunshine….you have to make sincere effort to win over Polish girls. Yes..they are sweet-natured and really amazing IF YOU TREAT THEM VERY NICELY, just like anywhere else.

    All women need is someone to give her plenty of love (and actually mean it). That positively means NOT OBJECTIFYING her. She’s a human being, a person.

    1. So why are there so many divorces where the Man loved her, the woman loved HIS MONEY?

      Even when the “idiot” male was careful enough to have a prenup, it doesn’t always work, as in Anal Nicole Smith.
      Or the Man is too love-besotted to have a prenup in the first place, as to when a certain Beatle got his heart (and fortune) squished like a bug by an ingrate now-ex-wife?

    2. Would I be too far out of line in suggesting the whole idea of the PUA/MGTOW movement is “Fuck them sexually and DON’T let them fuck you financially/politically”?

      If women didn’t act like they have, especially lately, and hadn’t twisted our laws to favor themselves and fuck Men over — and NOT in the fun way — then PUA/MGTOW/Roosh/whoever else you want to blame wouldn’t exist?

    3. Would you be brave enough to tell a woman “That positively means NOT OBJECTIFYING HIM! He’s a human being, a person, not an ATM”?

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