Feminists Want to Make Heterosexuality Illegal

Jason Y writes:

But yeah, they do take things to far on college campuses etc.. where you can’t ask women out on a date, or express normal sexuality.

I am serious. It is getting to the point where it might be sexual harassment to ask a woman for her number or out on date if she doesn’t like you or thinks you are low status, Beta or Omega.

This is insane. It should never be a legal or societal matter for a man to ask a woman for her number or on a date or make a play for her in any reasonable way. This is never a violation of any social, civil or legal codes in any rational universe.

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0 thoughts on “Feminists Want to Make Heterosexuality Illegal”

  1. Yeah, definitely the sexual harassment stuff is targeted toward guys who “are NOT cool”. However, there are dudes that are actually jerks and probably deserve it.

    1. Iv’e never bought into coolness, as it seems fake. All the stupid backward baseball camps and mindless conformity. They can turn school into a nightmere, as real students can’t concentrate due to harassment, but then again, sometimes comic relief is needed.

      1. I’d like to be cool myself, and actually was in high school. However, with this math major, I can’t afford it. I have to be really square in order to do well, as any slacking off will get me Cs, which are useless for GPA, or failure.

  2. On what college campus(es) in this country can you not ask women out on a date? LOL. You are either overreacting or not citing source.

    1. A lot of this stuff is an exxageration. Maybe Robert is wrong. It all could be just hate motivated. It does seem like that unattractive or older guys are targeted as evil, while the attractive can ask women out on dates etc.. But maybe that’s the way it’s always been anyways.

      Of course, Robert fails to mention that maybe the unattractive guys are cowards. Why don’t they ask them for dates? Is it really the fault of the women? Why won’t the unattractive step up their game and dress better or act better?

      1. Yes – and I can assure you that at most institutions of higher learning in this country, men who may be deemed as unattractive have no qualms about hitting on women – many of them are these frat-boy types. I am choosing to go back to school this coming January and am intentionally deciding on a college that has zero Greek life – for good reason!

        I always hung out with a nerdy crowd and with a few somewhat nerdy guys when I was going for my AA. Regardless of whether or not they were hunks, they were respectful, polite and fun to be around! We’d play D&D, talk about music, philosophy, drugs and other stuff…Sadly, other guys at the college took what I believe to be the “alpha” approach (the anecdotes I could bring out are copious), and it had nothing to do with how “attractive” the guy was. Women look for more in a guy than just physical attractiveness. I daresay personality and intellectual prowess as well as economic factors come into play, but that’s just what I’ve observed…

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