You Know You Deserve It

Come on men! Check your privilege, line up and get your free slap today!
Come on men! Check your privilege and line up and get your free slap today! You know you earned it.

It’s about time women started slapping these heteronormative, homophobic, White Supremacist cis-scum pigs!

Go get em girls! Slap them once for me too, ok?

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0 thoughts on “You Know You Deserve It”

  1. Well I’d let them slap me as long as I get to spank them in return! Who the hell came up with this cisgendered crap anyway?

    1. Cisgendered means “non-mentally ill normal person” – in other words, if you are a male who thinks he is a male or a female who thinks she is a female (a sane person by definition) then you are “cisgendered.” LOL how absurd.

      1. Well I’m for a cisgendered pride parade! I can’t wait for cisgendered celebrities coming out of the closet and having press conferences anouncing that they’re cisgendered! Cisgendered power!!!

  2. Well, to be honest, a lot of sociopathic white pigs, along with black ones and others, need more than a slap, perhaps a punch, beating, or a harassment charge.

    1. But yeah, they do take things to far on college campuses etc.. where you can’t ask women out on a date, or express normal sexuality. However, that’s vastly different than what I was talking about.

      1. For instance, I knew this guy who said dirty words in class, and was just always bullying people (kind of a really mean Andrew Dice Clay character). In his own mind, he probably thinks he’s some hero for free speech.

  3. Only in the Anglosphere does this kind of absurdity exist.

    Also, anyone who uses the word “cisgender” in a non-mocking way is automatically suspect.

    That is all.

  4. Why are white people so fucking retarded socially? I have never in my life seen an Asian or black person do this type of shit. And the only time they do participate in this horse shit they’re usually surrounded and encouraged by whites.


    Only a white person could come up with this bullshit. Maybe this dumbass behavior is genetic because even in fully white countries this horse shit still exists.

    1. I LOL at SJW’s. You have to admit they are pretty idiotic. Some of this stuff doesn’t really piss me off so much as it leaves me laughing. SJW’s are too stupid to be hated. I can’t stop laffin’ as SJW’s! They are so stupid they are almost a parody of themselves and a lot of the stuff they do is so idiotic you wonder if it is for real SJW stuff or if it is a parody. When a movement gets so nutty that you can hardly tell a parody of the movement from the actual movement, you know they are pretty far gone.

        Try this one, I can’t tell if it’s real or Poe!
        But it IS hilarious.

        And in the Comments, someone takes it one step further, “Check my Privilege? Thanks, never leave home without it!”

        Oh, and don’t forget the one about the Race Squad. The creator actually SAID it was a Poe, but got a lotta calls from people not wanting their HELP, but wanting to JOIN and help minorities who didn’t have their White Privilege!

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