I Have Never Been a Conservative. and I Do Not Think I Ever Will Be

Everydayanewday writes:

How could you NOT be with the French Right if you don’t want to see France commit national, ethnic, and cultural suicide? ….They are the ones standing up for reason and survival.

I think people still don’t understand this website. This website has said for the very beginning that it is a leftwing site.

How could I not be for the French New Right? How about because I’m never for the rightwing anything, anywhere in any way at any time?

How about that? I never give one nickel to any conservative political organizations. I never support any rightwing political campaigns that I am aware of and I support political campaigns all the time. I have never been a member of any rightwing political group and I have been a member of a number of groups. I have never given one nickel to any rightwing candidate or organization ever for any reason and I have given to a lot of candidates and campaigns.

I cannot remember the last time I voted for a Republican unless there weren’t any Democrats running. When I vote, I just do down the line and vote for all the Democrats. I never vote for any Republican for any position in this state ever for any reason. If there is more than one Democrat running, I usually vote for whoever is more leftwing. If there is a rightwing Democrat and a liberal Republican running, I vote for whoever is more leftwing (Feinstein versus Campbell). If the Democrat is sufficiently disgusting (rightwing) and it looks like they will win anyway, then I vote Left third party like Green. In nonpartisan office races, I get the Democratic Party guide or ask my friends and I either vote for who the Democrats say to vote for or I vote for my friends’ recommendations.

I believe I have actually voted for a few rightwing propostions, but it happens so infrequently that I can’t even remember the last time I did it. I sometimes pass around signature boards for propostions for the ballot. They’re always for leftwing campaigns.

Sure the Left is stupid a lot nowadays, but I will always support Stupid over Evil any day of the week.

I cannot imagine voting for any Republican candidate for anything ever in any competitive race. Why would I?

I did vote Libertarian once in 1980 because I was young and stupid. Never again.

I am simply a man of the Left. When the cards are down and it comes to voting and it’s for the Left or the Right, I simply always vote Left and I never vote Right.

Given all of that, how is it that people keep saying that I am a conservative or a Republican or a reactionary or a fascist? I never vote for reactionary. I doubt if I would vote fascist if one ever showed up. How could I possibly be a conservative in any possible political universe.

And the movement I am pushing is called Alternative Left, not Alternative Right and it ain’t about to change any time soon.

I simply have a strong aversion to core conservative principles that almost every conservative believes in. I just reject them. I always have and I always will. The very fact that a hardcore die-hard, committed, party line, contributing and funding leftwinger gets called “conservative” is more a symptom than anything else. It shows you just how insane the Left has become in the US if someone like me gets pegged conservative.

I am not even sure why conservatives comment here. This is not a happy home for them, and most figure that out after a bit and take off, thank God.

So if I were in France, and I voted French New Right, that would be pretty earthshaking in terms of my political tendencies.

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0 thoughts on “I Have Never Been a Conservative. and I Do Not Think I Ever Will Be”

  1. What, to you, makes right right and left left?

    It seems to me that conservatives don’t conserve and liberals don’t like liberty.

  2. Go down the list of a bunch of conservative positions and I will tell you how I feel about each of them. I probably oppose 85% of the conservative project.

    And if there’s anything truly repulsive to me, it’s the conservative idea of “liberty.” Ugh.

    1. I will NOT vote for Donald Trump!

      Yes I do like some of his positions on certain things, especially taxation, trade and immigration. Beyond that, forget it. I went down the list of all the other issues and he is just another Republican. He was conservative on all those other issues, and his positions actively repelled me. Conservative positions actively repulse me on a physical level. They literally almost make me sick. I will for sure for for Hitlery over Donald.

  3. Those (fake) photo broke my heart!!! The guilty is the ”whole world” (and not israel and usa, shiiiiiiiii, shut up…. ooooooonnn, poor little boy)

  4. I am someone who you could say is ideologically close to the French New Right. That is, more specifically, I don’t believe in political ideologies, but that the position of the Nouvelle Droite seems to be the most suitable (of the ones that exist and are promoted in any significant manner) for, at least Europeans to follow.

    I can completely sympathise with your desire not to be associated, in any way whatsoever with “Conservatives” or “Right wingers”. Conservatives are basically lickspittle cowards and sell outs. At least Cultural Leftists are honest about their hostility towards working class whites. They stab you in the front. Conservatives, like the Repukes, or the Australian Liberal Party stab you in the back.

    But I don’t call myself Left wing. If I was to do a survey, I probably would score towards the Left Wing spectrum more than the right wing one, particularly on issues of economy. But I can’t in any conscience adopt the label which is associated (rightly or wrongly) with a group hostile not just to White interests, but to the very existence of white people!

    In my experience, many, not all, but many on the “Nationalist Right” aren’t to dissimilar, but the pro-mass third world immigration into ALL and ONLY white countries is a deal breaker. Period. If the left is for open borders, they won’t call themselves left, even if technically they are closer.

    In a sense, you’ve got yourself who doesn’t wish to be thought of as Conservative or Right Wing, because their economic position is a deal breaker, and they, who don’t wish to be thought of as Liberal or Left Wing, because mass immigration is a deal breaker.

    What I’ve observed, is that the growing population “Far Right” movement, and the more sensible Left Wingers, like yourself are creating a new political synthesis. Both realise the problem of mass immigration. The ‘racist’ is worried about the future of whites, and the Liberal is realising that mass immigration from the third world just doesn’t fit in with their desire for a socially progressive, pleasing nation they can call home.

    If this synthesis were to occur, this enlightened Nationalism could FINALLY challenge the 1%, the Globalist ‘elite’ and the plutocracy, and bring sovreignty and dignity back to the people. They could actually be effective, rather than the degenerate Trotskyists who think they are Socialists but think that pushing rad-fem and ‘anti-racism’ is somehow relevant to any real problem.

    So watch the elite try to destroy this synthesis by pushing the right back into stereotypical roles of reactionary racism, and the left back into ‘antifa hostility’.

    If the populist right play their card right, and avoid the temptation to fall into the Islamophobic, pro-Conservative mould, they could very well BE the new Left.

    As for the actual far left, they are too far gone..

    1. The ‘racist’ is worried about the future of whites, and the Liberal is realising that mass immigration from the third world just doesn’t fit in with their desire for a socially progressive, pleasing nation they can call home.

      I wish this realization would spread!
      We can’t reasonably have any Socialized Medicine if violent savages are going to treat us like a free clinic!
      We can’t disarm cops if we let in shitloads of scum that are more violent and better armed than our homegrown ones!

      What other left positions will be undermined by the rank and vile Third World invaders?

      1. This is why I abandoned that political side when I was a teenager in the late 90’s. It was obvious to me, back then, that the Western Society, which valued human dignity, freedom, especially freedom from religious superstition and faith based oppression, social responsibility, which sought to elevate people from mere animals fighting for subsistence to people seeking higher levels of consciousness, and liberation from genetic predestination wouldn’t survive with multiracialism.

        Many seem to think that in every ‘Person of Colour’ in the world, is a White Liberal just busting to get out. They seem to think that in bringing them all into our nations, their ‘inner White Liberal’ would come out, and strengthen us all.

        This clearly isn’t the case.

  5. Hillary the hag will be suceeded by Kanye the thug.
    By this time there will be no such thing as a political enity known
    as The United States Of America. The white male will have been
    genocided. White women will be chained to bed posts 20 hrs. out
    of 24.

  6. “support Stupid over Evil” is explicitly why most of my friends are voting Republican instead of Democrat. Even though David Frum drummed out the REAL Conservatives, it’s still against the national suicide (Ethnic, Social, Economic, take your pick!) that the Democrats have been pushing since at least Clinton!

    Just for shits&giggles, when American cities are burnt down by Black thugs, who happens to be in power, and do you think that’s a coincidence or something more…sinister?

    I’m not just talking about the Bum, that would be too easy, what about Clinton and the Rodney King Riots? You know, the thug that attacked cops and got BEATEN, rather than SHOT, but the Blacks still went Obama-shit insane?

  7. I’m not conservative and I’m not liberal. Neither side does anything for me. I believe in personal freedom. Personal responsibility. And the responsibility of government to protect the quality of life of CITIZENS.

    I’m revolted by the conservative right’s stance on abortion, gay rights, , and their determination to destroy government services. Those hypocrites say they want “big government” out of people’s lives…..but then the fuckers turn around and want to tell people not to have abortions, who they can and can’t marry, and push for stupid shit like mandatory prayer in schools. Talk about attacking individual freedoms!! And then they claim to be against illegal immigration, but they suck the cocks of businesses that hire illegals……so they aren’t REALLY anti-illegal immigration when you really get down to it.

    But then I can’t stand the simpering, whining, race-card playing, multi-cultural preaching, white European-hating, self-righteous, anti-gun ownership, illegal-alien loving left either. Fuck that shit. I refuse to support blacks when they riot and chimpout in response to one of them getting shot for doing something stupid. And as much as I support government support and programs for CITIZENS, I am pissed that I’m paying my hard-earned taxes to support Mexican nationals’ large families while they drive down wages and turn entire regions into dirty, dangerous, 3rd world shitholes with their stupid, corrupt, machismo culture.

    Both sides have destroyed this country, each in its own way.

  8. Robert isn’t a conservative because he doesn’t like conservatives – that’s deep stuff. I’ll guess on his reasons since he doesn’t want to talk about it apparently.

    Gay stuff – he wants the infinitesimal percentage of the 2-3% of people who are gay and WANT to get married to be able to get married. Does he think that people are born gay? I guess so. If homosexuality was congenital then I’d side with him, but it’s not. There’s a high school in San Fran that is 28% “gay or questioning” (national average is 2%). Isn’t that at least food for thought on the cause of homosexuality?


    How about the fact that 1/3 of molestation victims are boys? Who’s molesting these boys?

    Abortion – this boils down to whether you think yo can kill a human to make your life more convenient. I don’t think that should be ok and I’m not even religious!

    Socialized stuff – I have no problem with it except that it leads to dumb single moms having more kids, moving into decent neighborhoods with housing vouchers, and ruining schools. You shouldn’t support poor moms producing kids they can’t support – same goes for aid to Africa. This is the root cause of the “cycle of poverty” and if you disagree then your only alternative is “racist whites are the cause of poverty”.

    Economics – Pat Buchanan and Donald Trump (as well as many other true conservatives) do not support globalization. NAFTA, GATT, now TPP were all passed under democrats – not that republicans are any better. This is an area where left and right can meet.

    1. I can go down the list on Trump’s policies and show you all the conservative stuff I oppose.

      I support gay marriage. I do not know what causes homosexuality, but I know that as soon as they get wired up that way at age 15, it is 100% incurable.

      I support abortion, but late term abortion only for the life or health of the mother.

      I support all social programs 100%.

      I oppose all free trade acts in the current form and am very dubious about globalization to say the least.

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