Sex in Pre-Contact Hawaii

To have sex at the request of another was seen more as being passion than compassion. To want sex with another was seen as being natural. As one respondent put it: Women didn’t say no because it would have been considered bad form, a rudeness. Also, they took the invitation as a compliment and often also wanted the sex themselves.

– Milton Diamond, Sexual Behavior in Pre-Contact Hawai’i: A Sexological Ethnography. University of Hawai’i at Manoa

That is too much.

If a man walks up to a woman and asks her to have sex with them, that’s considered a compliment. Women never said no to any man who asked them to have sex because to say to a man who asked to have sex with you would be terribly rude and bad form.


A human society like this actually existed in recent historical times.

What is funny about this is that there have been literally thousands of porn stories, pictorials, or fantasy blogs with plots very similar to this.

Written porn usually plots much better than movie porn anyway. Plotting in movie porn typically ranges across an entire vast spectrum from nonexistent to inane all the way to bathetic.

There were some 1970’s porn movies that had some decent plotting, but those were the exception rather than the rule.

Prior to the gonzo age in the last 10-20 years, most porn movies had some sort of insipid, chaotic, baffling or typically incoherent plotting. What was truly awful about these movies was that the porn actors actually attempted to do real acting in these movies with characters, lines, etc.

Most of them were such bad actors that this aspect of the movies was unusually unintentionally comical when it was not pathetic to ridiculous. Some of the actors attempted to compensate for their failed thesbianism with a lot of hamming, but what was actually embarrassing was that the acting was often so pitiful that it was hard to tell the difference between when the actors were hamming it up and when they were earnestly stumbling through their roles and lines. There were so many face palming moments that it was hard to keep your hand on your dick.

Quite a few of the porn movies in this era would rank up there with straight films such as Plan Nine from Outer Space with the worst movies ever made except everyone was too busy jerking off to bother to make up the lists. A lot of these movies were almost like the old “Bad Cinema” skits in the old Saturday Night Live.

There were actually some fine actors in the Golden Age of Porn. The beautiful Annette Haven actually had formal actress training. The gorgeous late Terri Hall was a former opera singer. The late Jamie Gillis was also a trained actor who once performed an excellent role as Hamlet in a play in New York. Hamlet is often considered one of the hardest roles to play because there are so many complicated lines to remember. Gillis was actually a fine actor.

From the 1990’s on, few if any porn “actors” had any acting skills at all. There has always been much talk of crossover stars moving from porn to mainstream filming, but acting in porn is still considered a killer for your mainstream career. It’s such a blemish on your resume that you are pretty much blacklisted from the mainstream industry. Not that it matters as most porn stars these days are simply “stars” and not actors in any sane sense of the word anyway, and they couldn’t break into mainstream with God’s help, so it’s no great loss.

I used to read a lot of written erotica online 10-15 years ago. Of course some of it was awful, but a lot of it was excellent. I even had favorite authors. Most of the best writers were men for some reason. I was amazed at how good some of the writing was. The best stories had nice lead-ins, actual plots, excellent characterization, fine setting, and good flow. There usually wasn’t much in the way of a conclusion to the story because how the Hell do you conclude a porn story anyway? And then everyone fucked happily ever after into the sunset?

The best stories involved some sort of oversexed society (usually based on an extreme male fantasy of how the world ought to operate) that would seem to be current but couldn’t really exist nowadays, so in effect they were fantasy or even science fiction. It was actually a rewarding intellectual experience to read a lot of these stories. There are a lot more good writers out there than you think.

Anyway, getting back to the quote above, the actual historical account above is funny because so much written porn involves future or fantasy societies that are like this in one way or another – it is a compliment to ask a woman to have sex with you, it is very rude for a woman to say no, etc.

In fact, it’s almost an old porn chestnut you might say, along with such classics as “finishing school.”

Finishing school is a great porn cliche involving the innocent teenage girl daughter, just turned 18, who is sent off to her parents to a high class “sexual finishing school” (ideally the same one her mother went to) where she learns how to be the best wife she can to her hopefully rich future husband via instructions in all sorts of wild, perverted sex. That’s one my all-time favorite porn plots.

This element of pre-contact society is a perfect example of the ultimate male porn fantasy world, and it actually existed in human time and space!

And life imitates art once again.

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13 thoughts on “Sex in Pre-Contact Hawaii”

  1. Traci Lords playing Dejah Thoris in A Princess of Mars. It’s the only time I ever saw her “act”. Her expression never changed; she just looked pissed.
    I’ve noticed this in porn films, the deadpan face that says, “I’m not going to tell you what I’m angry about.”

  2. What was that book by the late James Michener? “The Hawaiians.” Before the missionaries came, the sex was as
    causual as could be. Even incest.

  3. Fat women want to have sex right on the spot. I suppose thin ones do also if your attractive or rich. I know in the Phillippines, getting a date is rather easy as they love American men, no matter the looks or personality. However, I think they draw the line with the handicapped, but will date them anyways for the visa.

  4. Actually I have a friend who went to Japan, and said he loved it there. Well, no shit. He’s worshipped as a god there. 😆 I think the same situation existed with white dudes going to pre-contact Hawaii. They seemed like movie or American football stars.

    You gotta remember too, these places are isolated and they’re isn’t anything fun going on until these foreigners arrive.

  5. Was early Hawaiian society matriarchal? I know their last native ruler was a queen, but was this the norm? I ask because it makes me think of the difference between our two closest relatives chimpanzees and bonobos. Chimps are patriarchal and usually solve differences through violence (I want that fruit you have so I’m going to beat you up and take it) and bonobos usually solve differences through sex (I want that fruit you have so I’m gonna give you a hand job and you’ll give it to me).

    1. So your saying the Hawaiians wanted food for sex? What else would they want? Back then there was no desire to go to the west (get a visa) as there is now.

      Maybe the locals just liked sex for the pure pleasure of it.

      1. In human societies there would be more than just food that could be traded for sex. Just wondering if anything can be read it into relative differences between matriarchal vs patriarchal societies in humans using our closest relatives. If so bonobos make a persuasive argument in favor of a matriarchal society.

  6. I don’t think getting sex in the USA, even with all the feminism, is as hard as you think, assuming your young and attractive: nice clothes, fairly normal appearance and personality. I remember this one guy, one of those backward baseball cap wearing cool guys, who remarked he couldn’t keep girls off him at a local university.

  7. What about Traci Lords, the porn whore who tricked a lot of male porn whores into being accidental pedos, then went on to brag about her career in legit movies and TV series?

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