All Men Are Pedophiles

Pic related.
Pic related.

Brooke Shields, age 16, from one of her famous movies. According to a vast number of idiotic females and mangina/White knight/Save-a-ho gender sellout “men,” if you as a man get turned on by the girl in this photo, that proves that you are a “pedophile.”

This is because the female in the photo above is supposed a “child,” and that means you get turned on by “children.” I have been looking at that photo for some time now, and whatever it is that is in that photo, it sure as Hell isn’t a child. I have no idea what that female Homo Sapiens is.

She’s not a child. Is she an adult? She doesn’t look much different from many adults 2-3 years her junior, so she sure looks like an adult. What about her mind and maturity? Well, that female is probably as mature as a male of at least 20, because adolescent and college aged females are often dramatically more emotionally mature than their male peers. I am going to pass on whether or not she is an adult. In the UK, for certain things, she sure would be. For instance, in the UK, this female would be judged a woman, and she could have legal sex with any male adult of any age, and she might just want to do just that.

But I know for sure that she’s not a kid.

I don’t know if she’s an adult either to be honest, but she sure is getting there. Party of me wants to call that female a woman. A very, very, very young woman for sure, but a woman nevertheless. And many people would agree with me. Note the widespread use of  “young man” and “young woman” when adults address adolescents around this age, as well they should. Do we call little boys and little girls young men and young women? Of course not, or you shouldn’t because it’s silly. A kid is a kid. Don’t call kids adults. It’s idiotic.

Is the female above mature? Of course not. This is about as young as a woman gets, you know. The very youngest women of all are of course the least mature. That’s always the case.

Probably the best way to describe this female is to say that she’s not a child, and she’s not exactly an adult either. She’s somewhere in between, floating around.

I think whether or not this female is a child, adult or in between is not really a scientific question. It is probably more in the realm of sociology or even philosophy. Science cannot answer such things very well, despite the widespread idiotic notion that it can.

Anyway, 80

Not if you print out her picture and jerk off to it. Not if you try to fuck her. Not if you do fuck her. But instead if you think about her in some illegal way. Indeed, society is so stupid nowadays that most “adults” believe in the existence of thought crimes.

Let me tell you something. Every single man on Earth is turned on by this female.

If he’s not, he must be at least one of the options below:

  • Lying
  • Blind
  • Gay
  • Dead

So I guess any time any of us men sees a female like this, we have to start up the lie machine. Or we could whip on dark glasses and start calling our seeing eye dog. Or we could always just pretend to be gay. Or we could lie down on the ground and pretend to be dead. Otherwise the thought police are coming.

There’s another way to look at this. If getting turned on by this little hottie is indeed pedophilia, then I must say pedophilia is looking better and better all the time.

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15 thoughts on “All Men Are Pedophiles”

  1. Celebrities like Keira Knightley and Brooke Shields are exceptions, not the rule. Most teenage girls are remarkably plain. I’d rather look at a cute 12 tear old than the average 16 year old girl.

  2. Women with 12 years old or more is a WOMEN in final stage of development. Pedophile is someone who have sexual attraction for KIDS, before 11 year old. So, not all men who will be a pedophile. Pedophiles like kid bodies and not pubescent quasi-adult bodies.

      1. Damn she is beautiful! That chick is 50? Damn! Tell you the truth though, I fucked some 50 year olds recently who looked really good. One maybe almost as good this Shields. She was a former model. A lot of women still look great at 50. They turn me on like crazy, and do not gross me out at all. The problem is 55. It’s like the speed limit or the age limit. You go over it and you get a Looks Ticket priced so high you never pay it off. Onc

        I am 57 now and I have lots of these women aged about 50-70 who seem like they really like me, but I look at them and think, “OH GROSS!”

        I swear to God dude, most of them look like wild animals. They come up to me and I am like “DAMN THAT LOOKS LIKE A WILDEBEAST!” Then I think, “Should go for it?” but then I think “No, because I am not on safari right now.”

        Scary out there at my age man. Every day is Halloween!

  3. Have you seen Valerie and Her Week of Wonders? The girl in it was 13 at the time of filming and very, er, “handsome”…

  4. A lot of young men and women think older men are creeps. However, older men are just expressing a natural instinct for teenage girls. Of course, a lot of the younger guys might just want to beat up an older man, simply cause he is not one of them, and is competition.

  5. I’m kinda surprised no one has mentioned Pretty Baby yet. It has a 12 year old Brooke Shields with nude scenes and playing a prostitute. It’s not some weird Brazilian exploitation film, but a real Hollywood movie with Susan Sarandon and Kieth Carradine directed by Louis Malle. It came out in 1978 I’m always amazed at what they could get away with in the 70’s. I have a bit of a love affair with 70’s exploitation films.

      1. It’s more about it being made at all. Imagine trying to do a remake today, hell even Taxi Driver would create a firestorm. Brian De Palma had a big controversy in the 2000’s by holding auditions for an of age actress who could play 13 for a role that included sex scenes in what turned out to be his Black Dahlia movie.

  6. I generally find 16 years olds the sexiest. Much sexier than the women it would be considered socially acceptable for me to date. Sometimes I think women my age (late 20’s) look okay, but then a bunch of high school girls walk by and those same women look like crones.

    I think I’ll just avoid dating and continue boffing 19-22 Asian escorts forever. It’s the closest thing I can get to that sweet adolescent peach.

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