When and How Should You Lie to Women?

Tata wrote:

I think we can’t criminalize a man every time he lies to a woman to have sex. That would be too complicated and difficult to prove. But in a moral point a view, this is not a gray area: If the woman would have known the truth, she would not have consented to have sex, so it’s not true consent. It’s a form of abuse, and it’s how many women feel when it happens to them. Also it’s very insulting for us.

In our society, people blame always the women and laugh at this, but it’s not funny at all. The men are proud to do that. Usually I’m not a feminist, but to make fun of women and obtain false consent is grave. If a little asshole did that to my daughter, my husband and me will become bad. I saw too much women devastated to believe that it’s “normal”.

The most common lie that I had was the man who claims to be single, but he is married or living with a woman or has 2-3 girlfriends, a fiancee or a single mother in their country. Maybe the wife consented to be in a “open relationship,” but in Catholic Hispanic culture, this is very not common, and anyway, I need to know if the man is polygamous before to give a consent.

Two men lied about the place they lived. The place where they invited me was not their true place of residence because at his true residence lived his wife and children. It’ sociopathic and evil.

The most common were the guys who say they want a serious relationship because he know that this is what the girl wants to hear, but that’s not true. He could go see a girl who just wants a sex friend or pay a professional. Why waste my time? They do this  because very few young women want only a sex friend. Maybe those who want that are old, fat and ugly. We are all looking for a boyfriend and love.

The thing I find correct in your womanizer testimony is that you avoid marrying and remain single. But tell them the truth please.

Being completely truthful with women or with any human being for that matter is the stupidest thing I can think of. 100% honestly is for idiots. And I do lie a lot to women. But most of that falls into the category of white lies or lies of omission. The lies don’t really hurt anyone. They are just little bullshit stories mostly to keep her from getting hurt or to not make myself look bad. I would prefer not to say most of the sleazy lies that Tata lays out because I don’t enjoy being a complete asshole like that. I don’t feel good about myself if I tell a lot of nasty lies to women. I could do it and I have, but I prefer not to if I can help it.

The most common lie that I had was the man claims to be single, but he is married or living with a woman,

Yes, I never do this, but then I do not marry or live with a woman either. I would hate to be married and lying to women and pretending to be single. I don’t think I could even do it.

or have 2-3 girlfriends

I suppose I do this sometimes. But more likely I just say I want an open relationship for now until we get serious. I usually demand open relationships, and they almost always agree for some reason. Why do they agree? I don’t get it.

Mostly I do not tell them they are the only one because they never ask that question, so it never comes up. I just have Woman A and never tell Woman B about her (lie of omission), but then Woman A usually never asks anyway.

a fiancee or a single mother in their country

Of course I do not do that because I have no fiancees or ex-wives on other countries. Why hide an ex-wife? Let’s see. You are engaged to get married, so you go to a new country and cheat on your soon to be wife. Yuck. I’m not sure I could do it.

and anyway, I need to know If the man is polygamous before to give consent).

I guess in my case, they never ask. We are always adults, and everyone is just dating anyway, so if you are just dating around, it is assumed that maybe you are dating other people. Most women do not ask to get exclusive with me. But with some others, I think we had an undiscussed agreement that I was not supposed to be with other women.

I think I blew up a 4 1/2 year relationship (my longest ever) several years back because she thought I was faithful, and it is true I was with other women maybe half that time.

Sometimes she would say, “You are cheating on me! You have other women!” Of course, faced with an accusation like that, you have no choice but to lie and put on a big act: “No way! I’ve only been with you the whole time!”

Really they usually never ask if I have other women, and they usually don’t accuse me of these things. The idea of an open relationship is “don’t ask, don’t tell”:

You can do whatever you want, but don’t tell me about it! I don’t want to hear about it! What I don’t know won’t hurt me. And vice versa.

That is the rule. So questions like, “Are you dating anyone else?” are not even supposed to be asked because that breaks the rule.

Two men lied about the place where they lived.

Yes of course I never do that. That sounds so horrible. How could I lie to a woman about where I lived, take her to some other place and claim it was my house. Eek, that sounds terrible.

The most common are the guys who say they want a serious relationship because he knows that this is what the girl wants to hear, but that’s not true.

I suppose I do that too but in a different way. If I like her enough, I often do want to have a serious relationship! Just not a monogamous one is all! I have actually been monogamous in relationships for up to 2 1/2 years, but it was more because I didn’t get lucky than by choice. I could do it for longer if I didn’t get lucky. When I get a girlfriend, I often get complacent and lazy and don’t chase women much anymore, so it’s certainly possible

We were all looking for a boyfriend and love.

I much prefer having a real girlfriend over a fuckbuddy; it is so much more fun and rewarding. Having as woman crazy in love with you is one of the best feelings a man can ever have! And I would prefer to be in love too honestly because it feels so good to be in love! But not necessarily monogamously! The only part I might lie on is on the monogamy part.

and anyway, I need to know If the man is polygamous BEFORE giving consent.

The thing is this is suicidal. You simply never bring it up. You never meet a woman and say, “I am looking for polygamy. I am polygamous. I already have a girlfriend, but I am looking for someone new on the side.” She will leave you, immediately. So don’t be an idiot. No matter what you want to relationship-wise, don’t open relationships by delcaring yourself non-monogamous. It’s a suicide act. If you want monogamy, go ahead and say it!

Dirty little secret: most women are actually not the hypergamous whores the Manosphere makes them out to be. Most women are at their core monogamous. That’s simply the way they are. And they get even more so as they get older.

If you are on a dating site, you never put, “I am polygamous. I am into polyamory,” on your profile. If I check “non-monogamous or mostly non-monogamous, no woman will come to me. Not even one. That’s just suicidal. If you want monogamy, check it on your dating profile. Now you match 90% of women! If you don’t want monogamy, just leave it blank if that’s an option and do not write in your profile that you do and you’re a one woman man or for that matter even discuss the matter at all. That’s low and dirty. I couldn’t do it.

At my age, if I put “I am polyamorous” on my dating profile, no woman would ever respond to me because at my age, most if not all women are looking for love, serious relationships, and even marriage.

In fact, at my age, I go out with women, and on the first date, they say, “I am looking for a man to stay with me for the rest of my life. You want to stay with me forever?”

What?! On the first date.

Or they say, “Well, look. If you get together with me, you will have to stay with me for the rest of my life!” Huh?

Five years ago, a woman said that to me on the first date, and I laughed right in her face! I said, “LOL! I have to stay with you for the rest of your life? That’s stupid! Why don’t you just marry me then? Forget that! Hahahahahahaha!”

She moved away from me a bit and then started going on about how she was better than all the other women: “You know, you really should think about being with just me because I am better than all those other women out there. They can’t compete with me at all. I’m better.”

Then she started going on about how she gives the best deep throat around: “I can do something with my mouth and throat that 99% of women cannot do. I practiced many years of my life to learn to do this perfectly.”


Women nowadays actually try to outwhore each other to get men!

God I love my generation so much. Look what we did to women!

You can mention that you have other women at certain times, maybe if you are friendzoned.

I met a woman recently and I came onto her pretty hard, but she rubuked me and friendzoned me after not too long. Nothing happened between us. We were just friends from the start. So we would just be friends and talk about anything in our lives with a lot of honestly. One time she asked me if I had a girlfriend, and I laughed and said, “Yep. Actually I have 3 girlfriends right now. LOL!”

She freaked out. “All at once? Three!? What the Hell!? How? How do you do that?”

I said, “Yep, three at once. This is so much fun. I love to live this way, haha.”

Well, it was not too much longer during the same conversation that she said, “Hey, you know what? Come visit me, stay at my place, and you can stay as long as you want. Weeks, months, I don’t care.”

“Do I have to pay for anything?”

“No, don’t worry. I pay for everything.” Wtf?

I wasn’t sure if I was still friendzoned, so I asked, “Where do I sleep? The couch? You have a separate room for me?”

She says, “No you stay with me in my room. You sleep with me. In my bed.”

WTH! As soon as I tell this chick I have three girlfriends, she unfriendzones me immediately and tries to get me to move in with her!

What kind of sense does that make?

Women are crazy.

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4 thoughts on “When and How Should You Lie to Women?”

    1. Women want what other women have. They are competitive with each other. In her mind, if no other woman wants you, neither does she. She’s not going to take a good look at you unless some other woman has put her stamp of approval on you.

      Most trust each others judgement rather than make any judgements of their own. This leads to nearly all of their stupider behavior.

  1. Very few arabs men use their right to polygamy in the arab world. This is much more practiced in sub-Saharan Africa and the gulf arabs and a little bit in Egypt. (I don’t like the gulf arabs).

    And in arab world the polygamous man should be rich. Women who marry a polygamous man in the Middle East do that for money, just like the bunnys who live in the Playboys Mansion. You have to buy Chanel and Louis Vuitton hand bag to your 5 wifes. Most men in these societies have no money to marry at all.

    Not all men are animals. They are hard to find these days, but monogamous men still exist.

    No offense, but studies have found a correlation between a high qi and being faithful. The problem with the men I’ve dated before, is that they were retarded third world monkeys.

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