WE Are the Greatest Generation!


White men just give up already. All your women have left you. Coalburner is a compliment. The future is Brazil.

We tried everything. Insults, shaming, ostracization, “Once you go Black, we don’t want you back.”

And none of it’s worked, not any of it. Keeping the White women racially pure is the biggest failed project around. We can’t even control our own women. How pathetic. Now wonder cuckolding in the latest fad.

Time to abandon ship. White men, grab yourself an Oriental girl leave the West before it’s too late.

On a side note, can you believe what whores White girls are nowadays? Good God.

Most people complain, but actually this is a positive development, and my generation, the Baby Boomers, needs to take credit for the Slutification of females aged 18-60.

I mean look at the World War 2 Generation. They call themselves the Greatest Generation! The nerve of them! And what did they do to deserve that? Defeated Germany and Japan? That’s nothing. How weak can you get?

That is so nothing compared to what we Boomers did.

God I love my generation!

Look what we did. We turned all our women into total whores!

We are the greatest generation!

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33 thoughts on “WE Are the Greatest Generation!”

  1. Few white women are dating black guys, and of those that are, so what? There really isn’t any threat coming from blacks. Finally, most of the kids born to such unions are considered black, and live in black neighborhoods.

    Iv’e heard some black racism exists against mixed kids, but I think it’s exxagerated. Probably it would be worse in black majority places like Detroit or NYC. But that’s just the impression I got from watching Spike Lee films.

    Are white people racist against mixed kids, and black people living in rebel flag flying country? Why, yes they are.

    1. There’s no racism against mixed kids in the black community. They are celebrated as the standard of beauty and class in our own communities, which just goes to prove how much black people hate themselves nowadays. Blacks kids my age are constantly boasting about a non-black grandma or a relative who is non-black. It’s such a shame. We now live in the millennial “colorblind” generation. That translates differently for different races: Whites will claim to deny race (they know they are the standard regardless) and blacks will claim to hate their own and breed interracially.
      Whites aren’t actively pursuing to date outside of their race, when they do, it just so happens that they like the person who they are with. Conversely, blacks (or black men in general) are going out of their way to dilute our race in America. So much for “white genocide” when it is actually the other way around.

      1. As you mentioned yourself, the lady was trying to get your attention because she had a thing for you. I don’t think prejudice that comes from a place of insecurity and jealousy is enough to classify as “racism”. Discrimination against mixed kids in the black community comes from a place of “Oh, you think you’re better than me, huh?” and not “I am racially pure, so I am better than you.”
        Of course, that does not excuse the act of prejudice committed against you. I am never in favor of bullying or harassment. The prejudice against mixed kids in the black community is destined to decrease as well, seeing this “light-skin” veneration trend that is taking over hip-hop, which is unfortunately shaping the minds of the kids. Colorblind America does not want to uplift the black community, it wants to push racial ambiguity on us and we are embracing it because “we” hate being black.
        Mixed people are amazing and capable. Monoracials are amazing and capable. But we’re different and there’s no need for a hierarchy.

      2. Oh, okay. I can’t tell you about blacks living in the UK as I live in the US. I would still assume that it comes from a place of jealousy since they live in a white ruled country where lighter is the standard. There isn’t much place for sustaining black supremacy and black racism in countries where we are a minority, I would say. But who knows? Maybe since they’re from Nigeria they are disgusted by the sight of a mixed kid? I don’t know much about that.

      3. Some of the lighter ones are as prejudiced against dark blacks as some KKK person. They use the n word and everything, and not in a “:gangsta” context. 😆 These lighter ones won’t date darker blacks, and some really want to date whites. Of course, this isn’t bad, but maybe in some cases, as I mentioned, the motivation is bad.

        However, in redneck areas, the prejudice is ridicoulous, even in 2015, so much for color-blind as it doesn’t apply there, any hint of black, even frissy hair, leads to bullying.

        1. The rebel flag isn’t about heritage. These working class rednecks, HATE black people, anybody who sides with black people, or anyone with curly hair who reminds them of black people, as they did my sister.

      4. Bob Marley was bullied for being half white (or maybe Jewish I think) in Jamaica. I think the bullying whoever is different thing is universal.

        In the case of dark blacks, they might bully half whites out of jealousy. Racist thinking tends to say lighter blacks are more beautiful than the darker ones, and in many places, like Haiti, the lighter ones are seen as “brown-noses” and often would have positions of riches and power.

      5. <

        blockquote>Whites aren’t actively pursuing to date outside of their race, when they do, it just so happens that they like the person who they are with. Conversely, blacks (or black men in general) are going out of their way to dilute our race in America. So much for “white genocide” when it is actually the other way around.</.blockquote>

        Maybe they just like white women, though some of had said black women are bossy, but I can’t confirm that.

        1. Jason Y, I agree with you and I genuinely believe that they like white women seeing that white women tend to be more romantic and submissive. (Although I do not believe in submissiveness, I believe in individualism) But most of the time, interracial dating among black men and non-black women comes from a place of hatred and a inferiority complex. Hispanic women are known to be very emotional and possessive as well but they are deemed as “spicy”, “cute” and “fiery” because they are not black. Alpha males are massively visual creatures that don’t account much of the woman’s personality as long as she is good looking. You can’t be a black woman and have a voice. Are you kidding me? That’s already two strikes against you!

    1. The post isn’t even serious. I could pretty much care less about that stuff. That said, I do respect White women who say they have never been with a Black guy and the thought disgusts them. She is keeping to her people, and a part of me likes that. Plus White girls going for Black guys just seems to be such a slutty, whorish thing to do. I would respect a White girl a lot more if she had been with an Asian guy than with Black guys. Black guys are low quality, not very smart, a lot are thugs, they hate us White guys and think they are better, have tons of VD, bla bla. Classy respectable White girls just don’t slum with most Black men. It’s not worth it to ho for the big dick.

      No man of any race likes to see his women with another race though. Basic human nature.

      1. That’s a vast stereotype. It depends on the area and people. Typically, a black majority area, or some redneck white area will be hostile to inter-racial dating.

        1. No man of any race likes to see his women with another race though. Basic human nature.

          In incredibly non-diverse areas it seems to be the case.

        2. Also, the less good looking (by society’s standards) a woman or man is, then the less people will care if they date outside the race.

  2. In USA there are quite many religious white people though who still control their women, mormons, amish, mennonites, orthodox-jews, etc..

    1. Not necessarily by shunning inter-racial marriage though, but by shunning dating outside the religion, which actually is supported in the Bible.

  3. A lot of the hate could be motivated by jealousy. Take ESL teachers in South Korea. They’re making 2,400 USD a month (including housing) and obviously young Korean guys don’t like them, especially if they’re dating Korean girls, and they have the cash to do so.

    Young Korean guys often have literally nothing due to the recession and the incredibly competitive economy. They have nothing compared to these white western foreigners coming in.

  4. The “greatest generation” term was coined by the jew Tom Brokaw, these jews like Spielberg inflate the US jingoism so they’re ready for the Wars for jews in the Middle-East.

  5. When the black jism is placed inside the white vagina it has addictive properties. Once she goes black, she is unlikely to go back. The powerful black semen simply overwhelms the white woman. Both black men and women have higher testosterone levels then other races. “The girl can’t help it,” to borrow a title from a film.

    It’s not practical or realistic to keep the races apart, and with media, educational, and political encouragement and natural attraction (A Yin and Yang thing), this will only happen more and more. I do think that as society becomes more anarchic, a plan will be put in place to genocide white males and create “designer” white female babies.

    1. I don’t think the white race is being genocide by blacks. As Luna stated, the truth is that the black race is being pushed out by the white race.

      1. Where exactly are they being pushed out of?
        Our countries?
        Our cities?
        Our neighborhoods?
        Please provide proof of this reclamation effort.
        Otherwise, given that whites are STILL 8-10% of the global population, I’d have to say whites are being pushed out!

        As missattempts said, it might just be to kill off white MALES, and let everyone have a trophy “white bitch”!

        1. Are you accounting Arabs, Indians, Jews and a good portion of the Hispanic population as white? Perhaps you would get a much larger percentage than 8-10%.
          As I mentioned, America is still 60% white. Blacks are only 13%, meaning that we are most likely to dilute than the racial majority – whites. The largest minority group in the U.S. are Latinos and even they aren’t a threat to your race because they have mostly Italian, Spaniard and Portuguese blood. Trust me, I’m a black Brazilian and in Brazil it seemed like everyone I knew had an Italian surname.

        2. @EPGAH, Oh, and to answer your question about how blacks are being diluted. Well, it’s a social observation: Whites don’t actively pursue to breed outside of their race. Of course, whites under the colorblind veil will claim that interracial relationships isn’t racial terrorism because “duh, diversity.” However, the biggest interracial criminals in the U.S. are white men and Oriental women, so I guess white males are the ones owning their females an explanation. lol All jokes aside, black people are brainwashed with the idea that mixed is better, so having a mixed kid is rather a blessing. And honestly, I don’t get WN who scream “white genocide” when whites don’t even claim these mixed kids according to the one drop rule. lol Blacks are the ones being wiped out but I guess we’re such low self-esteemed idiots that we want more.

  6. A big problem with black guys, is they have mixed kids, and then leave. That isn’t too fair to the white women. Go to any shopping mall and you see some single white women with a mixed kid.

    1. I met a black and white couple in Poland. Black guy already popped out two kids from his white wife. Come every Friday night, he tries to score with new women in the nightclub. And his wife is supposed to be OK with that coz he flirts with new women right in her presence, go figure. Damn lucky nigger bastard.

  7. On a side note, can you believe what whores White girls are nowadays? Good God.

    What do you think is the average IQ of all the girls screaming “jungle fever” and “black dick” in the video? They just look like brain dead zombies to me. You can’t have an intellectual conversation with them.

    True “coalburners” are rare anyway, most girls in the video are typically being imbecilic just for the hell of it: nothing but herd mentality on full display. As for the black thugs, doesn’t really prove you fucked those women. I can make a half-decent video myself interviewing 20 girls, getting any sort of reaction I want. You just have to act like a douchebag and all the girls will play along.

    I have to give this one to black guys though: they do have a certain “female attracting” charisma in nightclubs especially on the dance floor. They do it by being so persistent and damn aggressive.

    I did see a lot of sissified white guys worshipping these black assholes. All they do is lurk in the background quietly sipping their drinks while the black monsters gyrated with each and every woman out there: white, black, brown – they just sweep the dance floor clean. Going to a black-infested nightclub is just like going to the jungle: all the apex predators getting the best prey.

    Fucking nigger bastards, I’ll never step into a nightclub infested by y’all. Damn nigs just can’t score without throwing their weight around, being loud, obnoxious and super-aggressive.

    1. On a side note, can you believe what whores White girls are nowadays? Good God.

      What do you think is the average IQ of all the girls screaming “jungle fever” and “black dick” in the video? They just look like brain dead zombies to me. You can’t have an intellectual conversation with them.

      LOL, just LOL at women.

  8. Seems everywhere I look, panties are getting all in a bunch over the messy unorthodox display of natural selection. Perhaps we should revisit Darwin?

  9. problem with opting out to asian women is the whole Hapa / Elliot Roger problem. Basically your son might be even worse off than oneself. Maybe some kind of intelligent solution would be to still to white women, but absolutely avoid western women. One might convert to orthodox christianity or islam, emigrate and then marry a local women.
    For the reasons named in the blog entry above I have seen white western women with disgust in recent years. Of course they can be hot, as women of every population in the world, but their desire for westafrican man and their overall moral value make them somehow untouchable. Actually you can´t blame women for wanting to have sex with as many men as possible etc. It is just natural for them to exploit the system as much as possible. The real problem is that white western men allow them to do so.

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